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11/10/2017 09:05 AM
3 Simple #Golf Tips for More Distance
Every golfer wants more distance, right?

While trying to come up with a golf blog that resonates with almost every player this week, although accuracy is of utmost importance, if you can't get down the fairway, you won't be able to score.

"Simple" is better. Golfers tend to remember easy golf tips and to unknowingly incorporate them while at the range or on the course.

Golf for Beginners was originally conceived of by my husband, Barry, and myself as a way to break down complicated tips into simple thoughts. Therefore, this blog will offer up a few simple tips that should help you get more yardage during your round.

1. Think Short to Go Long. 

Basically, just shorten your backswing: I can't lay claim to thinking of this tip on my own but, when I implement it, I most certainly hit the ball longer...or, at least, I make better contact. Most average golfers believe, the longer the backswing, the more power, but the opposite is true. Bubba Watson can achieve that kind of contact and results (according to, but, the weekend golfer is just going to wind up releasing the hands too soon leading to less-than-perfect impact.

2. One Deep Breath then GO!

This is always my last thought just before impact. Take a deep breath and pick out one point on the golf ball - after you exhale, take your swing. Your body will be more relaxed and, chances are, your mind will be on the task at hand instead of thinking of all those positions you should be in!

3. For more advanced golfers, transfer your weight. Many amateurs lose speed and distance because of poor weight shift. RST instructor Chris Tyler offers up a simple drill to aid in weight shift:

More simple tips to consider when trying to go longer include Hank Haney's golf tip to me in our Golf for Beginners podcast about the biggest misconception about distance, "you have to create clubhead speed to get distance."

What golf tips have you successfully used to get more distance? Share in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

11/03/2017 08:41 AM
#Golf Driver and Putter Head Cover Winners Announced!
CraftsmanGolf Skull_Driver_Putter HeadcoverThe golf blog will be a quick one this week, to announce the winners of the golf driver and putter head covers.

The recipients of the giveaway were very clever and put forth the effort to make this golf blogger sit up and notice!

Thanks again to Craftsman Golf for supplying the awesome headcovers. Golf for Beginners is excited to be able to bring you golf giveaways. Winners will be notified via Twitter DM and will be asked to supply U.S. mailing address which will be sent to Craftsman Golf for shipping purposes.

The winners of the Golf Driver and Putter Head Covers from Craftsman Golf are...

Winner #1: @wcuebas. We're looking forward to seeing a photo of the matching tattoo with the headcovers!

Winner #2: @theUnBWeavAble Don't think these headcovers will improve your skills but your clubs will look amazing in your golf bag!

Thanks to all who entered! Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and Golf for Beginners blog for details on our next giveaway!

10/27/2017 09:58 AM
AWESOME #Golf Driver and Putter Headcover GIVEAWAY!
When Golf for Beginners was approached by Craftsman Golf to offer a golf GIVEAWAY to our readers and social media friends, we checked out the items and, after we said "WOW", we agreed!

Craftsman Golf, the leader in custom and distinguishing headcovers, is helping us to give away a 2-piece matching set; driver and a putter cover! These headcovers are awesome and will most certainly inspire you as you pull out your clubs on the course.

Did I mention that this GIVEAWAY is for a 2-piece set? Yes, I did! However, we are also authorized to give away just the driver and/or putter cover as we see fit...

Here is what YOU could win:

Skull Leather Driver Head Cover
(description as taken from the site):

- Fit almost 460cc driver
- Premium synthetic leather, water - stain resistant
- V-shaped design with cool skull pattern, fashionable
- Soft inner lining will protect your clubs
- Durable elastic inside secures to a tight fit

Skull Leather Putter Head Cover With Marker Holder
(description as taken from the site):

- Fit almost blade putter
- Premium synthetic leather, Water, and stain resistant
- The soft plush Inner Lining well protect your club
- Strong magnetic closure keeps your cover on the club
- Magnetic utility platform to secure ball marker

Okay, now you know what you can win. Here are the easy-peasy details on How to Win these amazing headcovers and be the envy of every golfer on the course:

Here it comes... it's the Official Giveaway Rules!

This is a Twitter-based giveaway but Golf for Beginners will also post and watch for the hashtag and your comments on Facebook.

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Tag 3 friends (more, as you could to win these amazing head covers).

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WINNERS MUST BE BASED IN THE USA only. Winners will not be selected from any country other than the United States.

Two headcovers - one driver and one putter, will be given away to two golfers by Golf for Beginners blog. Golf for Beginners has the right to split up the prizes and give out 4 prizes instead of two: 2 driver headcovers to 2 separate individuals and 2 putter headcovers to 2 different individuals.

Prizes contributed by (see below).

Winnings provided directly by Craftsman Golf and substitutions may occur. Golf for Beginners is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any substitutions in head covers or putter covers nor are we responsible if fails to deliver on the prizes.

Each Winner will be selected by me, Stacy Solomon, so please try to make nice yet opinionated mentions as I will be reading and responding to all comments!

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10/19/2017 08:30 AM
After a Pro Tip, Do You Tip the Pro? #golf
Golf beginners have so many unanswered questions, not only about how to play the game but concerns that are taken for granted by amateurs who have already been "around the turn". Golf for Beginners answers several of these questions in this blog with the hopes of making newbies feel more comfortable around the course, not just on it.

Question 1 - The Bag Drop Dilemma
Have you driven up to the bag drop area and felt uncomfortable with someone reaching into your trunk to pull out your golf clubs? You can screech to a stop and try to outrun the greeter but, chances are, he or she will be waiting with a smile.

Let's start by saying that these ambassadors work for the golf course and get paid to help you. My suggestion? Don't fight it, always have a few small bills at the ready - it's just one of the courtesies extended by the course. Instead, focus on the game ahead and let these "friendlies" work for you. Ask them where to check in, where the putting green is located and any other uncomfortable questions you have so that you can relax and ready yourself to play your best game ever.

Question 2 - What to Do at the Front Desk
Queasy at the thought of calling a golf course for a tee time? Not sure what to do when at the desk?

There are several ways to make a tee time - you can call the course or find an online booking company who will reserve your tee time for you. Start by planning ahead and knowing the date and approximate time you (and your foursome) wish to play. Have several dates/times at the ready and a credit card although you can pay for your tee time at the front desk of many courses.

Call the course and set up your golf game. Once you know your tee time, get to the course at least a half an hour in advance so that you are on time for your tee-off!

When at the front desk, the associate will give you a receipt. Give that piece of paper to the starter - the starter has a list of all of the golfers playing golf that day. He or she will take the ticket and let you know which group you will follow...and will give you helpful tips about the course such as where the bathrooms are, where you can find drinking water on-course, where the pins are located for the day and whether or not it's a "cart-path-only" day.

Question 3 - A Teaching Pro Tip
After a lesson (or a group of lessons), are you supposed to tip the pro?

You already paid for lessons and the instructor isn't offering you a service like cleaning your cleats so I would say there are better ways to show your appreciation to your teaching pro.

A few suggestions... leave a great review on his or her website (or Facebook page). If you really like the results, and your game is improving, you may want to take more lessons - this, more than anything, will probably make your pro feel like a million bucks!

Read next: Can Online Tips Hurt Your Golf Game?

What concerns do you have around the golf course? Write them down in the comments section of this golf blog and tag us with your questions on Twitter @Golf4Beginners. We will answer questions here and on social media.

10/12/2017 08:50 AM
Can Online #Golf Tips Do More Harm than Good to Your Game?
I am a proponent of professional golf instruction - meeting with a teacher and getting help with your game works for golfers from beginners through to the best in the world (even Tiger Woods needs an instructor).

But, what differences does a face-to-face experience offer vs a magazine article ....or, can we essentially learn proper technique either way?

With more and more posting golf blogs, articles from renowned players and teachers, and videos, it would seem that an online tutorial can also help your game, however...

A teaching pro is right in front of you, showing you how to execute a shot. In stark contrast, golf tips we receive from PGA Tour pros who tell us via magazine article or show us what to do via youtube video cannot give us any feedback.

Justin Rose in a recent blog, offers how to pull off certain shots as well as recovery techniques for an amateur who has been playing the game for a while and who understands course management and shot making but may confuse the beginner.

In other words, not all learning methods are best for every student.

Tips such as golf etiquette and understanding overall swing concepts are fine to learn from an established online source but, after you have gotten to the next level, it might be better to incorporate lessons if you are to improve in this game.

Two-way communication is essential in golf training - an instructor will watch your swing, talk to you to determine the source of the problem and may add the latest technology to the mix in order to show you where you need help. It's like when you are sick - if it's just the sniffles you may choose to take basic cold medicine but, at that point do you choose to visit the doctor?

My golf blog tip of the week? Take tips from magazines and videos with a grain of salt - you have to know when to take advice and when to get advice in person.

Do you take online golf tips with a grain of salt? Let us know which pro rely on for advice in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

10/06/2017 09:08 AM
What Type of #Golf Do YOU Play When Score Matters?
How do you think you would play golf if your PGA Tour card was on the line? Would you calmly navigate the golf course or would your grip tighten on every club and suddenly come down with a case of "the yips"?

Some familiar names on the Tour, like Sam Saunders and Peter Uihlein, rose to the occasion this past week and snagged a spot for the 2018 season. Other golfers, like Matt Harmon, could not muster up the skills needed to deal with the situation at hand, missing short putts when they mattered most.

With only two holes left to play, Matt Harmon unraveled.

It wasn't necessarily his putting that let him down, although he missed several short putts on 17 and 18 - it was his mental game which collapsed and, to wit, Harmon snapped his putter in two further allowing his emotions to get the better of him.

Even more upsetting to this competitor is that, according to Golf Digest, Harmon is number one in driving distance on the Tour which means he had no troubles in getting to the green in regulation, just holing out.

What was the difference between Harmon's journey to claim his tour card and Sam Saunders' triumphant 59 with his PGA Tour card at stake? In my opinion, attitude under pressure.

You can either give in to nerves or take a deep breath, assess the situation and not let pressure take control of you. Ok, easier said than done.

Golf for Beginners has compiled a short list of ways to combat nerves on the course.

1. Divide and Conquer: You wouldn't eat an entire cherry pie, would you? Ok, maybe some of you would... Instead of looking at the golf course as a whole, try separating the entire eighteen holes into individual slices, making each into its own journey.

2. Breathe: Sounds simple, doesn't it? Try taking a deep breath right before you take your next shot. Stand up to the golf ball and, just before you are ready to take that swing, slowly inhale and exhale. You will be amazed at how this simple fix gives you better tempo and ease of mind.

3. Opportunity Awaits: You made a bad shot, or the hole is lost. Time for positive self-talk instead of drowning your sorrows. Stay in the moment, tell yourself that the shot is over and you can't get it back and look forward to the next shot or the next adventure. Dr. Bob Winters says to create a "now" mentality. "It is far better to accept what is than to pout and become irate over something that is history and now entirely out of your control."

What do you do to combat nerves on the golf course? Post your golf tips in the comments section of Golf for Beginners and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

09/29/2017 09:08 AM
How #Golf Can Improve Your Finances
What do golf, financial planning, and life, in general, have in common?

In golf, just as in wealth management, you should create a game plan, says financial advisor Altair M. Gobo in his book, "Getting to the Green." Not many of us do.

From setting realistic expectations to "risk vs. reward (or return)", the proper strategy is the first step to shooting a good score in golf and flourishing along life's bumpy road.

"People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan," mentions Gobo with regards to wealth. Although you may have heard this cliche a thousand times, golf mimics life. With reference to the 18 holes (or 9, depending on which you play that day), you have to look at both the big picture and each individual hole as a journey. 

What is your game plan?

In both your finances and in your golf game, look at where you are starting from, "where you want to be down the road (short, mid and long-term or, as in golf, hole-by-hole) and what strategies you will develop to get there."

As a golfer, here are a few tips from "Getting to the Green" to help plan your path:

Know Your Strengths and Limitations - In golf, you know how far you hit the ball, and where your strengths lie. The same should happen with what you are willing to invest - set realistic expectations with the money you have.

Work with a Pro - Golf for Beginners always stresses the importance of taking lessons from qualified PGA professionals and the same goes for your wealth strategy. A financial advisor can help you "assess your situation, look at where you are today, where you want to be down the road and develop strategies that work for you."

Stay patient - Gary Player's tip? "A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks." Wait for the right opportunity to make your moves.

If you are a golfer (and you probably are if you are reading this blog), "Getting to the Green" is an enjoyable and straightforward read - the book offers financial advice to amateurs in an intelligible manner.

Comments welcomed below on this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

09/21/2017 09:10 AM
How to Strengthen Your Grip on Putting
Adam Scott knows his weakness is putting, according to a article, and knowledge is power. He continues to strengthen the "grip" he has on this essential flaw in his golf game by testing new putters, grips and even methods of putting (at one time, Scott was known for using the belly putter). 

Note: Golf for Beginners also suggests reading: Which Golf Clubs Can I Use as a Putter?

The difference between Adam Scott and the average golfer is that many of us are not at that level of expertise to be able to know that we have a fault and be willing to change it nor do most of us ever even visit the putting green when we have the opportunity (for the small stuff, like bump-and-run or chipping practice). Isn't it much more fun to head over to the driving range to "grip it and rip it"?

That being said, let's try and focus on how we can improve our golf game with the tools in our possession.

I am not saying that you shouldn't go out and try new putters (Chesson Hadley won the Albertsons Boise Open after a last-minute putter swap), but putting is about feel, alignment, and green speed; if any of those details are a bit off, chances are you will miss the cup and your score will suffer.

Just last week, while playing at the magnificent Grande Dunes Resort Course, one of my playing partners, (a fourteen-year-old with a heck of a game), mentioned to me that I could have saved so many more strokes if I had not three-putted so much (thanks for the tip Jonathan). At that point, a light bulb went off above my head ... I needed to start working on my short game.

I read a lot of golf tips on the internet and so I will pass along a few tips to help you regain your feel on the green. These may or may not work for you so try them on the practice green a few times before taking them to the golf course:

- Keep Your Backside Quiet? PGA Tour winner Johnson Wagner believes that, on short putts, keeping your butt still is more effective than a restricted head. Wagner says to, "forget about my head and instead try to keep my rear end still. If that doesn’t move, the core of the body stays in place. That gives me a stable base on every putt, which helps with consistency." This tip is worth a try...

- Chill out: Sounds simple enough - Steve Stricker's golf tip to Gary Woodland just before the PGA Championship was to get comfortable, and you will sink putts. Right before a round is NOT the time to change your swing or your putting stroke. Take advice from a pro who knows...another great tip!

- Work on your lag putting and try not to come up short, says Dave Pelz. Get as close to the hole with your first putt so the second one is an easy drop.

Share your putting tips in the comments section of this golf blog and tag/tweet us on @Golf4Beginners!

09/15/2017 02:01 PM
Never Be Afraid to Bump-and-Run
This guest golf blog is written by Brian Adams, bio after his article. Feel free to comment and, if you want to publish your own thoughts on Golf for Beginners, please contact Stacy:

You're 20 yards off the green at the end of the fairway, and here it is again, that time of the round where you lose those precious strokes, turning your tally into a number too long to fit on a regulation score card.

Do you take out your pitching wedge and try your best Phil Mickelson flop shot? Best leave that to Phil! Maybe you take out your putter, then grip it and rip it to sink that 60-footer from the fairway? Only if you're prepared to 12-putt.

Your best bet? Take out a high iron and prepare to bump-and-run.

The bump-and-run shot is easy to execute and carries relatively low risk, especially if you've got two particular conditions in your favor.

Condition #1: A green that runs towards you. In other words, a "backboard" to protect your ball, should you skull it. Don't worry, you're not going to skull it. (Ok, who are we kidding? You might skull it, but that's what the backboard is for!)

Condition #2: a slight hill running up to the green, allowing your ball to "bump" before it runs.

You don't always need these conditions to apply, but having one or both will certainly increase your chances of success.

I often use this shot on the second hole on my home course (Pine Meadows in Lexington, MA). This hole features Condition #2, a slight hill before the green, but lacks Condition #1, the backboard. The reason I often use the bump-and-run on this hole is because the green is a "turtleback" design. This means that the edge of the green runs away from the hole in all directions in a way that makes you want to travel back in time and slap the course architect and ask them what you did to deserve a green like this. ALL directions? Three wasn't enough? Sorry...back to our shot.

For the bump and run, I always use an 8-iron to give me enough loft to get the golf ball in the air, but still have some of the forward momentum I need. You can play the ball right from the middle of your stance or towards the inside of your back foot. Playing it too far forward could give you more lift than you want for this shot.

Now, pick a spot a few yards short of the green. If the pin is close to the slope you're aiming for, then you can either take some power off your swing or aim lower on the slope.

Once you've picked your spot, take a quarter or half backswing and finish with your club low. If all goes to plan, the ball will have a low flight, hit the slope, and roll into the cup, as your golf buddies carry you triumphantly to the clubhouse until realizing that you're only on the second hole. The good news is that you've got sixteen more holes to bump-and-run!

Here is PGA Tour professional golfer Jim Furyk with a visual golf tip on the bump and run shot.

BIO: Brian Adams
Brian Adams is a left-handed golfer and financial professional from the Greater Boston area who occasionally writes, performs stand-up comedy, and directs music videos in order to scratch his artistic itch. You can find some of his videos on the Orange Aura Productions Facebook page.

Join the conversation! Place comments about the bump-and-run in the comments section of this golf blog and tweet us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

09/08/2017 08:31 AM
Top 5 Hottest Trends in Women's Golf Clothing for 2017
Golf is no longer a sport dominated by men. That’s something to be thankful of, as golf clothing has had a long sticky reputation over the years. As more and more women discover the pleasure of golf, the fashion of the sport is revolutionizing golf clothing on the green.

Everybody loves to look good whether they’re on the country club green or riding a golf cart on the publinks. Fashion has never been more important before to the game of golf. To know the latest trends, here are top 5 latest trends in golf clothing for 2017:

Bermuda Sands Golf Skort
1. Skort – They’ve got the fashion appeal of a skirt, but offers better coverage like shorts. Perfect for spring time weather when the golf game shines, skort combines fashion and functionality.

Comfortable and stylish skorts have an appeal that stands out on the green. Try blue leopard embroidery for a style that creates its own game. There are different colors of skirts to add color and dimension to any golf dresses.

Leopard print shorts2. The wilderness of the leopard:
Leopard colors are hot this year, and there is no limit to what you can get. Try the leopard putter cover to protect your club in style.

The blue leopard scarf is an ideal solution for tying the hair out of your eyes with a soft dimension. Leopard scrunches bring a sense of wild to any pony tail, perfect for getting some animal into your game and style.

Leopard headbands are perfect for keeping the sweat out of your eyes with solid fashion to add dimension. Leopard shorts? Well, let's just say that John Daly fans will just love it!

3. Reversible Vests - Golf games range across many different weather climate patterns, even in one afternoon. A vest is a great way to find the warmth you need on a windy day with a fashionable look that shows your best colors. Reversible vests are trendy this year, offering more options. You can adjust the vest to match whatever you’re sporting that day. It becomes two vests in one. Fashion is all about options. A reversible vest or abaya after a round gives you more diversity so you can find the ideal fashion ensemble to make the best of your game.

4. Short shots - This is one of the latest trends in golf clothing for 2017 – shorts are getting shorter (in spite of LPGA dress code issues)! While golf shorts are designed more around freedom of movement than fashion, when the sun finally arrives, maybe you might need to look for something little slimmer and shorter. Don’t go super short - choose a pair that offers both elegant fit and flexibility.

5. White chinos – This is another latest trend when the course is bone dry, and there is no risk of getting muddy cuffs. White Chinos are one of the most recent trends in golf clothing - in fact; you are probably got a pair tucked away in the back of your wardrobe.  Now is the time to remove them. They need to be bright white, not office white. Pair them with a navy top of the jacket.

Summary: Golf is your game. There are many trends since golf has become fashionable, and it's important to find the one that suits you. Choose the style that makes you look your best. You will feel better, and you’ll "up" your game in the process.

About The Author:
Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences.

She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.

What's your take on women's golf fashion? Open up in the comments section of this golf blog!

11/30/2017 11:12 PM
A Golf Lifestyle Blog

11/09/2017 11:31 PM
Nine Holes & PSL - Seasonally Inspired Golf Style
Nine Holes & PSL by thegolfgirl ...featuring Daily Sports Long Sleeve Top

Though fall is already well underway, the frosty weather that normally accompanies the season is just now making its way to many parts of the country.

While some golfers have welcomed the lingering warmth, there are many of us who live for those uniquely exhilarating days when brilliant sunshine and cobalt blue skies are amplified by brisk Autumnal breezes.

Decidedly, we fall fanatics have some catching up to do and fortunately, a morning round this weekend may very well call for that quintessential Autumn golf libation, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not only is it warm and seasonal, but coffee has also been shown to improve golf scores... in some cases.

And speaking of Pumpkin Spice, the flavoring has become such a popular fall favorite that its color palette has been featured frequently in home decor and fashion spreads.

To that end why consider it for your fall golf outfits? Artfully inspired by the popular PSL.
10/30/2017 10:40 AM
An Ultra-Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea
DIY Halloween costume: Gentlemen golfers of the 20's by Golf Girl Media on  Polyvore

The end of October will inevitably find some of us scrambling for creative costume ideas. Halloween, after all, has become huge. In fact, according to the National Retail Foundation, 48% of American adults will dress up for the holiday this year this year.  

A trip to the local department store, especially this late in the game, will yield little in the way of distinctive deguisement. For those seeking something with a bit of sophistication, even those specialized Halloween pop-up shops tend to come up short.  

So why not create your own original costume... one that gives a nod to golf history?  With just a few easily found items of clothing, slightly altered, you can create your own Golden Age Golfer costume. 

For guys, the required pieces are: a jacket and trousers, preferably wool and in a traditional pattern such as hounds tooth, tartan, or tweed. Extra points for a matching vest. Plus fours are... a plus... but regular wool trousers can be tucked into your socks, which, if at all possible, should be argyle. A basic oxford shirt completes the clothing requirements. Essential accessories include dark tie-up shoes, a flat cap and a narrow neck tie or bow tie. If you can round out the look with a pocket watch, an antique hickory all the better. 

I created the inspiration board above to give you a few ideas.

As for the ladies, I'll refer you to the piece I wrote last year on the topic. It's quite comprehensive and includes its own inspiration board for ideas.  

DIY Halloween costume: Lady golfers of the 20's by Golf Girl Media on Polyvore

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Golf Obsessed Women & Girls

(first published, October 2016)
There was a time, not long ago, when "sexy" seemed to have become a prerequisite on Halloween. 

Young ladies... and not-so-young ones... were choosing costumes consisting of little more than lingerie. The commercial Halloween costume industry had discovered that virtually any outfit could be made sexy by just paring down the clothing, while exaggerating the accessories. They took the concept well beyond it's early iterations; the French maid, the sexy nurse, the sexy pirate wench... to such unlikely subjects as the sexy goldfish and the sexy squirrel. There were even some sexy golfer costumes which we wrote about in detail several years ago. 

This year however, the whole "sexy" costume thing may not be quite so ubiquitous. The Donald Trump "scandal du jour" has focused the nation's attention on the objectification of women. Though this will probably be short-lived, the scrutiny may make sexy costumes awkward for both the wearer and the observer.  There's also the "Take Back Halloween" movement which has been encouraging female to select more "empowering" costumes this year, costumes that represent strong, successful women... figures from history and the world of sports. That brought to my mind the great lady golfers of the early 20th century; Glenna Collett, Alexa Stirling, Edith Cummings, Joyce Wethered. They were strong and their style was distinctive.
Channeling Glenna Collett on Halloween
The basic look is super easy look to replicate, requiring only a below the knee skirt, a white blouse with a high neckline and a cardigan or jacket. Finish with a pair of oxford or wingtip shoes and as a hat, a cloche or beret. Extra points if you can round up some old hickory sticks and/or a vintage golf bag. 

I found the pieces for the four looks above at various on-line stores

Pictured at left is my own version of the Golden Age Golfer costume from a couple of years ago, sourced entirely from our local thrift shop.  

It's a fun theme for Halloween, especially if you have a group, like we had that year. And it did feel empowering to dress like a historical golf champion. Unfortunately I didn't manage to channel any golf skills. Maybe this year.

10/01/2017 03:02 PM
5 Fabulous Things About Playing Golf in October

1- Unencumbered Courses: A surprising number of golfers put away their clubs... along with their white clothing... on Labor Day, freeing up the fairways for faster rounds... or slower ones if that's your desire. 

A little break between nines at Vails Grove Golf Course , Brewster, NY                                                         @GolfGirlMedia

2- Gorgeous Weather:
Across the US... and in many places around the globe... October provides a perfect meteorologic medium between summer's oppressive heat and the icy chill of winter. Bereft of cloying humidity, skies seem bluer and air seems fresher in October.

Blue skies and crisp, cool air at Gainfield Farms Golf Course, Southbury, CT           @GolfGirlMedia

3- Awesome Autumnal Fashion: Argyle, tartan, houndstooth and tweed, these quintessential fall patterns share their Anglo-Scottish heritage with the game of golf.  Autumn's rich color palettes play into such patterns perfectly and make summer's flowery pastels seem insipid and uninspiring. Fairway fashion definitely comes into its own in fall.

Wearing autumnal tartan golf trousers by Lizzie Driver                                                                                @GolfGirlMedia

4- Fabulous Foliage:
In many places the resplendent colors of Autumn reach their brilliant peak sometime in October providing a multi-chromatic spectacle on each fairway.  However the burnished hues that follow the peak... and the coppery colors that proceed it... are equally dreamy. October is a month of nature's finest 

The autumnal landscape at Salem Golf Club, North Salem, NY                                      @GolfGirlMedia

5- Fallen Foliage:
While they may be seen as an annoyance to some, the fallen leaves that sometimes swallow errant shots tend to give back quite generously. I don't know how the math works, but every October I seem to find at least two balls for every one I lose.  In addition, at this time of year many of us invoke the leaf rule, by which you simply drop a second ball in the general vicinity of your first one's disappearance and hit from there... sans penalty, of course.

Autumn leaves often abduct a cherished ball, but may also yield a hidden treasure   @GolfGirlMedia

08/29/2017 07:49 PM
Watermelon Gazpacho Cocktail - A Sublime September Tipple

With September approaching, the days will soon be getting shorter.  Our New England foliage will begin to feature lively licks of color, and ... alas... the morning chill will no longer allow for a sleeveless stroll to the mailbox. This is when I normally begin to lament... loudly... the approach of winter.

Yes, with the passage of time, I've officially become a winter lamenter.  I get gloomy at the first hint of fall; pumpkins depressed me... so do chrysanthemums and cornucopias. Especially cornucopias.  

For the past couple of years, an irrational dread of what the winter might bring has left me unable to appreciate the unique awesomeness of fall.

This year, however I've decided to overlook the end of summer, embrace Autumn, and much as possible... the abbreviated Connecticut golf season. I'm going to stop sulking and start looking forward to this season when steamy summer days give way to cool, comfortable ones.  I will now relish the last months of each year; for the spectacular changing colors, the pleasant temperatures... and the less crowded golf courses.  

There's also the prospect... once Autumn is well underway... of an Indian summer, bringing a final taste of warmth before winter takes hold for good.   This endearing weather singularity is quite common in New England, and it's the inspiration behind a unique drink I developed for our annual fall golf classic.  It's a blend of the season's most delightful ingredients and the end result is both sweet and savory, just like the special season that inspired it: The Watermelon Gazpacho Cocktail.

08/19/2017 12:52 PM
LPGA Women's Network: Advice For Your Game, Inspiration For Your Life
"Solheim Cup Inspired Sweets" at LPGA Women's Network

The new network has offically launched!

On Monday August 14, as Solheim Cup week got underway, LPGA Women's Network went live with what aims to be the biggest and most passionate online forum for female golfers.  Created by the LPGA in response to input from hundreds of women, the goal is to create an online community that celebrates the growth and connections women can find through golf.

Unique content will be provided by some of golf's most well known female thought leaders and influencers; LPGA players will give fans an exclusive glimpse into their lives outside the ropes and LPGA teaching pros will present instructional videos, tips and advice... for both beginners and competitive players.  Meanwhile top female writers, bloggers and journalists will showcase the latest golf lifestyle trends with stories on fashion, fitness travel and cuisine.

As the community grows the social hub, an online forum, and a resource directory will connect community members and allow us to share experiences and find female-friendly events and organizations.

So have a look at the new LPGA Women's Network, while you're there, check out Solheim Cup Inspired Sweets, my watch party recipes. They'll sweeten your weekend no matter which side you're rooting for.

Note: Membership is free! It subscribes you to the newsletter and unlocks a myriad of member perks including exclusive discounts on travel, golf and lifestyle product. Join the LPGA Women's Network today!

07/18/2017 08:04 PM
An Ultra-Cool Winner, An Inspiring Amateur & The Elephant In The Skybox
For true fans of women's golf, this past Sunday at 2017 US Women's Open was stellar;  a picture perfect day, a course that challenged the best in the world and three players tied for the lead with just a half dozen holes left to play.

The chance of an amateur winning is always going to be tantalizing. It represents the possibility that athletic purity can best financial incentive.  It actually happened in 1967 when Cathrine Lacoste won the US Women's Open as a 22-year-old, and it looked like it could happen again for Hye-Jin Choi in Bedminster. She was one of the three in the aforementioned tie at the 66th hole of the Championship.

Shanshan Feng was another, the Olympic bronze medal winner held the lead for the first three rounds and was in line to become the first Chinese player to win the US Women's Open. She put up a valiant fight, but ultimately her putter failed her, and a triple bogey on the 18th dashed her chances of a playoff.

That playoff would have been against  LPGA Tour rookie, Sung Huyn Park, whose Sunday charge led to the win and her first LPGA Tour victory. As a long hitter with seven wins on the KLPGA her debut victory is not that surprising. Sung Huyn Park has a massive fan base and a personal style that reflects fierceness, determination and power.  On course she's remarkably deliberate. She's got a wrist tattoo, short hair and a long lean physique, her nickname is "Dak Gong", translation: "Shut up and attack". Quite possibly the coolest nickname ever.  Sung Huyn Park is formidable. She'll most certainly be Rookie of the Year and a force on the LPGA Tour for years to come.  Unfortunately, her remarkable win will not be what most remember about the 2107 US Open.  What will stand out when looking back at this championship will be the "elephant in the skybox" at Bedminster.

Though golfers, golf media and true golf fans attempted to overlook the distraction, it was for the general public, "so big you couldn't ignore it", and while there wasn't massive protest there was an underlying atmosphere of unease. There were some spectators wearing shirts with the pragmatic and now familiar message: "Elect a clown, expect a circus".  Others were less subtle, their shirts read USGA: Dump Sexist Trump.  Security was intense and kept the protesters at bay, but the galleries, for the most part, were focused on the skybox.

07/01/2017 01:46 PM
A Threesome on the 4th - Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day
A Threesome on the 4th
July 4th Golf Fashion Inspiration - Styles from EPNY, Greg Norman, Polo Golf, PUMA, Jamie Sadock, and more.  TheGolfGirl via Polyvore

It's an iconic combination to be sure, with red representing hardiness and valor, while white evokes purity and innocence. Then there's blue, for vigilance and justice. 

That explanation makes it's easy to understand why the red, white and blue color palette is so powerful. 

Here in the US, though flags fly proudly throughout the year, the summer season is a special time for the patriotic color scheme. From Memorial Day at the end of May, to Labor Day in early September, our streets, homes and public buildings are resplendent in red, white and blue; Old Glory... in all her glory.

So, as we head into the Independence Day weekend, it's a perfect time to rock a patriotic palette on the golf course. With so many stellar designers doing golf apparel these days, the choices are endless.  Happy 4th of July.

06/23/2017 07:20 PM
Rosemilk Pudding - The perfect dessert for #NationalPinkDay

Recipe for Rosemilk pudding

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: approximately 20 minutes


2 tbsp Agar powder
1 2/3 cup Milk
2 tbsp Condensed Milk
1/2 tsp Rose syrup


Add the agar to a pan and add about 1/2 cup of water.  Heat the pan in medium to low heat and let the agar dissolve completely.  Once the agar looks soft, mash with a back of a spoon to dissolve it completely.  At this stage add the milk slowly and keep stirring constantly .  Once you add the milk you might notice a few bits of agar agar floating on top, to dissolve this completely keep stirring until it dissolves completely and looks smooth.  Finally add the condensed milk and stir well.  Take it off of the heat and let it cool down for about 5 minutes, then add the rose syrup and dissolve well.  Now you can pour the mix into a fancy mould (like I did) or just use a 9 inch cake pan. Let it set overnight.  Once set, keep refrigerated until serving time, then unmold onto a serving plate. Decorate with whipped cream or serve plain.

Happy National Pink Day!
06/16/2017 01:41 AM
Golf Gifts for Father's Day - 6 Suggestions To Make An Impression
Golf Gifts for Father's Day

Golf Gifts for Father's Day by thegolfgirl featuring Arctic Cool, Tourney, Parallel Putter and more. 

As holiday's go, Father's Day lends itself quite well to golfers, falling as does in mid-June, when the sport is... in full swing.

Tournaments (both professional and amateur) are taking place continually and the golf shops are well stocked with the latest equipment, apparel and accessories.

So if you're shopping for a Dad who loves the game, you're probably considering a golf gift. But with all the choices it's not always easy to focus in and find the perfect present.  To that end, we've got a few suggestions:

1. Give Him A Piece Of Golf History

Golden Age Golf Cocktail Shaker

For something truely unique check out eBay Golf Antiques (where I found this golf cocktail shaker for my husband) or head over to one of the amazing sites that specializes in golf antiques and collectibles. Golf Links to the Past is one of my favorites, GolfAntiquesOnLine is another.  The array of items available is amazing!

2. Give Him An Innovative Putter

Parallel Putter - Game Changing Innovation

Drive for show, putt for dough. We all know that saying... and most of us agree with it.  So why is there so little innovation in putter design ? Probably because so many golfers are reluctant to change their putter...even when it's clearly not working. Well, Parallel Putter truly IS innovative, with a side shaft design that helps with some of the most common putting mistakes. And it's approved by the USGA.  If you're gifting a Dad who regularly 3 (or 4/5) putts this could be just the gift that finally moves him to try something different.

3. Give Him An Entire Outfit

Golf Guy Style

A quality polo shirt in an unexpected shade, an elegant pullover for layering or a classic pair of chinos made especially for golf; each would be an excellent gift on its own, but if you can, why not put the whole thing together for him?  With the iconic Tourney golf brand now producing afordable apparel this might be the perfect year to give him the outfit... in its entirety.  

4. Give Him The Balls of His Dreams

Chromax Golf Balls - Purple Is My Preference 

They may not be shiny or purple... like my favorite Chromax golf balls... but most golfers have a particular brand and model of ball they covet.  Find out exactly what it is and give him a 12 pack.

5. Give Him Something Ultra Cool

Father's Day comes at the start of summer.  If only there was a gift to help him handle the heat, right? Turns out there is! Arctic Cool makes instant cooling shirts;  polos for the golf course and crewnecks for the range. They also make a cooling towel... for added refreshment.   

6. Give Him A Golf Experience

That's The Ticket

Lastly, there's the experiential golf gift where possibilities are limited only by your imagination... and, well... your budget.  That said, a round of golf would surely be appreciated. Choose a local favorite or a far flung fantasy course. Or, if he's a fan, consider tickets to a professional tournament in your area... The Travelers Championship always works well for our gifting.  And if this is the year for a splurge, definitely consider that once-in-a-lifetime ticket to The Masters . Personally, I'd love to offer my husband a fabulous trip to France for the 2018 Ryder Cup... but I'm afraid I can't quite swing it. Well, Italy 2022 is a possibility and that leaves us something to look forward to.     Happy Father's Day to golf dads everywhere.  

01/03/2017 08:56 AM
The Next Jack…Oma does not Like Tiger

THE FIRST TEE Things were going great as we arrived at the first tee. Christopher has never been on the Ed Sullivan or Johnny Carson shows demonstrating his elevated skills at the age of three, however, we had talked about grip, alignment, and posture. Chris has been picking up a club and swinging at random […]

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10/16/2016 09:47 AM
NBC Coverage of 2016 Ryder Cup-Zero *****’s

LIVE AT THE 2008 RYDER CUP If you have never been to a Ryder Cup, put that on your bucket list. And if you watched NBC coverage of the 2016 Ryder Cup that should be enough reason to boycott any NBC golf telecast and go “Live to a Ryder Cup”. To experience a week at […]

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09/14/2016 05:23 PM
Slow Play or Just a Day of Golf?

OLD TIMER’S VIEW OF SLOW PLAY Still trying to learn the rules of engagement for posting articles and blogs for #Front9/Back9. One topic of conversation has been the issue of slow play. Coming from an old-timer, I have a totally different view of “slow play” and how it applies to an enjoyable round of golf. […]

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08/10/2016 11:59 AM
Ryan’s Final 36/ “In Memory of Ryan”

From Front9Back9, Ryan’s dad and mom want to thank all of the golf bloggers and  the #golfchat twetters who have reached out to our family. A special thanks to Zeb for including our family in Tuesday’s (08.02.16) #golfchat. Ryan’s last 36 were played in the Destin, Florida area while on a family vacation. Ryan’s brother, […]

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07/29/2016 11:03 PM
Ryan Randall Young….December 10,1980-July 24, 2016

This is Ryan’s dad, Randy, I want to share with all of you the passing of Ryan. I am not really sure that this post will connect with the universe. My goal is to keep Front9Back9 going in memory of my son. I have had the honor of reading all his posted and how creative […]

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07/03/2016 07:57 AM
My Pursuit to Break 80 is Not Working Out as Planned

It’s been just over three months since my last update on my pursuit to break 80.  March 28, to be exact, was my last progress report.  Since then, I’ve posted an additional nine rounds of golf.  The good news, there’s been no scores above 90.  The bad news, there’s been no scores below 80.  I’ve gotten […]

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05/30/2016 11:24 AM
Golf on Your Honeymoon: 6 Rules to Avoid Divorce

Friend: “Hey man, did you play golf on your honeymoon?” Me: “Well, I didn’t go on a honeymoon. But if I did, I would have. Why do you ask?” Friend: “I am going to Napa Valley in June after the wedding, and I want to try and play golf.” Me: “Hell yeah you should try […]

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04/30/2016 03:19 PM
The Case for Rickie Fowler

The Case for Rickie Fowler is a guest post by Cassie, author of the blog Bandwagoner’s Guide to Golf.  Check out her bio at the bottom of her post. The Case for Rickie Fowler Don’t worry, this isn’t just a fangirl piece fawning over an attractive golfer. Not entirely, at least. Even after his Masters disaster, I […]

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04/16/2016 10:45 AM
Valero Texas Open Field is Set But Missing a Big Name Texan

The 2016 Valero Texas Open at TPC San Antonio is just five days away.  The deadline for players to commit to the tournament has passed and the field is set.  Some big name PGA Tour players are coming down next week to take on the difficult AT&T Oaks Course, but the biggest Texas golf star at […]

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03/28/2016 08:45 PM
Progress Report on My Pursuit to Break 80

It’s been about a month now since I last provided an update on my pursuit to break 80 on the golf course.  It’s been a goal of mine for sometime now and I am really focusing on three key points of my golf game for 2016. Since I wrote that last article, a Twitter friend […]

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01/22/2017 08:17 PM
Swafford Closes Fast to Win CareerBuilder Challenge
With half a dozen players bunched at the top of the leaderboard of the CareerBuilder Challenge it looked like extra holes would keep some players from watching the NFL Playoffs. But Hudson Swafford is a big fan of the Atlanta Falcons and he wasn’t ready to miss his team try to get to their second Super Bowl. Swafford called a blitz coming down the stretch and he birdied three of his last four holes to pull ahead and eek out… Continue Reading
01/21/2017 09:34 AM
Happy Birthday Jack Nicklaus
The Golden Bear turns 77 today and his plans are to play a little tennis, not golf and chill with the family. Sounds like a fine plan to me. As good as Jack was executing his shots on the course many say his real advantage was the mental side of his game. Jack’s ability to focus and maintain his game plan won him many a major. When Jack was at his best the saying went,’when Nicklaus stood on the tee… Continue Reading
01/20/2017 02:52 PM
Watch Players Get Pranked by European Tour
European Tour Productions brings “fake news” to the world of golf as they prank a bunch of players at the Abu Dhabi Championship.  It’s absolutely hysterical. Check it out:
01/19/2017 05:00 AM
Phil Mickelson: Tournament Ambassador
The PGA Tour heads to the desert for the CareerBuilder Challenge and what formerly was called The Bob Hope Classic. Hope was the driving force behind his tournament for over fifty years. Hope was instrumental in building the tournament into a ‘must-play’ on tour as he brought his fellow celebrities, from the Rat Pack to sitting U.S. Presidents to play the game he so loved. He raised millions for charities and after his passing the torch was passed to former… Continue Reading
01/17/2017 10:53 AM
Rory McIlroy Sidelined with Rib Fracture
The golf world was dealt an unexpected blow this week as Rory McIlroy announced he needed to withdraw from the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. McIlroy has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in one of his ribs and will need to rest to allow it to heal. There is no timetable for his return. The world number two had “toughed it out” by playing through the pain at the South African Open for a playoff loss to Graeme Storm and… Continue Reading
01/16/2017 12:20 PM
Justin Thomas: Racking Up Wins & Records
Justin Thomas continued to be the man on the PGA Tour this year as he set all kinds of records in his win at the Sony Open. Thomas made it a Hawaiian Double with wins at both the SBS Tournament of Champions and the Sony. And he did it in style becoming the youngest player to shoot 59, followed it with a 64 and then put up matching 65’s on the weekend to win by seven shots . In doing… Continue Reading
01/14/2017 05:00 AM
Saturday Golf Tip: Stretch It Out
Watch Michael Breed show us how to get a little more loose to improve our game.
01/12/2017 07:11 PM
Yowser! Justin Thomas Shoots 59
Wow! When Justin Thomas gets on a roll he stays on a roll. Fresh off his win at the SBS Tournament of Champions he scorched the Waialae Country Club course with a record setting 59. Record setting because the 23 year old pro is now the youngest player ever to card a 59. Thomas’s round included 8 birdies, 1 bogey and 2 eagles including his eagle putt on his last hole, the ninth to get him to -11 for the… Continue Reading
01/11/2017 09:46 AM
Big Questions for 2017
The 2017 golf season is here and as we golf fanatics look towards the future there are plenty of questions for the upcoming season. Jaime Diaz of Golf World poses a few of those in his piece,”Golf’s 10 Biggest Questions for 2017.” He starts off with who will be the best player and names a few of the top players as candidates but my money is on Rory McIlroy. I think Rors is fed up with all the attention placed… Continue Reading
01/09/2017 05:00 AM
It’s Time to Move to a Golf Course
When it gets this cold and snowy up here in the north I, like millions of golfers that hate winter start to think about living the good life in a much warmer climate. Maybe a nice little place on a golf course with warm breezes and cold drinks. I think I may have found my spot. Check out this little shack with a nice water view which happens to be on a quaint little course. Got $50 million? Then make… Continue Reading
10/30/2017 02:25 PM
Hitting Up on the Driver

I often conduct this demonstration for my Three Day Golf students where I hit back to back shots and attempt to illustrate the value of hitting up on the driver and what it could mean to their tee shots. For good measure I also throw in a little fade versus draw at the same time. 

My intent is to maintain a similar club speed from one swing to the next and if possible strike the ball in a similar location on the club face. As you'll see this was an occasion where I managed to get pretty close...


This TrackMan screenshot illustrates the first shot where the idea was to hit down and across the target line, imparting a low launching and fading ball flight...

The First Shot

The First Shot

This TrackMan screenshot illustrates the follow-up shot where the plan was to deliver the club head to the ball with it traveling up and outward, imparting a higher launch and gentle draw to the ball flight...

The Second Shot

The Second Shot

Let's take a deeper look to see what some of the important differences are between these two interesting shots:

  1. Attack Angle - The 9.1º difference is the primary reason why the second shot traveled significantly further than the initial attempt. This was achieved with a change in tee height, address position and intent.
  2. Club Path - The almost 14º difference here will generally lead to a huge change in ball flight curvature. My findings have shown that when it comes to shot shape the club path plays a primary role.
  3. Launch Angle - The old adage of 'hit down to make the ball go up' takes a beating here as the shot hit with an ascending strike launches significantly higher.
  4. Club Speed - Nothing much to see here other than to verify that the club head for each shot is traveling at virtually identical speeds.
  5. Ball Speed - Another interesting nugget here is that while the carry and total distances are significantly different there is very little difference in the ball speed from shot to shot.
  6. Carry - Wow! That's amazing isn't it? While impact location for the second shot was slightly higher on the face (and a hint more toward the toe) which might lend to slightly longer carry distance the direction the club head was traveling (up and out) is the primary difference maker here.
  7. Total - As you might imagine the increase in total distance follows suit along with the increase in carry distance.

I know we could all benefit from a gain in almost 30 yards off the tee. And keep in mind that's at the same speed and with the same club! No need to hit the gym or shop for a new driver. This video gives some insight into what's required to affect the changes you've seen in this demonstration...

Thanks for reading/watching. If you need hands-on help with your game I'd love to host you in Savannah at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort for either a lesson or a Three Day Golf School. Email terri(at) for details.

10/02/2017 06:35 PM
You Need More Power

Yes! Don't we all? As with all things in life some things are easier said than done and this is no different, but it IS possible. Have you heard about using the ground to generate more power? This is what I'll be addressing in this article - pushing off the ground in order to generate greater club speeds and longer shots. Take a look...

So here's what we're looking for just prior to starting the downswing:

  • The trail knee maintains its position as the golfer starts the downswing. Just for a little while...
  • The lead side separates as the player glides into their front side. This creates some leg separation.
  • There should be a definite lowering or unweighting in the early downswing.
  • The late downswing should be characterized by an upward thrust away from the ground.

Notice in the image below how in the early downswing my belt buckle is significantly lower than it is half way through the follow through...

Image 11.JPG

This is something that all long drivers take full advantage of - that ability to really thrust up from the ground and in most cases actually push both feet off the ground. It's that push that will help to really get the clubhead moving. 

Thanks for reading/watching and if you have a friend who would really benefit from this information please share it.

08/13/2017 11:24 PM
Trajectory Tricks

The loft on the clubface at impact is largely responsible for the launch of the ball. When it comes to wedge play friction also plays a significant role in determining the launch angle, but the purpose of this article is to share an idea to help you improve the loft you deliver to the ball at impact.

Most of us will either hit the ball overly high or too low. This video illustrates a simple drill to get you to feel what you need to feel in order to grasp what is required to deliver either more, or less, loft.

For the high ball hitters:

  • Using a pitching wedge get set up with a narrow stance
  • Position the ball off the tip of your front foot
  • Feel the handle or butt of the club travel a long way forward into impact
  • It’s not easy but do all you can to hit low launchers

For the low ball hitters like me:

  • Stick with the PW and a narrow stance
  • The ball should be in line with the tip of your back foot
  • In the downswing you’ll feel the clubhead swinging a ton. The clubhead should feel like it outraces the hands
  • This will feel scoopy and that’s a good thing

Notice where my hands are just post impact in the image below - the low ball hitters need the hands less forward while the high ball hitters need to sense how much more forward they need to be…

It’s never easy making changes as they always feel so uncomfortable. Let’s get away from associating discomfort with ‘wrong’ as you work towards improvement. I know this exercise seems like it’s the opposite of what it should be, but as the task becomes more challenging (which this one is) we have no choice but to adapt.

The good news is that this drill applies directly to your long game too, so don’t be afraid to incorporate a few of these drills with those full swings too.

Thanks for checking in and I hope this helps you to enjoy your golf a little more.

08/12/2017 11:24 AM
Coach Camp London

If you're a coach or a golf professional you may have heard about Coach Camp. If you've been fortunate enough to attend one then you already know what it's about. If you haven't and would like to learn more then this 90 seconds is for you...

When the idea for Coach Camp was hatched I wanted it to be something that made a significant change in the way coaches and professionals helped students improve, operated their business and marketed what they do. It has and always will be "Two days of industry leading coaching information designed to positively enhance the course of your career."

Chuck Cook Teaching at Coach Camp USA

Chuck Cook Teaching at Coach Camp USA

The feature presenters in London will be coaching legend Chuck Cook, putting guru David Orr, biomechanics expert Scott Cowx and myself. We will also have Dr. Scott Lynn share his presentation on ground reaction forces

There will be live lessons, Q&A sessions, putting demonstrations and perhaps best of all - the cocktail party on Monday evening where we can get down to the nitty gritty questions you might have. All so that you can be more successful on the lesson tee!

Daily Itinerary

Daily Itinerary

We will be at the Drift Golf Club in East Horsley outside London on September 25 & 26. Our title sponsors: KVEST3DSwing CatalystTrackMan; and True Spec Golf will also have representatives on site. Not only will you be able to see this technology in action, but the company representatives will be able to answer any questions you might have. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn from some of the best in our business.


Register for Coach Camp London HERE


07/03/2017 06:31 PM
The Greatest 18 Short Holes in Golf
10th Riviera

10th Riviera

I have often believed that a round of golf should be interesting, enjoyable and challenging at the same time. This compilation of holes are exactly that! Every hole on the list is one that a golfer would eagerly anticipate. The excitement of a possible birdie perfectly balanced with potential for disaster.

Now keep in mind this is my list and as a result it incorporates the best four short par 3's, four short par 5's and ten short par 4's according to me. Please feel free to share your thoughts and which holes you feel would make your list...

7th Sand Hills GC

7th Sand Hills GC

Par 3’s

·      12th Augusta National GC (155yds)

·      7th Pebble Beach GC (106yds)

·      8th Royal Troon GC (123yds)

·      11th Shinnecock Hills GC (154yds)

Par 5’s

·      13th Augusta National GC (510 yds)

·      18th National Golf Links of America (502 yds)

·      9th Muirfield (505 yds)

·      3rd Old Prestwick (535 yds)

Par 4’s

·      14th Secession GC (360 yds)

·      10th Riviera GC (315 yds)

·      13th Harbourtown GL (354 yds)

·      17th TPC Scottsdale (332 yds)

·      14th Muirfield Village GC (336 yds)

·      3rd Augusta National GC (340 yds)

·      14th National Golf Links of America (341 yds)

·      15th World Woods – Pine Barrens (339 yds)

·      7th Sand Hills GC (283 yds)

·      9th Cypress Point GC (292 yds)

11th Shinnecock Hills GC

11th Shinnecock Hills GC

The truly amazing fact about this 'golf course' is that it would only measure 5882 yards in total! There are not many of those of us who call ourselves golfers who'd be caught dead teeing it up from the 5900 yard markers. Now I'm sure some of the par 5's on the list could be stretched a little longer than what I have them listed at, but the fun part is being tempted by these great holes - and if they're any longer I simply couldn't be tempted.

I honestly cannot think of a golf course I would be more excited to play. I hope you enjoyed my list and I'm sure you'd have a few holes you could improve upon. Let me know your picks...

05/02/2017 10:07 PM
How to Deal with a Headwind

Controlling your golf ball in the wind is one of golf's greatest challenges. For quite a while now I have been asking my junior players to hit a 140 yard approach shot directly into whatever wind might be blowing that day and none of them have ever reached the flag! Now, part of this is ego and another part inexperience, but being a curious coach I wanted to do what I could to help them play these headwind shots effectively. At Savannah Harbor we have a double sided range and in the spring we can experience some strong winds. The double sided range means that I can hit shots into and down the same wind. Having TrackMan is a huge help here as it tracks the ball accurately throughout it's flight. Watch...

After quite a bit of testing on and off the golf course I have found that this formula produces positive results. Please keep in mind that hitting any shot in the wind is not exact science and there will always be a subjective side to selecting the appropriate club and shot.

  1. Determine how many MPH of wind are blowing in your face
  2. If its 12 MPH then add 12 yards per 100 yards of distance required
  3. Determine what club you would need to hit the ball that distance
  4. Take one additional club and play a knockdown type shot

Example scenario: For a 140 yard shot into a 20 MPH headwind. I would add 28 yards (20 yards per 100) to 140 to get to 168 which is a full 7 iron for me. I would thus take a 6 iron and hit a knockdown for this scenario.

You might wonder how you'd come to recognize the wind speed...? Experience certainly helps, but there's nothing against checking a weather app on your phone prior to going out to play to help you gauge wind speed. And remember - there is no such thing as a one club wind!

Thanks for reading and I hope this information helps you better control your ball in challenging windy conditions.

04/25/2017 09:09 AM
Develop Your Skills

Getting better at golf should be fun! As I become a more experienced coach I'm finally grasping the role that skill plays in lowering any golfer's score. I think of skill as what you can do with your technique. What shots can you hit? How well can you control your golf ball? That's achieved with skill. Check out this drill that I came up with to not only help you become a better golfer, but also to help you have more fun while you practice...

We all need skills. Hopefully wicked skills! By giving yourself ONE opportunity to hit each of the shots required to complete this drill you are continuously challenging your ability to adapt to the requirements of each unique situation. Something real golf requires on every shot! The seven required shots are a big slice, a medium fade, a baby fade, a straight one, a baby draw, a medium draw and a big hook. Don't hit them in order, but mix it up. Real golf doesn't work in a neat and smooth progression - neither should your practice. Keep a score too. It will help you strive to achieve full marks! 

Add golf skills to your resume...

Add golf skills to your resume...

Give this drill a try the next time you go out to practice. In fact, any skill based challenge or drill you can come up with will help you to develop wicked golf skills that you can take out on the course with you to start shooting lower scores.

Thanks for reading.

04/02/2017 10:11 PM
3 Key Drills for Great Wedge Play

Far too many golfers struggle with their wedge play. I see it all the time! In this article and video I have dug deep and come up with my three favorite drills for you to practice if you'd like to get better from close range. Take a look...

Impact Drag Drill

  • Using an alignment rod in lieu of a club take your normal pitching address position
  • Place the tip of the rod on the ground about 3 feet behind where the ball would be
  • Keeping the arms extended, rotate and elevate the lead shoulder to get the rod through impact

Pitching Draw Drill

  • Tee the ball up and place an alignment rod between the ball and the target
  • The objective is to get the ball to draw around the rod
  • Have the handle traveling up and in while the clubhead travel down and out for draws

9 Ball Trajectory Drill

  • Using nine balls to develop skill and adaptability
  • Hit the first three balls to three different targets with your stock trajectory
  • The second three balls are hit with a slightly higher trajectory to different targets
  • The final three are hit with a lower trajectory to different targets as well

My hope is that these drills will help to upgrade your technique, develop your skill around the greens and ultimately help you become a more well-rounded golfer.

Thanks for reading/watching and if you enjoyed this article please share it with a friend who you feel might benefit.

02/27/2017 03:14 PM
Fabulous Golf in New Zealand

Terri and I have just returned from an incredible two weeks in New Zealand. I must say that when we departed on the trip I was expecting the golf to be good, but not much more. How wrong I was! I was truly blown away with not only the quality of the golf courses (design and shot-making), but also the scenery and conditioning.

Coronet at Millbrook

Coronet at Millbrook

We started on the South Island at Millbrook. Here we played the Coronet and Remarkable nines as there are 27 holes available. Conditioning and scenery was superb and the consensus was that everybody preferred the Coronet nine. A good idea here is to tee it up relatively early and then drive 5 minutes up the road for a fantastic lunch at Amisfield Winery.

Our second course on the South Island was Jack's Point. This is the most beautiful golf course I've ever played. Not only is it beautiful, but it's a top notch layout too. A true 360º course - look in any direction, on any hole, and you'll see incredible beauty. Our group literally couldn't get enough of Jack's Point and this was the course of the trip for me. 

Jacks Point

Jacks Point

We then moved to the North Island where the next round we played was at the mighty Kinloch Club. Our weather was perfect and we just about had the course to ourselves. A Jack Nicklaus design with a definite linksy feel to it - Kinloch delivered the goods and more. I loved how the fairways incorporated the humps and bumps and the whole look and feel of the course was interesting. The golf course is fantastic, but the Lodge at Kinloch might even be better. Contemporary accommodations along with world-class cuisine is tough to beat. 

Kinloch Club

Kinloch Club

The day after Kinloch we ventured to Wairakei Golf Club. While the weather was a little dreary during our time there, I was pleased to see how many of the golfers in our group enjoyed the course. Wairakei is a "proper" golf course as I like to say and there was not a single hole out there that I wouldn't want on my home course. I did feel it was a little too big for the ladies as the ladies tees were not forward enough. Fabulous golf course that I could play everyday.

The course our group was most excited to play was definitely Cape Kidnapper's. Unfortunately we had horrible weather for our round there, but we all gained a sense of how much fun this course could be on a pleasant day. We caught glimpses of the stunning scenery and it seemed to whet our appetite to return one day and appreciate all this beautiful site has to offer. Beautifully designed by Tom Doak, Cape Kidnapper's allows for the influence of weather and wind without becoming too challenging. I wrote in the guest book, "A very enjoyable and wise design!" Cannot wait to get back.

The back nine at Cape Kidnappers

The back nine at Cape Kidnappers

Each of the courses we played had exceptional practice and warm-up facilities and the staff were always friendly and accommodating. In fact at Kinloch, our lead group finished early and Paul, one of the pros, invited them to go out and play a few extra holes. This spirit of hospitality was everywhere in New Zealand and as a result we cannot wait to get back. Here are a few details regarding our trip next year...

Click the image above to view

Click the image above to view

For information on our trip to New Zealand in February 2018 please email Terri at terri(at)

01/02/2017 11:03 AM
A Long Swing or a Short Swing?

The good news is that either one can get the job done, but we cannot view these two very different golf swings through the same lens. There are certain fundamental differences that we must keep in mind. Watch...

For the shorter backswing:

  • Get the wrists, arms and shaft organized early in the backswing
  • The club should favor being laid off at the top
  • The lead wrist should be flat or bowed at the top

For the longer backswing:

  • There is more freedom in the backswing as player has more time available to organize in transition and on the way down
  • The club should favor being across the line
  • The lead wrist can be either cupped or bowed

I do typically prefer slightly longer swings over shorter swings, but above all else I prefer swings that work. If you look at the greatest players of all time you'll see significantly more long swings than noticeably short swings. I have also found that longer swings will typically produce faster club speeds. Never a bad thing!

Keep in mind that these are generalized ideas that have been found to work on the students I have been fortunate to coach over the years. They have also been verified by other coaches and a scientist or two, but they are not set in stone. The objective is always improved performance.


10/30/2017 10:52 AM
4 Of My Favorite Pressure Practice Drills

If you’re a golfer who prefers to be as efficient as possible with their time and see real improvement, your practice sessions will include a combination of block, random and pressure practice drills. By block practice, I mean consciously thinking&hellip

The post 4 Of My Favorite Pressure Practice Drills appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

10/11/2017 04:06 PM
The 3 Most Important Post Round Review Questions

Whenever I talk to my students after a round, there are 3 questions that I ask them. The answers to these questions, tell me how good a round it was (it also tells me a player’s “Mental Game Score”). What&hellip

The post The 3 Most Important Post Round Review Questions appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

10/05/2017 11:59 AM
10 Habits To Make You A Happier And More Successful Golfer

Conditioning your mind daily is not only an important part of mental coaching for golf, it’s an important part of being happier and more productive. Throughout the years I’ve been a mental golf coach, it’s become very clear that all&hellip

The post 10 Habits To Make You A Happier And More Successful Golfer appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

09/22/2017 11:26 AM
The Biggest Difference Between You And A Tour Player

The guys over at Game Golf, have a huge amount of data from hundreds of thousands of rounds and they sent me a breakdown of average score by performance in the different areas of the game. What it shows is:&hellip

The post The Biggest Difference Between You And A Tour Player appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

09/07/2017 12:24 PM
A Daily Ritual For Bullet Proof Confidence

How much we believe we can do something affects how much desire we have, and ultimately, how successful we are.  The more certain we are about something happening, the more effort we put in and the more our behaviors and&hellip

The post A Daily Ritual For Bullet Proof Confidence appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

08/29/2017 03:31 AM
Think Less and Play Better Golf

Isn’t it amazing how everything in golf is better today, except how well the average golfer plays. When you consider the drastic improvement in golf clubs, golf balls, golf course conditions and all of the training aids and video analysis&hellip

The post Think Less and Play Better Golf appeared first on Instruction For The Mental Game of Golf.

11/09/2017 05:56 PM
Fatal Golf Cart Accident Leads To Lawsuit Against Multiple Parties
By: Rob Harris Brandi Shaffer’s article in Club & Resort Business does a very nice job of summarizing the lawsuit…
11/07/2017 06:06 PM
Appellate Court Dismisses Fraud Claims Against Jack Nicklaus
By: Rob Harris Thirty-two months ago, we discussed a federal appeals court decision that permitted a couple who purchased for…
11/05/2017 08:38 PM
Court Finds Club’s Failure To Treat Caddies As Employees May Trigger Liability Under Law
By: Rob Harris Robert Lee Wiggins, a caddy at New York’s Garden City Golf Club, was more than displeased when,…
11/01/2017 08:01 PM
Injured Golf Camper Can’t Sue PGA Simply Because An Instructor Was A PGA Member
By: Rob Harris In summer 2013, a five year old girl–attending a summer YMCA golf camp–found herself on the receiving…
10/31/2017 07:55 PM
Golf Course Manager Fights With Course Owner Regarding Hurricane’s Impact On Volume Of Play
By: Rob Harris Certainly, it’s not the case that city of Flagler Beach (Florida) officials were rooting for Hurricane Irma…
10/26/2017 10:07 PM
High School Girl Posts Lowest Score; Loses Tournament To Boy
By: Rob Harris Rolling Stone’s article begins this way: “Emily Nash, a high school junior who plays golf at Lunenburg…
10/24/2017 04:17 PM
Airline Agent Proclaims Golf To Be A Real Sport
By: Rob Harris For the fragile among us who have confronted the unenlightened voices of those asserting that golf is not a…
10/19/2017 09:39 PM
City Avoids Lobbying Efforts By Using A Secret Committee To Select Golf Course Management Company
By: Rob Harris For almost 25 years, the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota relied on a local company to operate…
10/15/2017 08:14 PM
What Happened To The Creek?
By: Rob Harris It’s name notwithstanding, British Columbia’s Michaelbrook Golf Club finds itself with a water problem. The golf course abuts…
10/11/2017 05:35 PM
Golf Clubs Confront Issue Of How Much Alcohol Is Too Much
By: Rob Harris In July, we wrote about the Gonzalez v. Stoneybrook West Golf Club decision that had just been…
10/16/2017 11:14 AM
A Back-Yard Putting Green in Brooklyn
I have a story in the current New Yorker about building a putting green in the back yard of an executive editor at the book publisher Simon & Schuster. The photo above is of the owner chipping to the finished … Continue reading
10/05/2017 04:46 PM
Reader’s Trip Report: Whistling Straits
A couple of months ago, Adam Sachs, a reader in Kansas City and a peripatetic occasional contributor to this blog, visited Whistling Straits, a course that’s been on my golf to-do list for a long time. Excerpts from his report: … Continue reading
09/30/2017 01:40 PM
Presidents Cup Plan B
In a panic that the American team might close out the Presidents Cup before any of the  singles matches had been played, the PGA Tour and NBC late Saturday morning  devised an emergency back-up competition for Sunday, the Vice President’s … Continue reading
09/29/2017 01:17 PM
The Toughest Thing About the Presidents Cup . . .
. . . is being forced repeatedly to watch the PGA Tour’s guys-standing-in-line-with-pint-glasses-commercial for the Charles Schwab Cup. It would be bad enough if it were merely incomprehensible. I’ve gotten pretty fast at hitting the mute button when it comes … Continue reading
09/20/2017 02:36 PM
Speaking of Testicles. . .
Barney’s and my drives on the sixth hole this past Sunday: Classic Dog’s Balls.
09/16/2017 11:39 AM
Frank Discussion of Testicles During LPGA Tour Broadcast
Among the advertisers on the Golf Channel broadcast of the current LPGA Tour event is the Duluth Trading Company, which is promoting its Ballroom Jeans. Those aren’t jeans that are nice enough to waltz in; they’re jeans that have extra … Continue reading
09/13/2017 11:20 AM
A Better Way to Measure the Power of Hurricanes
The photograph above is of the clubhouse at Indian Hills Country Club, in Kansas City, in about 1950. The course was designed by A. W. Tillinghast in 1927, and the photograph was taken by my father’s father, who was a … Continue reading
08/30/2017 02:39 PM
Beef Box: Don’t Call Fairway Woods “Metals”
My first driver—which was partly responsible for my decision, at the age of thirteen, to give up golf for more than twenty years—was a two-generation hand-me-down with a head that could have filled in as the foot of a Queen … Continue reading
08/03/2017 10:12 AM
Great Golf Course on TV This Week: Kingsbarns
The British Women’s Open is on this week, and it’s being held on one of my favorite courses: Kingsbarns, in St. Andrews. The Golf Channel’s coverage so far seems to be limited to putts, commercials, and talking heads, but occasionally … Continue reading
07/20/2017 11:08 AM
The Clubhouse at Royal Birkdale
The clubhouse at Royal Birkdale Golf Club, where the Open is being held this week, was designed to look like an ocean liner cruising through a sea of fescue. Here’s the original conception, in a watercolor sketch that was submitted … Continue reading
11/13/2017 08:19 PM
VIDEO: Mike Weir vs. Tony Finau in Opposite-Handed Competition

MIKE WEIR IS A LEFTY. Tony Finau is a righty.

What happens when these tour pros play a one-hole challenge from their opposite sides?

Weir and Finau went head-to-head on the par-4 18th hole at Glenarbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New York. Watch.

11/10/2017 02:40 PM
Golf on TV: Charles Schwab Cup Championship, Blue Bay LPGA, Nedbank Golf Challenge, OHL Classic at Mayakoba

From a Golf Channel press release.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The PGA TOUR Champions will crown a season-long victor this week at the Charles Schwab Cup Championship in Arizona. Bernhard Langer – winner of the first two playoff events and leader in the standings – will look to sweep the playoffs with a third consecutive victory. The LPGA Tour is in China this week for the penultimate event of its season, and it marks the final opportunity for players to improve their position ahead of next week’s CME Group Tour Championship in Naples. The European Tour also stages its penultimate event of the season with the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa, where leader in the Race to Dubai – Tommy Fleetwood – is in the field. The PGA TOUR is in Mexico for the OHL Classic at Mayakoba, where Rickie Fowler leads the field, while 22-year-old Cameron Champ makes his professional debut and 2016 champion Pat Perez defends.


Charles Schwab Cup Championship
Dates: Nov. 10-12
Venue: Phoenix Country Club, Phoenix, Ariz.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Friday              4-7 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Saturday replay)
Saturday          4-7 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Sunday replay)
Sunday            4-6:30 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 p.m.-1 a.m. (Replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Langer leads group of five players controlling own outcome with a win: Bernhard Langer is atop the Charles Schwab Cup points list following his victories in the first two playoff events. He is among the five players in the field this week who will automatically win the Charles Schwab Cup with a victory at Phoenix Country Club: 1) Bernhard Langer; 2) Scott McCarron; 3) Kenny Perry; 4) Miguel Angel Jimenez; 5) Kevin Sutherland.
Goydos defends: Paul Goydos finished two shots ahead of Bernhard Langer to earn his fourth PGA TOUR Champions victory.
Headlining the field: Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, Kenny Perry, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Kevin Sutherland, Jerry Kelly, Colin Montgomerie, Brandt Jobe, Vijay Singh and Fred Couples.


Blue Bay LPGA                                                       
Dates: Nov. 8-11
Venue: Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Club, Hainan Island, China

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Thursday         11 p.m.-3 a.m. (Live) / 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Friday replay)
Friday              11 p.m.-3 a.m. (Live)

Broadcast notes:
New world No. 1 Park headlines the field: Sung Hyun Park leads the field at Blue Bay after becoming the new No. 1 player in the Rolex Women’s World Rankings yesterday.
Lee defends: Minjee Lee finished one shot ahead of Jessica Korda to claim her third LPGA Tour win.
Headlining the field: Sung Hyun Park, Shanshan Feng, Anna Nordqvist, I.K Kim, Ariya Jutanugarn, Minjee Lee, Michelle Wie, Lizette Salas and Jessica Korda.


Nedbank Golf Challenge
Dates: Nov. 9-12
Venue: Gary Player Country Club, Sun City, South Africa

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern):
Friday              3-9 a.m. (Live)
Saturday          3-9 a.m. (Live)
Sunday            3-9 a.m. (Live)

Broadcast notes:
Noren defends: Alex Noren finished six strokes clear of the field to earn his fourth European Tour victory of the 2016 season.
Headlining the field: Tommy Fleetwood, Tyrrell Hatton, Ross Fisher, Rafa Cabrera Bello, Alex Noren, Francesco Molinari, Bernd Wiesberger, Matthew Fitzpatrick and Paul Dunne.


OHL Classic at Mayakoba
Dates: Nov. 9-12
Venue: Maykoba Resort (El Camaleon Golf Club), Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Friday              1-4 p.m. (Live) / 7:30-10:30 p.m. (Replay)
Saturday          1-4 p.m. (Live) / 7:30-10:30 p.m. (Replay)
Sunday            1-4 p.m. (Live) / 7:30-10:30 p.m. (Replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Perez defends: Pat Perez finished two shots ahead of Gary Woodland to win for the second time on the PGA TOUR.
Headlining the field: Rickie Fowler, Pat Perez, Zach Johnson, Chesson Hadley, Si Woo Kim, Patrick Reed, Jhonattan Vegas, Gary Woodland, Cameron Champ and Sam Saunders.

11/08/2017 01:56 PM
Looping (Conclusion): Pro Caddie Pay and Caddie's Role as a 'Safe Harbor'
Embed from Getty Images
Caddie Mark Fulcher with Justin Rose, back-to-back winner of the WGC-HSBC Champions and Turkish Airlines Open.

Following is the final installment in John Coyne's caddie series. Read Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 and Part 6.

By John Coyne

Copyright © John Coyne. Used with permission.

THE ECONOMICS OF CADDIE PAY, as well as their lives on the PGA Tour, began to change in the mid 1990s with the arrival of Tiger Woods.

Tiger brought to the game, as least on television, a viewing audience that didn't play, didn't even like golf in some cases, but wanted to see Tiger play. Golf viewership grew, as did television ads and revenues. And likewise: purses for the pros.

All of this had a direct benefit for tour caddies. 

Today the majority of professional caddies earn a base weekly salary of between $1,500 and $2,500 and 7 to 10 percent of their player's winnings. If a caddie's player finishes in the top 10, that number could jump to 10 percent. These caddie contracts are all different and usually closed with a handshake.

Caddies also earn additional money from their own endorsement and appearance deals. They must wear bibs with names and logos of the tournament sponsors, but they can display their own logos on their hats or shirtsleeves. Caddies for players outside the top 30 only earn between $5,000 to $10,000 for this, but the caddies for the top players, who get most TV time, they can command between $30,000 to $50,000 a year from sponsors.

Then there is the FedEx Cup with its $35 million bonus structure, which means additional earnings for caddies. When the Cup was introduced in 2007, caddies did not have agreements for any sort of bonus. But an agreement was worked out by the Association of Professional Tour Caddies (APTC), and today the winner shares 10 percent with his caddie.

In 2013 when Henrik Stenson won the FedEx Cup, his caddie, Gareth Lord, bought himself a Ferrari after cashing his $1 million dollar share.

While all of this appears to be a lot of money, and it is, there are other realities of life that factor into the careers of caddies. Very few caddies have a player who is continually among the top 10 place finishers week after week on tour and their pros are only on tour an average of 20 to 35 weeks a year. It's a short earning season.

Caddies also are covering their own travel expenses, and increasingly with a majority of them having families back home, it is not an easy life. Bubba Watson, for one, is extolled in the caddie ranks as a tour pro who covers the travel expenses of his caddie, Ted Scott.

Earning Their Keep

That all said, are professional caddies worth the bother and effort? What do they bring to a player's game that a teenager—girl or boy—at the host club couldn't handle?

Well, what the PGA Tour pro gets from a professional caddie is more than just someone to lug his bag. The professional caddie arrives on Monday and walks the course before the event, aided by an up-to-date yardage book such as former pro caddie George Lucas started creating in the 1950s.

Today a dozen tour caddies produce books for every event as well as another book that maps the greens.

But what the professional caddie brings to the tour player is much more important than yardage knowledge. In conversations with those on tour—caddies, pros and administrators—the key is the caddie's personality. While a tour player has a "team" behind him, a half dozen people from a swing coach to sports psychologist, the caddie is the only one out on the fairways with him, measuring his mood, easing his temper, giving advice in a calming voice and all the while responding to his needs, from cleaning his ball to assessing putts.

A caddie is the golfer's safe harbor. Tour pros know that. Their caddie is with him for just one reason, to bring him home a winner. 

John Coyne is a bestselling author who has written several books about golf. Learn more at John Coyne Books.

11/03/2017 10:00 AM
Golf on TV: Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, Turkish Airlines Open, Toto Japan Classic

From a Golf Channel press release.

ORLANDO, Fla. â€“ The PGA TOUR is in Las Vegas this week for the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, where Charley Hoffman and Tony Finau headline the field. On the European Tour, Thorbjorn Olesen is set to defend at the Turkish Airlines Open, and will be joined in the field by Justin Rose – coming off a victory last week – along with Henrik Stenson. The LPGA Tour continues its Asia stretch as Shanshan Feng defends at the Toto Japan Classic.


Shriners Hospitals for Children Open
Dates: Nov. 2-5
Venue: TPC Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nev.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Friday              4:30-7:30 p.m. (Live) / 8:30-11:30 p.m. (Replay)
Saturday          4:30-7:30 p.m. (Live) / 8-10:30 p.m. (Replay)
Sunday            3:30-6:30 p.m. (Live) / 7:30-10:30 p.m. (Replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Pampling defends: Rod Pampling finished two shots ahead of Brooks Koepka to claim his third PGA TOUR win, and first since 2006.
Headlining the field: Charley Hoffman, Tony Finau, Bubba Watson, Kevin Chappell, Ernie Els, Jimmy Walker, Webb Simpson, Ryan Moore, Maverick McNealy and Patrick Cantlay.


Turkish Airlines Open
Dates: Nov. 2-5
Venue: Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, Antalya, Turkey

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern):
Friday              5-10 a.m. (Live)
Saturday          5-10 a.m. (Live)
Sunday            3:30-8:30 a.m. (Live) / 1:30-6 a.m. (Monday replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Olesen defends: Thorbjorn Olesen finished three strokes clear of the field to earn his fourth European Tour victory.
Headlining the field: Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, Tyrrell Hatton, Martin Kaymer, Thomas Pieters, Lee Westwood, Paul Dunne, Matthew Fitzpatrick and Tommy Fleetwood.


Toto Japan Classic                                                  
Dates: Nov. 3-5
Venue: Taiheiyo Club (Minori Course), Ibaraki, Japan

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Friday              11:30 p.m.-2:30 a.m. (Live) / 12:30-3:30 p.m. (Saturday replay)
Saturday          10:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. (Live) / 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (Sunday replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Feng defends: Shanshan Feng finished a shot ahead of Ha Na Jang to win her sixth LPGA Tour title.
Headlining the field: In Gee Chun, Shanshan Feng, Lexi Thompson, Brooke Henderson, Ariya Jutanugarn, Danielle Kang, Lydia Ko, Stacy Lewis, Anna Nordqvist and So Yeon Ryu.

11/01/2017 10:34 AM
Looping, Part 6: PGA Tour Caddies Unite and Exert More Influence
Embed from Getty Images
Tiger Woods and caddie Joe LaCava during practice day at the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield.

Following is another installment in John Coyne's caddie series. Read Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.

By John Coyne

Copyright © John Coyne. Used with permission.

ORGANIZING CADDIES INTO A CADDIE ASSOCIATION has proved to be just as difficult as organizing caddies in the country club caddie yard.

Joe "Gypsy" Grillo and Mike Carrick of the Professional Tour Caddies Association (PTCA) hired Dennis Cone, a sports agent, in the early 1990s. He got caddies hat and clothing deals and a contract with B.U.M. equipment.

Then Cone brought in Marriott Vacation Clubs as a sponsor of hats for the PGA Championship and other events, and with Marriott’s support Cone started the PCA (Professional Caddies Association Worldwide) in 1992 to provide members, caddies and their families with additional income opportunities and access to medical and retirement benefits. PCA also launched a world online caddie certification and educational programs that have been used at over 50 top clubs worldwide. More than 28,500 students (loopers) have learned the profession and golf through the eyes of a caddie as a result of Team PCA efforts. PTCA did not renew Cone’s contract as Grillo and Carrick wanted to keep the PTCA just for PGA Tour caddies.

Dennis and his wife, Laura, then, on their own, established the PCAF Foundation Board and in 1999 the Caddie Hall of Fame with the support of Marriott Vacation Club and others. In 2011 the PCA transferred the Caddie Hall of Fame to the Western Golf Association.

In the late '90s the PTCA would cease to exist and professional caddies were once again on their own. But by 2013 a new association emerged from the caddie ranks.

Birth of the APTC

The Association of Professional Tour Caddies (APTC) came about because of a rain delay at the 2013 Barclays when the caddies and a few family members had taken shelter in a club house during the storm and a club security guard began to hassle them, demanding their IDs and kicking the family members out into the rain.

Following that incident 35 of the 70 professional caddies organized a spontaneous meeting at the BMW Championship and voted to become an association.

The APTC was created, according to the president James Edmonsdon (who loops for Ryan Palmer), because of this humbling incident at the Barclays and other abuses by the PGA Tour.

"We realized we had two options," Edmondson said. "Go to the tour with our hands held out or empower ourselves by organizing, therefore expediting the process of the PGA Tour recognizing caddies as a profession like the rules officials. It seemed like because of the era we are in the timing was right."

Officers and board member were selected. Edmondson became president, Vice President Lance Bennett (Bill Haas caddie), Treasurer Jimmy Johnson (Steve Stricker caddie) and Secretary Adam Hayes (Russell Henley caddie). Also, Joe LaCava (Tiger Woods caddie), Brennan Little (Camilo Villegas caddie), and Kenny Harms (Kevin Na caddie) became board members.

There is now a new board of directors for the association that continues to grow in number and influence on the PGA Tour.

Today, 180 tour caddie members pay $300 to be a member. (The tour on the whole has about 250 U.S. and foreign caddies looping for pros.)

The APTC has also raised $41,000 for St. Jude last year, and over $70,000 this year. As Jason Case of ITR Management, who advises the APTC, says, "The caddies want to give back to causes they believe in as much as possible."

Benefits, Lawsuits and Sponsorships

It has not, however, been a smooth relationship between the PGA Tour and the caddie association, which continues to seek a health program and retirement plan for its members, better working conditions and a share in endorsements.

Recently a group of caddies—not associated with the APTC—lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the PGA Tour. They argued that the tour unlawfully compels caddies to wear logos and other insignia of corporate sponsors on bibs. Lawyers for the caddies had estimated that the value of the advertising was upwards of $50 million annually. A district judge dismissed the suit, saying that the caddies had signed contracts with the PGA Tour specifying a requirement to wear uniforms and identification badges prescribed by each tournament.

The suit also included claims that the tour interfered with the caddies' ability to compete in the market, alleged antitrust violations, breach of contract and violations of California state law. The judge did say that the caddies still have legal issues with the poor treatment they're afforded by the tour.

The APTC, however, has had successes. In 2016 the APTC signed with Jani-King towels. Head of Jani-King’s Sports Partnership declared, "The on-course television and digital media exposure has been phenomenal." By 2017, 147 caddies were carrying the towels at PGA Tour tournaments.

The caddie association also had an arrangement with Kentwool Socks. As part of the deal, Kentwool did provide its popular Men's Tour Profile and Men's Tour Standard socks to tour caddies to wear each week, but that sponsorship is no longer in effect. The APTC does have two programs with and Under Armour. 

APTC, in addition, has launched speaking engagements for caddies, featuring them as professionals having "first-hand knowledge about the PGA Tour." The association is offering their caddies to local golf clubs and hospitality tents during tournament events. As the APTC states, while "PGA players charge anywhere from $10,000 upwards to 6 figures. A caddie—with all the same inside information—costs only $300."

The APTC also admits that their caddies at such events are much more forthright about life on tour than a pro golfer who is understandably protecting his brand in the professional world. 

And as all caddies know, it might rain on them today, but there's always another sunny day and another chance to make a loop.


John Coyne is a bestselling author who has written several books about golf. Learn more at John Coyne Books.

10/30/2017 07:45 PM
Justin Rose Is the Newest Comeback Kid

DUSTIN JOHNSON BLEW A SIX-SHOT LEAD in Shanghai. The 54-hole leader who had been a birdie machine threw a rod on a windy Sunday en route to a 77.

Meanwhile Justin Rose rallied from 8 shots back to win the WGC-HSBC Champions. Rose carded a 67 including a 31 on the closing 9 for a two-shot victory over Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Henrik Stenson.

No one saw it coming on Saturday night. World No.1 DJ had already won two World Golf Championship events this year and four titles overall. Put a fork in it. This tourney was done. Um, over. But late on Sunday people used words like "collapse," "shocking" and Rose himself uttered "unbelievable."

Rose's Sunday surge tied him with six others for the third-largest final-round comeback in PGA Tour history. Here are the greatest comebacks.

8 Shots
Mark Lye, 1983 Bank of Boston Classic
Hal Sutton, 1985 St. Jude Memphis Classic
Chip Beck, 1990 Buick Open
Scott Simpson, 1998 Buick Invitational
Craig Stadler, 2003 BC Open
Kyle Stanley, 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open
Justin Rose, 2017 WGC-HSBC Champions

9 Shots
Stewart Cink, 2004 MCI Heritage

10 Shots
Paul Lawrie, 1999 Open (Carnoustie)

10/25/2017 07:03 PM
2018 Ryder Cup: Captains Recreate Arnold Palmer's Eiffel Tower Shot
FORTY YEARS AGO ARNOLD PALMER drove his golf ball off the Eiffel Tower. In recent days U.S. and European Ryder Cup captains Jim Furyk and Thomas Bjorn also gave it their best shot from high above Paris.

"What a great venue for the Ryder Cup here in Paris," said Bjorn.

And what a great publicity stunt.

10/20/2017 04:51 PM
Golf on TV: CJ Cup at Nine Bridges, Dominion Energy Charity Classic, Andalucia Valderrama Masters, Swinging Skirts LPGA Taiwan Championship

From a Golf Channel press release.

ORLANDO, Fla. â€“ The PGA TOUR stages its first-ever event in Korea at the inaugural CJ Cup at Nine Bridges, as Justin Thomas and Jason Day lead the field. The PGA TOUR Champions kick off the Charles Schwab Cup Playoffs this week, as 72 players are eligible to take part in the first of three events, led by points-leader Bernhard Langer. 2017 Masters champion Sergio Garcia will host the European Tour’s Andalucia Valderrama Masters, with fellow Spaniard Jon Rahm also in the field. The LPGA Tour continues its Asia stretch of the schedule as Ha Na Jang defends at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Taiwan Championship.


CJ Cup at Nine Bridges
Dates: Oct. 19-22
Venue: The Club at Nine Bridges, Jeju Island, South Korea

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Wednesday     10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Live) / 2-6 a.m. (Thursday replay)
Thursday         10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Live) / 2-6 a.m. (Friday replay)
Friday              10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Live) / 4-7 a.m. (Saturday replay)
Saturday          10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Live) / 2-7:30 a.m. (Sunday replay)

Broadcast Notes:
Inaugural event: The inaugural CJ Cup at Nine Bridges marks the first official PGA TOUR event to be staged in South Korea, and will feature a 78-man field with no cut.
Headlining the field: Justin Thomas, Jason Day, Marc Leishman, Paul Casey, Xander Schauffele, Pat Perez, Tony Finau, Adam Scott, Patrick Reed and Si Woo Kim.


Dominion Energy Charity Classic
Dates: Oct. 20-22
Venue: The Country Club of Virginia (James River Course), Richmond, Va.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern):
Friday              2:30-5 p.m. (Live) / 2-4 a.m. (Saturday replay)
Saturday          2:30-5 p.m. (Live) / 2-4 a.m. (Sunday replay)
Sunday            2:30-5 p.m. (Live) / Midnight-2 a.m. (Monday replay)

Broadcast notes:
First leg of Charles Schwab Cup Playoffs: The Dominion Energy Charity Classic this week marks the first of three legs of the Charles Schwab Cup Playoffs, with 72 players eligible to tee it up this week, and 54 advancing at week’s end based on the points list.
Headlining the field: Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, Kenny Perry, Kevin Sutherland, Jerry Kelly, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Colin Montgomerie, Brandt Jobe, Stephen Ames and Vijay Singh.


Andalucia Valderrama Masters
Date: Oct. 19-22
Venue: Valderrama Golf Club, Sotogrande, Spain

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Saturday          8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Live)
Sunday            7:30 a.m.-Noon (Live)

Broadcast notes:
Garcia hosts: Sergio Garcia won the event the last time it was contested in 2011, and will host the third edition of the event in his home country this week. 
Headlining the field: Sergio Garcia, Jon Rahm, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington, Andrew Johnston, Danny Willett, Andy Sullivan, Jose Maria Olazabal and Austin Connelly.


Swinging Skirts LPGA Taiwan Championship
Dates: Oct. 19-22
Venue: Miramar Golf & Country Club, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Saturday          12:30-2:30 p.m. (Tape delay)
Sunday            Noon-2:30 p.m. (Tape delay) / 10 p.m.-Midnight (Replay)

Broadcast notes:
Jang defends: Ha Na Jang finished one shot ahead of Shanshan Feng to claim her third LPGA Tour victory.
Headlining the field: Shanshan Feng, Brooke Henderson, Ha Na Jang, Ariya Jutanugarn, Cristie Kerr, Lydia Ko, Danielle Kang, Brittany Lincicome, So Yeon Ryu and Michelle Wie.

10/18/2017 06:27 PM
Looping, Part 5: New Generation of Bag Rats
Embed from Getty Images
Caddie Joe Grillo advises Steve Elkington during the final round of the 2005 PGA Championship at Riviera Country Club.

Following is another installment in John Coyne's caddie series. Read Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4.

By John Coyne

Copyright © John Coyne. Used with permission.

Shortly after the Professional Tour Caddies Association (PTCA) was formed, the Nabisco Corporation sponsored a $5.5 million tour program, including money prizes for yearlong events, team charity completion and the Nabisco Championship held in October at Hilton Head Island.

One of the groups that it supported on the tour was the PTCA. While Nabisco's contribution to the association was only a small percent of its total investment in golf, just $125,000, it was vital for the caddies.

Nearly $100,000 went directly to the caddies as a payback for wearing Nabisco's white visor. The remaining $25,000 plus contributions from tournament events paid for the association’s van, as well as Joe "Gypsy" Grillo's salary.

Gypsy in turn ran a diner out of the caddies association-owned van, which was usually parked by the practice areas or behind the press tent. Here caddies could avoid the pricey vendor food on the course, and had a place to relax by themselves. The caddie van was their home-away-from home, a place to watch TV and get messages, as well as a decent meal.

The day I was interviewing Gypsy in his van at the 1989 Westchester Classic, Sergio Garcia was also in the van having lunch with his caddie and two other "bag rats." It gave Sergio, and other pros, a chance to have a good meal and a little time away from autograph seekers. While caddies still weren't allowed in the clubhouse, pros like Sergio were welcomed by loopers in their home-away-from home van.

Some caddies, not signed up by Nabisco, had gone out and gotten their own individual sponsorship. Steve Kay, for example, who caddied for Bobby Clampett and Keith Clearwater, had an arrangement with American Airlines. FootJoy provided sneakers for most of the professional caddies, and Nike gave 10 others three sets of new sneakers each year.

Although their players might be making $100,000 to flash a trademark while playing a round, caddies were willing to settle for a few thousand. As a result, they, like all professional players, were fast becoming walking billboards and camera hogs. When it’s "TV time," the caddies were known to quickly glide into camera range to make their presence, as well as their sponsors, known.

Away from the 18th green and the brief attention from television, I watched a number of caddies come and go from Gypsy's van. Rain had halted play and the caddies were finding whatever shelter they could, the club house being, of course, out of bounds.

Watching this new generation of bag rats, I asked Gypsy why he thought they came out on tour to grab a player's bag, since the majority of these caddies with their college degrees, could have found other careers.

Gypsy, who is a Dutch uncle to many of them, said simply, "They love the game and they have the same dream we all have. They want to bring home a winner."


John Coyne is a bestselling author who has written several books about golf. Learn more at John Coyne Books.

10/16/2017 06:37 PM
Pat Perez Is Smiling

PAT PEREZ WON HIS THIRD PGA TOUR title and second in a year after going through shoulder surgery at age 40. Perez shot 24-under par for a four-shot victory over Keegan Bradley at the CIMB Classic.

Perez seems like a new, happier man, one that is maturing "late" (his word). He has spent much of his career looking angry, frustrated and impatient on the golf course.

Now Perez appears to be extremely grateful, not only for the wins, but for the people around him.

11/14/2017 07:06 AM
RSM Classsic: Betting Preview and Tips

The last official event on the PGA Tour until 2018 is the RSM Classic and our betting preview pits a whole host of hungry players yearning to make Thanksgiving weekend especially bountiful.

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11/13/2017 07:41 AM
PGA TOUR REVIEW: Kizzire In Paradise

Just like in cards a pair of nines doesn’t usually win and it was as true at the OHL Classic as in the World Series of Poker. While Patton Kizzire dominated, two of our picks fell just short.

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11/09/2017 09:02 AM
Golf Betting Strategy #1 – Repeat Winner

ow profitable is betting on last year’s winner of a tournament? Does it make sense to back a repeat winner and is it a winning golf betting strategy over time? I’ve always said, despite no research on the subject, that it sometimes pays, in lieu of any other better alternative,...

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11/08/2017 07:39 AM
SportPartner – Sports Dating For Golfers

Are you looking for a LTR* but always seem to end up OOB*? Then you need a helping hand. SportPartner is that hand, or in golf speak, a potential romantic mulligan.

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11/07/2017 08:34 AM
OHL Classic: Betting Preview and Tips

Pat Perez won here last year and is going well again this season. Can our OHL Classic at Mayakoba betting preview pick another winner when as the PGA Tour takes a trip to the Mexican Riviera?

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10/31/2017 05:31 PM
Shriners Hospitals For Children Open Betting Preview & Tips

Is there going to be another 100/1 winner at the Shriners Hospitals For Children Open? The last three have, and the value seemingly doesn’t stop there either. Read our betting preview.

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10/30/2017 04:22 PM
PGA Betting Trends: When A Six Shot Lead Isn’t Enough

Justin Rose was a footnote in the WGC-HSBC until the back nine on Sunday. Although he started at 22/1, he traded much higher for most of the week. But the odds were predictably much higher in Jackson!

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10/23/2017 06:44 PM
Sanderson Farms Championship: Betting Preview & Tips

Does anyone else have a massive urge for crispy chicken coated in a secret recipe? Just me? No matter. Here’s our Sanderson Farms betting preview complete with tips, dips and a cock-shaped trophy!

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10/23/2017 03:12 PM
WGC-HSBC Champions: Betting Preview & Tips

Welcome To China, where golf courses close down quicker than you can say socialist revolutionary anniversary. Read our WGC-HSBC Champions betting preview and tips from Sheshan International.

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10/23/2017 07:33 AM
PGA Tour Betting Review: Thomas Tough To Beat

Justin Thomas is having a proper purple patch right now and while his recent odds have been single figures, they have been winning ones. Who were you on this week? We look back at the CJ Cup in our PGA Tour betting review.

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10/29/2017 07:30 PM
Golf Product Review: Oh Canada Tour Towel - Uther Golf

A great tour towel for the Canadian Golfer

Okay I might have a bit of affinity for Canadian golf companies but when they make great products  at an affordable price I can afford to be biased. Uther Golf I was introduced to Uther Golf last year and when I had a chance to do a review of their Cart towel I jumped at the chance. It also helped that their Oh Canada themed tour towel is a must for every proud Canadian golfer. 

The Tour towel is huge measuring 20”x 40” and I love the fact there’s ample room for cleaning your clubs as well as keeping your hands dry or your perspiring bald head. 

The microfiber that the towels are made of, which is three time more absorbent than cotton, anti-bacterial and features a woven rib pattern simple works great. The towel has proven itself on the golf course over and over again for me over the last while. It’s now taken the place of my regular microfiber towel.

These are no cookie cutter towels all prints are original designs exclusive to Uther Golf.

Not your average golf towel

A lot of care, design and thought is put into these towels so that's always great to see with new companies trying to make a name for themselves in the golf accessories business. Like any business starting out can be tough; definitely Uther has had a great beginning.  Be sure and check out their website for all Uther Golf has to offer including their cart towels which I did a review of last year.

With Christmas coming up and at $24.99 (Free shipping to Canada and USA) this is a great tour towel for the Canadian Golfer.

Be sure and follow Uther Golf on it’s various social media channels I especially like their Twitter feed and Instagram feed.

10/10/2017 08:31 AM
Who are the betting sites backing as the new PGA Tour gets underway?
No sooner does one season end than another begins, such is the wraparound nature of the US PGA tour. And so it is that the leaderboard is wiped clean, and with only five of the world’s top 50 players taking part in the opening event at Silverado, it gave some of the sport’s stars of the future a chance to shine.

Already, however, thoughts are shifting towards the CIMB Classic in Malaysia, which will see 15 of the top 50 players in action, not to mention 10 Major champions and 18 winners from the 2016/17 tour.

PGA Champion Justin Thomas has made this event his own, winning in 2015 with a tournament record -26, and successfully defending last year. He certainly looks to be the man to beat.

Can the betting sites see past Thomas?

A few years ago, the PGA Tour was predominantly of interest to North American golf fans, but more recently it has garnered international attention, thanks largely to huge interest via online sports betting. Everyone from professional hustlers to grandmothers watching on TV loves to back their favorite with a small wager, and there are more golf betting sites, catering to a wider, more international customer base, than ever before.

Justin Thomas, who is rapidly being seen as Malaysia’s adopted son, is certainly the hot favorite to lift the trophy for a third year in succession, and some are even asking whether he can shave another shot or two off than remarkable -26 from 2015.

However, the competition is strong, and should not be underestimated. The event has been won by an American every year since it was launched in 2010, a trend that England’s Paul Casey is desperate to bring to an end. The 40 year old only has one PGA Tour win to his name, which was the Shell Houston Open in 2009, but he has been in a rich vein of form over recent months.

Other outside shots that could be worth a speculative dollar include Spain’s Rafael Cabrera-Bello and South Korean star Si Woo Kim, who became the youngest ever winner of the Player’s Championship in May of this year.

Rising stars and old stagers

Kim is one of the most exciting rising stars in golf, and is certain to have plenty more tournament wins ahead. He is joined by a raft of other talented 20-somethings including Grayson Murray, Wesley Bryan, Mackenzie Hughes and Cody Gribble.

However, it is not all about the young guns. The biggest cheers will almost certainly be reserved for Davis Love III and The Big Easy himself, Ernie Els. Despite turning 53 earlier this year, Love is still a force to be reckoned with, and finished tied for 8th in his only previous appearance in Malaysia, back in 2014.

With such a blend of youth and experience, it is clear that Justin Thomas should take nothing for granted under the unforgiving Malaysian sun. It promises to be a compelling event.
10/07/2017 02:54 PM
Golf Course Review: Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club 2017
- Challenging Golf In The Midst of the City-
Not to many golf courses across Canada get to host a Professional Tour event. In August Ottawa's Hunt and Golf Club played host to Canada's own Brooke Henderson and a host of world class players from the LPGA. Having media access for the week gave me not only insight into how a LPGA is run but also how the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club would stand up to the test of a world class field. Having walked the grounds and all the holes on both the South and West Courses. I was intrigued to play the course myself after nothing but positive reviews from the players.

I got my wish just over a week ago. My father-in-law and I got to play on a Saturday with Ottawa's weather holding its last rays of Summer for our round at "The Hunt".

Here's some of the history of the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

  • A private golf and curling club located in Ottawa, Ontario just off Hunt Club Rd. 
  • Founded 109 years ago in 1908 as a hunting club.
  • The Ottawa Hunt Club expanded into golf in 1924.
  • The course was designed by Willie Park, Jnr. (1864−1925), a two-time British Open champion (1887, 1889).
  • The course was redesigned, mainly in its green complexes, by Tom McBroom in 1993, and Dr Michael Hurdzan in 2013. 
  • The Club hosted the Canadian Open in 1932 and the Americas Cup golf matches in 1960.
  • Hosted the Canadian Amateur Championship in 1937, 1960, and 1970.
  • Hosted the 1994 du Maurier Classic on the LPGA Tour.
  • With 27 holes of golf, it hosted the LPGA Tour's CN Canadian Women's Open on its South and West nines in August 2008, celebrating the club's centennial. 
  • Just recently hosted the CN Women's Open.

 My observations:

  • The practice facilities are top notch at the Hunt. Putting greens both by the 1st tee of the South Course and by the extensive driving range. No problem getting warmed up here.
  • The Club House and staff that work at the Hunt are amazing if you need anything they're always willing to help. Radmila (Restaurant), Shawn (Pro Shop) and the lads at the back shop (Michael and Dylan) were great.
  • The members I met while golfing were also very nice and helpful.
  • The course will challenge you from any of the 5 tee decks as long as you play from the right ones. All hazards are at the right distances if your a little off with your shot.
  • The greens were amazing, running about a 10-11 on the stimpmeter. Perfect to putt on not quite as fast as they had it for the CN Canadian Women's Open but so much fun to play.
  • A good mix of holes as far as length, visual and challenge goes.
  • The course is right by the Ottawa International airport which you would think would lead to a noisy golfing experience but quite the opposite as no large planes land or take off near the golf course. Considering the course is right off the busy Hunt Club/Riverside Roads. The feel is definitely more like you're in the country then the city.
  • I'm surprised the course isn't part of ScoreGolf's Top 100 (I've played 15 of the 100)
  • The hazards(water, bunkers) are plentiful at the Hunt Club; add the fast greens make for a very challenging round any day of the week.

My father-in-law managed a beautiful birdie putt on this hole #13 At The Hunt Club. I was closer but only managed a par. :(

It was great to get out with my Father-in-law

Lots of bunkers at the Hunt Club so make sure you have your "A" game.

10/05/2017 08:46 AM
Stepping up from Amateur to Pro: Mind the Gap
Almost every youngster who picks up a golf club has stars in their eyes, and is convinced that they’ll be able to emulate their heroes on television by making a glitzy career for themselves playing the sport they love.

But, as the years tick by, the realization of how difficult this is to do becomes clearer. And arguably the demographic which best highlights how challenging it is to make the step up to the paid ranks are those who beaver away one rung below on the ladder: top amateurs.

It’s always fascinating to speak to coaches, former players and rivals of Tour pros, and to hear how often they express surprise that some guys have “made it”, while other guys with bags more talent when they were growing up simply couldn’t. The kind of guys who smashed every record in sight at amateur level, but, when it came to doing it for a living, simply couldn’t cut the mustard. And, to rub it in, they had to watch as grinders, and ostensible no-hopers, flew past them to make a success out of life as a pro.

So, what is the difference between the guys who cut it as pros, and the rest who must settle for simply being great amateurs with a day job?

Hard graft

It’s one thing to hit the range after work, and play at the weekend. But practicing, conditioning, gym work, short game drills… it’s a full-time job, which requires relentless, unwavering commitment. Not everyone has it in their locker to stick to, and, most importantly, enjoy such a monotonous routine. For some guys, staying with that desk job at the bank can suddenly seem more preferable.

Finding a way in

In the absence of sponsors’ exemptions, one of the biggest shocks to the system when you turn pro is finding out just how hard it is to earn that first pay cheque. Never mind making the cut – you’ll have to pre-qualify just to make it into most events. And to get to that point, you have to pay your dues on challenge tours and mini tours. It’s a hard road to the top, and many top amateurs simply don’t have the stomach for it.

Playing for your bread

One of the biggest mental barriers is getting to grips with the realities of playing for your livelihood. It’s one thing trying to hole clutch putts at amateur event. It’s quite another when your weekly wage depends on it. And when you’re out of form, there’s no backstop of a steady income (unless it comes from sponsors). That kind of pressure has broken many a man or woman before, and will continue to keep amateurs from taking the plunge.

Mental strength

It’s loosely tied to the point above, but concentration, self-belief and an innate ability to thrive when the pressure is on is a cocktail that is the preserve of a precious few. And even then, keeping that up is an ongoing battle. No wonder sports psychologists and gurus are so widely employed on the Tour. Unlike almost any other sport, golf involves hitting a still ball. That means instinct plays almost no role in the equation, and the power of the mind is the key determinant of success instead. When the chips are down, or when a pressure-filled moment requires a big shot, it’s those with the clearest minds who deliver. They’re called pros.


Seeing new places, staying in nice hotels, becoming a jetsetter. It all sounds like fun on paper. But in reality, the unstinting travel required wears many a player down, as does constantly having to adapt to new surroundings, conditions and golf courses. Being able to enjoy this side of the job is part and parcel of being a pro. Unfortunately, not everyone does.

A step up in quality

Of course, there is one final piece of the puzzle: how good you are. Talent isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. From a ball-striking perspective, there isn’t a lot in it between a good pro and a top amateur when both parties hit their Sunday bests. It’s the bad shots where you really notice the difference. The variance in outcomes between best and worst is simply much smaller, and a pro is able to establish greater consistency towards the top end of the scale. And that isn’t just with the long game – the same is true of pitching, chipping and putting. Consistently carving out good scores when not at your best is fundamental to getting the job done as a pro, and is perhaps the biggest disparity of all when compared with ammies.

Final thoughts

Ultimately there is no empirical formula to determine who can make it as a pro, and who will be consigned to settling for life as a successful amateur. And there are plenty of exceptions (and other criteria) when it comes to assessing differences between the two. The point is that, while the gap may seem minimal on the surface, there’s actually a whole lot of real estate between top amateurs and pros when you dig a little deeper. And it’s a divide that only a select few will ever bridge.

10/01/2017 09:38 PM
Spain rallies to complete comeback in playoff at World Junior Girls Championship

Press Release

OTTAWA – Few could have predicted the wild finish that took place on Friday for the World Junior Girls Championship at The Marshes Golf Club.

In thrilling fashion, the Spanish team fired a collective 4-under par (140) to erase an eight-stroke deficit, forcing a playoff with the Korean squad. As light rain began to fall, both teams headed back to the par-4 18th in pairs to conduct the first playoff in World Junior Girls Championship history.

The Spaniards kept their foot on the gas, with two of the first three team members making birdie on the hole to put the trio at 2 under. The Korean team was then forced to hole out for eagle to continue the match, but their approach missed the green to the right.


“If I would not have made that putt, my teammates might not have been as motivated as they were,” said Elena Arias, the first Spanish team member to birdie the playoff. “I just hit the putt like the other times I had played the hole. It just looked so clear to me and went in but I was so nervous.”

Dimana Viudes followed in the second playoff group, capping her 3-under bogey-free round with a birdie of her own.

“It is like Elena said, her putt really gave me confidence because knowing that we already had a birdie was a great start,” said Viudes, who finished in fourth place individually. “I was very nervous but at the same time calm as well. I was just lucky enough to pull off the shot.”

The win marks the first World Junior Girls Championship medal for Team Spain, which is something not lost on the team’s coach.

“This is a dream come true. To beat a strong team like Korea is something else,” said Nacho Gervas, Team Spain coach. “They are so strong that at times you feel like you are playing for second place. I told them (Spain) they had the game to do well today and if we played our game you never know what can happen.”

Republic of Korea’s Seo-yun Kwon, the 54-hole leader, headed into the final round with a two-stroke advantage over Italy’s Alessia Nobilio. Kwon had built a clear advantage on the day before running into trouble on the par-5 14th with a triple-bogey.

Nobilio took advantage of Kwon’s mishap by making birdie on the 14th to briefly hold a one-stroke lead, until giving a stroke back on the next hole. The pair took scores of 9 under to the last hole, forcing another playoff to be commenced after the team event was decided.

With Korea losing the team event, Kwon was determined to come out on top. The 16-year-old missed the green on her approach but went up-and-down for par, beating out Nobilio who slipped with a bogey.

“At first I was angry with myself because I was leading by a few strokes and made one mistake,” said Kwon. “Even though I won the individual medal, I am a little disappointed in myself because if I had done a little more, we could have won the team championship so it is bitter sweet. This is my first win at an international tournament so right now I am so happy.”

Rounding out the team medallists was the trio from Sweden, who finished the tournament at 9 under par, five strokes shy of Spain and Korea. Spain’s Blanca Fernández took home the individual bronze medal, posting a final-round 71 to close the tournament at 7 under par.

Céleste Dao from Notre-Dame-de-L’Île-Perrot, Que., finished as the low Canadian with a share of 24th place at 6 over for the tournament.

In 2018, the World Junior Girls Championship will return to the Ottawa area at Camelot Golf and Country Club next September.

Photo credit (Bernard Brault/ Golf Canada)



1. Spain, 142-141-139-140--562 -14
2. Republic of Korea, 134-138-142-148--562 -14
3. Sweden, 140-142-144-141--567 -9
T4. France, 141-143-146-138--568 -8
T4. United States of America, 135-144-146-143--568 -8
6. Germany, 141-140-148-143--572 -4
7. Denmark, 140-142-147-144--573 -3
8. Italy, 142-142-141-149--574 -2
9. England, 145-142-143-147--577 +1
10. Switzerland, 145-146-144-149--584 +8
T11. Ireland, 148-140-150-147--585 +9
T11. Philippines, 146-142-151-146--585 +9
13. Czech Republic, 140-150-149-151--590 +14
14. Mexico, 145-147-152-154--598 +22
15. Chinese Taipei, 148-146-152-153--599 +23
16. Australia, 142-152-156-150--600 +24
T17. Belgium, 147-148-155-151--601 +25
T17. People Republic of China, 155-150-149-147--601 +25
19. Canada 1, 150-146-158-152--606 +30
20. Canada 2, 147-155-156-151--609 +33


1. x-Seo-yun Kwon, *65-70-70-74-279 -9
2. Alessia Nobilio, *68-71-68-72-279 -9
3. Blanca Fernández, *71-71-68-71-281 -7
4. Dimana Viudes, *71-70-73-69-283 -5
5. Pauline Roussin Bouchard, *70-77-71-67-285 -3
5. Esther Henseleit, *71-68-76-70-285 -3
7. Lily May Humphreys, *71-71-72-72-286 -2
7. Beatrice Wallin, *71-72-72-71-286 -2
9. Alexandra Försterling, *70-72-72-73-287 -1
10. Harmie Nicole Constantino, *73-72-70-73-288 E
10. Sofie K. Nielsen, *74-71-71-72-288 E
10. Mathilde Claisse, *71-71-75-71-288 E
10. Amanda Linnér, *71-73-74-70-288 E
10. Gina Kim, *67-76-73-72-288 E
10. Linn Grant, *69-70-72-77-288 E
10. Yunji Jeong, *69-71-72-76-288 E

09/27/2017 09:27 PM
Golf Product Review - GearHalo Leaves Your Gear Fresh Again

I've done many a review since I started this golf blog and I have to admit I really put the GearHalo Pods through a real test. I basically have use these pods for about two months in any and all my gear that happens to get a bit stinky. EVERY DAY.

This includes the following:
  • My old Under Armour runners I use at Rideau View Golf Course where I change the holes 4 times a week in the morning.
  • My various golf shoes that I wear about 2-3 tines a week.
  • My Adidas runners that I wear 5 days a week delivering mail with Canada Post.
  • My basketball shoes- I coach my girls basketball which started in September.

How To Use

Place a GearHalo pod in any piece of equipment that happens to get stinky after a workout or every day life.

So for my shoes, after working at the golf course I'd put them in my UA shoes which would be a little damp most days from the greens(grass). I'd place the pods in the shoes and then put on my shoes for delivering mail. By the time I got home later in the afternoon my UA shoes are dry and smelling great and they're old and almost worn out runners. Great job GearHalo!

GearHalo is heat activated so placing them immediately after finishing at the golf course is very important or any other activity. Use the Velcro on the GearHalo to connect pods for use in larger sizes of gear or pieces of gear.

GearHalo Science

The science behind GearHalo has to to with their SilverACTIVâ„¢ Protection. See below from GearHalo's website:

  • Silver Level of Protection for your Gear. 
  • The use of patent pending active ingredients to protect your gear from the stink of sport and an active lifestyle.
  • Powerful fresh scent deodorizer
  • Effective moisture removal system
  • Metal regeneration beads

The difference I found with GearHalo from other products I've used to keep my gear smelling fresh was that GearHalo actually controlled odour caused by microbes rather than just masking the odour  . When the pods come in contact with your gear  they remove the moisture that generates odour and leaves you with a fresh scent in your runners.


The Single Cube will run you $20, Family Cube $90, Team Pack $220. Pretty reasonable when it comes to sustaining the life of your gear.

GearHaloâ„¢ is designed to last an entire season, but consistent use in your gear can provide even longer protection from the stink!

GearHalo is a great new product that delivers as advertised. It removed moisture from my gear (various shoes) and left them smelling fresh. They don't mask odours they get rid of them. It's also a Canadian company so go check it out today.
09/26/2017 07:12 PM
Korea Leads But Many Chasing World Junior Golf Championship Crown
Had the pleasure yesterday to attend a Pro-Am at the Marshes Golf Club where my guest and I had a great time with two Junior Girl golfers competing in this weeks World Junior Golf Championship. We were completing impressed not only by the golf we saw out of these two ladies but even better they were really sweet human beings (well done parents).

So of course I had to keep an eye on how their teams did today as well as individually. Check it out Hana Ryskova from the Czech Republic and Pauline Roussin Bouchard from France shot 68 and 70 respectively. So Hana is T3 and Pauline is T9 going into the 2nd round in the individual event and their teams are T3(Czech R.) T6(France).

Hana Ryskova from the Czech Republic

Pauline Roussin Bouchard from France

The girls watching my "swing"

Press Release

13-year-old Richmond Hill, Ont., native Emily Zhu shoots 72 to lead Canadians

OTTAWA – The Republic of Korea were not fazed by the sweltering heat on Monday at The Marshes Golf Club, carding a score of 10 under to take the 18-hole lead at the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship.

In temperatures upwards of 30 C, the Korean team recorded a score of 134 to build a one-stroke advantage over the American squad. The trio were paced by Seo-yun Kwon, who fired a 7-under-par 65 for a two-stroke cushion in the individual competition.

“For the first three or four holes I missed a couple birdie putts and that made me hot because I was angry,” said Kwon. “The turning point was a birdie on the sixth and at that point I didn’t even realize how warm it was.”

The 16-year-old thrived in the heat, recording five birdies and an eagle on the par-5 14th.
“Right before you make a shot you imagine how it will go in your mind. During the practice round I tried to get on in three because it is a long hole,” said Kwon. “Today, my driver was so good that when I got to my ball, I realized I should try to reach with my three wood. My putter was also great today so the 14th went exactly how I imagined it would.”

The second-counting score for the Republic of Korea was registered by Yunji Jeong, who posted a 3-under-par 69 to sit tied for sixth. The Republic of Korea are no strangers to success at The Marshes Golf Club — they ran away with the competition when it was held at this same course in 2015, winning by a margin of 18 strokes.

“The course looks very friendly to Korean players, even though the shape and grass type are different,” added Kwon. “However, the shot has to be accurate because the fairways are narrow, including the landing zones, and there is bush on either side and those conditions are very similar to in Korea.”
Holding second place is America’s Gina Kim, who went 5 under on the back nine, including an eagle of her own on the 14th — one of two on the day. Third place is currently occupied by a trio of competitors at 4 under par: Hana Ryskova (Czech Republic), Alessia Nobilio (Italy) and Erica Shepherd (USA).
Emily Zhu, Canada’s youngest competitor from Richmond Hill, Ont., led both Canadian squads with an even-par 72 to sit T23 overall. The 13-year-old’s round was a positive note in what was otherwise a difficult opener for the host nation.

“I don’t think that it was the start that we wanted but the girls all played better than what they scored. I trust in the fact that they are hitting the ball well and that they are going to get better every day, that is our goal,” said Ann Carroll, coach of Canada One. “It is a 72-hole tournament and we will just focus on getting better every day. We’ll make today the high round and focus on trying to improve on the little things that make a big difference.”

With a total of 3-over 147, Canada Two comprised of Zhu, Euna Han (Coquitlam, B.C.) and Alyssa DiMarcantonio (Maple, Ont.) are tied for 15th place. 

The second round will begin at 8 a.m. with no cut for the tournament. Additional information from the competition can be found here.


1. Seo-yun Kwon, Republic of Korea, 34-31--65 -7  

2. Gina Kim, United States, 36-31--67 -5  

T3. Hana Ryskova, Czech Republic, 35-33--68 -4  

T3. Alessia Nobilio, Italy, 35-33--68 -4

T3. Erica Shepherd, United States, 33-35--68 -4

T6. Gabriela Ruffels, Australia, 35-34--69 -3

T6. Yunji Jeong, Republic of Korea, 34-35--69 -3

T6. Linn Grant, Sweden, 35-34--69 -3

T9. Pauline Roussin Bouchard, France, 35-35--70 -2

T9. Elena Moosmann, Switzerland, 37-33--70 -2

T9. Cecilie Nielsen, Denmark, 36-34--70 -2

T9. Alexandra Försterling, Germany, 36-34--70 -2  

T9. Karen Fredgaard, Denmark, 35-35--70 -2

T9. Cory López, Mexico, 34-36--70 -2


1. Republic of Korea, 68-66--134 -10
2. United States of America  69-66--135 -9
T3. Czech Republic, 71-69--140 -4
T3. Denmark, 71-69--140 -4
T3. Sweden, 72-68--140 -4
T6. France, 72-69--141 -3
T6. Germany, 72-69--141 -3
T8. Spain, 70-72--142 -2
T8. Australia, 71-71--142 -2
T8. Italy, 74-68--142 -2
T11. Switzerland, 78-67--145 +1
T11. England, 73-72--145 +1
T11. Mexico, 70-75--145 +1
14. Philippines, 68-78--146 +2
T15. Belgium, 74-73--147 +3
T15. Canada 2, 73-74--147 +3
T17. Ireland, 69-79--148 +4T
17. Chinese Taipei, 75-73--148 +4
19. Canada 1, 76-74--150 +6
20.  People Republic of China, 77-78--155 +11

09/25/2017 07:08 AM
Talented Field Set To Play The Marshes For The World Junior Girls Championship
Happy to be participating today at the Marshes in a special tournament where I'll get to play golf with two talented Junior golfers, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard from France and  Hana Ryskova from the Czech Republic. The 60 talented athletes from 19 Countries will begin there competitive rounds tomorrow at the Marshes. Come and check some great Junior golf all week as its free and the Marshes is a great venue to watch golf.

OTTAWA – A well-accomplished field of competitors will take to The Marshes Golf Club from Sept. 24-29 for the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship. In total, 60 athletes will represent 19 countries – including two teams from host nation Canada.

“With our partners, we are proud to offer a world-class event for girls of this age group, where there are fewer opportunities for international competitions,” said tournament director Mary Beth McKenna. “These girls are some of the best juniors in the world and we are thrilled to host them in a tournament where they can continue their growth and development.” 

This year’s field is highlighted by 11 competitors ranked inside the World Golf Amateur Rankings (WAGR) top 100. Among them are the tournament’s top two ranked players from Sweden: Amanda Linnér (No. 18) and Beatrice Wallin (No. 38). The pair will be joined by teammate Linn Grant (No. 84) — who was a member of the silver (2014) and bronze (2015) World Junior Girls Championship team medal winners. Both Linnér and Grant will make their second appearances at the championship. 

In 2017, Linnér captured the ANNIKA Invitational Europe and France International U21 (Esmond Trophy), while also placing second at the ANNIKA Invitational USA. Wallin earned a second place finish at the France International U21 (Esmond Trophy) and Grant picked up wins at the Helen Holm Scottish Open Stroke Play Championship and German Girls Open. 

The 2017 installment of the event will see numerous players return as 18 members of the field have played in at least one World Junior Girls Championship, including both the 2016 silver medallist Jennifer Chang (USA) and bronze medallist Caterina Don (Italy), who look to become the first repeat medallists in tournament history.

Led by the 91st ranked Chang, the American team will aim for another strong performance following last year’s third place result. Team USA will also feature 2017 U.S. Girls Champion Erica Shepherd (No. 162) and Gina Kim (No. 75). 

While the Italian team does boast the defending individual bronze medallist, it could be another member who steals the show. Alessia Nobilio, who participated in the 2016 World Junior Girls Championship, comes into the tournament as the third-highest ranked player at No. 41 after a 2017 season that saw her win the International Juniors of Belgium and France International  - Cecile de Rothschild Trophy. In addition, she and teammate Caterina Don (No. 127), won the Italian U18 Team Championship. Don also picked up individual honours with a win at the Italian Girls U18 National Championship. The two World Junior Girls Championship veterans will be joined by newcomer Alessandra Fanali, who currently ranks 112th in the WAGR. 

In 2016, the Philippines captured the title by a nine-stroke margin on the strength of gold medallist Yuka Saso, who was the lone player to finish the tournament under par. This year, the defending champions will be paced by Harmie Nicole Constantino (No. 305), who won the Philippine Amateur Open. She will be joined by teammates Junia Louise Gabasa and Kristine Torrabla.

With all of the returning teams and players, the World Junior Girls Championship is also pleased to welcome two teams that will be making their debut in 2017, Chinese Taipei and Switzerland. Chinese Taipei will send Kuan-Yu Lin (No. 1096), Hui-Wen Chiu (No. 943) and Jo-Hua Hung (No. 379). The Swiss will feature Victoria Monod (No. 612), Elena Moosmann (No. 85) and Chiara Tamburlini (No. 376). 

The strong international field will join the six players chosen to represent Canada. Monet Chun (Richmond Hill, Ont.), Ellie Szeryk (London, Ont.) and Céleste Dao (Notre-Dame Ile Perrot, Que.) will form Canada One, while Alyssa DiMarcantonio (Maple, Ont.), Euna Han (Coquitlam, B.C.) and Emily Zhu (Richmond Hill, Ont.) will make up Canada Two. 

In addition to the four-round, 72-hole team and individual event, the World Junior Girls Championship will celebrate the game of golf and promote the development of junior girls golf. There will be a PGA of Canada coaching summit and Future Champions Clinic on Sept. 24. The opening ceremonies take place on Sept. 25 before the first round of competition on Sept. 26. Closing ceremonies will take place on Sept. 29 immediately following play. 
Admission to the competition is free. Additional information regarding the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship can be found on the competition’s website.
09/14/2017 08:41 PM
Choosing Beginner Golf Clubs – Top Tips!
So you have decided to start playing golf. That’s awesome!

The challenge now is to find the right set of golf clubs for your skill level.

In this article I set out the key characteristics to look for when choosing a set of beginner clubs.

To kick off lets start at the tee with the driver and work towards the green.


Golf drivers are a minefield! There are literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes! The main things to consider if you are just starting out are: club head size, loft, adjustability and shaft flex.

In terms of head size I recommend going for the maximum size, which is 460cc (this is a volume measurement in cubic centimetres). A larger head size will be more forgiving on miss-hits, have a larger sweet spot and provide more consistency and distance.

Driver lofts vary from as low as 7 degrees to as high as 12 degrees. As a beginner go for a 10 or 11 degree loft as this will make it easier to launch the ball off the tee. If possible, also try to get a driver that has an adjustable hosel that allows you to increase or decrease the loft by 1 or 2 degrees.

Driver adjustability systems are probably one of the biggest game changers in the past decade. Nowadays many drivers come with adjustable weight and loft systems. These systems allow you to setup the driver to help control shape of the ball. For example, if you struggle with a hook or slice you can easier adjust the weight to the toe or heel to correct for these shape shots.

Finally, the shaft flex is a really important factor to consider. The faster your swing the more stiff you would want your shaft flex to be. It is worth measuring your swing speed to get a sense of what shaft flex would suit your swing well, but as a quick rule of thumb you can use the table below.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are an important club in the beginner’s bag. The two fairway woods that are most common are the 3-wood and 5-wood. Both have a potential role to play, however with the advent of hybrid clubs (discussed below), the 5-wood has become less of a priority.

Fairway woods, as the name suggests, are designed to be hit directly off the turf. Because of this they tend to have a shallower face and lower sweet spot than a driver. They also have more loft, typically ranging from 13 degrees up to 16 degrees for 3-woods and 17-22 degrees for 5-woods.

Fairway woods can have relatively small heads, as small as 180cc, so the trick as a beginner is to select one that is not too small. Ideally for a 3-wood you should try to make sure the head size is greater than 200cc. A larger head size will increase the sweet spot and make it easier to hit. You should also go with fairway woods that have graphite shafts that match your swing speed.


Hybrids are a brilliant addition to the beginner’s golf back as they merge together the low centre of gravity potential of a fairway wood with the flatter sole of a long iron. This makes them a lot easier to hit than standard long irons (1-5 irons).

As you probably already know, long irons are not easy to hit as they have low lofts with very small and narrow faces. Hybrids in effect solve this problem by swallowing out the face; broadening the sweet spot and bulging the club slightly back so that it can easily glide through turf. However, like an iron, the lie, length, loft and weight are similar.

If you are just starting out I would literally bin all your long irons or select a beginners set that does not include them. To replace these irons I would go for two hybrids - a 4H (which typically replaces the 4-iron and has a loft of 24 degrees) and a 5H (which replaces the 5-iron and has a loft of 27 degrees).


Like drivers, irons come in many different shapes and sizes too. The better players prefer irons with a muscle back or blade like design as these types of irons tighten the sweet spot. However, as a beginner you want your sweet spot to be as broad as possible. To do this the iron needs to have a cavity back with the weight distributed outward.

Moreover, an offset clubface (i.e. the club head is set back from the shaft) is also desirable as this allows one to get under and through the ball better than irons that have little offset.

Finally, if you have heeded my advice and decided to bin your long irons, then the only irons you will need in your bag are the 6-9 irons (excluding wedges of course, as we discuss these below).


Wedges are used around the green to finesse the ball close to the pin. They range from pitching wedges and gap wedges to sand wedges and lob wedges. As the names suggest, each wedge has a different purpose and design, with lofts varying from as low as 50 degrees up to 64 degrees.

As a beginner I recommend getting two types of wedges – a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The key thing to consider when selecting these wedges is your angle of attack. This is the angle at which your club strikes the ground. You can determine this by looking at your divot. If you find you take deep divots then you most likely have a steep angle of attack. If however, your divots are shallow then your angle of attack is probably also shallow.

As a rule of thumb if your angle of attack is steep, a common feature for beginners, then you will benefit from getting wedges with wide soles and high bounce angles (a measure of the angle of the trailing edge of the sole to the leading edge). If your attack is shallow though you should opt for a narrower sole and lower bounce angle.


Now that we have reached the green we get to probably the most important club, the putter. As the saying goes, you drive for show but you putt for doe. Undoubtedly one of the most important areas in golf is putting. The good news is that choosing a putter pretty much comes down to personal preference and general feel. The bad news is even the best putters in the world will not make you a good putter.

That being said it is worthwhile paying attention to a few features.

First, the weight of a putter is important. Generally the more weight the easier it is to stay sturdy over putts and give a consistent roll to the ball. This makes mallet putters a good option for beginners, as they tend to have a little more weight.

Second, some putters have alignment features. These are proven to help align putts and are worthwhile having.

And finally, a thicker grip is significantly better than standard size putter grips as they provide more stability in ones hands, and therefore the putter is less likely to twist in the stroke.

Get Fitted

I hope this article has helped clarify what you should look for in your beginners set. If you are serious about improving your game it is always worthwhile to get custom fitted by a professional.
09/08/2017 07:51 PM
4th Annual World Junior Girls Championship Includes 6 Canadians - The Marshes Hosts

Excited to attend this event tagging along with an amateur for a Junior/Amateur Event Shotgun start- (Official Practice Round) on September 25th at the The Marshes Golf Club.


Two teams will fly the flag for Canada at The Marshes Golf Club in Ottawa
OAKVILLE, Ont. – The world’s top 18-and-under female junior golfers will head to Ottawa for the fourth edition of the World Junior Girls Championship from Sept. 26-29 at The Marshes Golf Club. As host nation, Canada will send two teams of three athletes to compete for the international title of World Junior Girls champion.

“It is an honour to host this prestigious event and we look forward to welcoming these players to Canada,” said tournament director Mary Beth McKenna. “The course is in fantastic shape and we are thrilled to host some of the world’s best juniors at this historic club. Our partners at The Marshes Golf Club and the communities in the surrounding area have come together to make this a truly memorable event for our competitors.” 

Representing Canada One will be Monet Chun (Richmond Hill, Ont.), Céleste Dao (Notre-Dame Ile Perrot, Que.) and Ellie Szeryk (London, Ont.), who are three of Canada’s top-ranked junior golfers at No. 375, 453 and 597, respectively, on the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR). 
The 16-year-old Chun is experiencing her first year as a member of Team Canada’s Development Squad and second year representing Canada at the World Junior Girls. So far in 2017, she has wins at both the Future Links, driven by Acura Ontario Championship and the Ontario Junior Spring Classic, which put her in second on the Junior Girls Order of Merit – the same spot she finished at last year. 

Dao is having an extremely impressive season for the second straight year. In 2017, she registered six wins and made it to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Junior Girls Championship to lead the Future Links, driven by Acura Junior Girls Order of Merit. Dao will also play in her second consecutive World Junior Girls Championship – she finished T16 in 2016 alongside Chun.
Szeryk, sister of Canada’s top-ranked amateur female golfer Maddie, has two victories in 2017 so far including six top-five finishes. She currently sits in fourth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit and made it to the round of 32 at the 2017 U.S. Junior Girls Championship after earning gold medallist honours at the qualifying tournament in Garland, Texas.

As the host country, Canada reserves the right to field two teams in the 60-player, 19-country competition. Canada Two will consist of Alyssa DiMarcantonio (Maple, Ont.), Euna Han (Coquitlam, B.C.) and Emily Zhu (Richmond Hill, Ont.) who are ranked 776, 955 and 1,792, respectively. 

DiMarcantonio, 14, won her second event of the season at the MJT – Spring Invitational and has six top-five finishes this year. She is currently enjoying her best season on the junior circuit and sits sixth on the Junior Girls Order of Merit. 

Han has three wins in 2017 including earning gold medallist honours at the U.S. Junior Girls Qualifier in Kent, Wa., where she went on to finish in the round of 64. Her only wins of her junior career came this year and she is in eighth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit. Han represented Canada previously at the 2015 World Junior Girls Championship, also hosted at The Marshes.
Zhu is the youngest of all Canadian team members at the age of 13. She has seven top-five finishes this year and competed in the Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship where she finished T66. Her last win came in 2016 at the MJT – PGA of Ontario Junior Championship and she currently sits in ninth in the Junior Girls Order of Merit. 

“Golf Ontario is excited to once again partner with Golf Canada to conduct this global championship at another of Ontario’s storied clubs – The Marshes Golf Club,” said Mike Kelly, Golf Ontario executive director. “We thank their membership and volunteer committees for all their hard work. We are thrilled for our athletes from Ontario who have been selected to represent Canada and wish them the best of luck.” 

“These six athletes have had tremendous seasons and their selections to Team Canada are the result of their hard work and commitment to the sport,” said Jeff Thompson, Golf Canada’s chief sport officer. “The joint efforts of Provincial Golf Associations, home clubs, parents and athletes have made this accomplishment possible and they should all be proud to have earned their selections.” 

Ann Carroll (women’s national development squad coach) and Matt Wilson (Golf Canada’s director of next generation performance) will lead the two Team Canada squads for this competition.

In addition to the 72-hole team and individual competitions, the World Junior Girls Championship will be a celebration of the sport with a specific focus on the development and promotion of junior girls golf.  The days leading up to tournament play will see a PGA of Canada coaching summit as well as a free junior girls skills clinic.

Opening ceremonies for the championship take place on Sept. 25 followed by the first round on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The tournament’s closing ceremonies will immediately follow the conclusion of play on Friday, Sept. 29.

Admission to the competition is free. Additional information regarding the fourth annual World Junior Girls Championship can be found on the competition’s website.
- 30 -

The World Junior Girls Golf Championship is an annual event conducted by Golf Canada in partnership with Golf Ontario. The international competition features three-player teams of 18-and-under athletes. As host country, Canada will field two of the tournament’s 20 teams competing over 72 holes for both individual and team honours. The event receives funding and support from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport; Ottawa Tourism; the Golf Canada Foundation (Women's Golf Fund); Sport Canada; the R&A; the International Golf Federation; the PGA of Canada; and Levelwear. Admission and parking for the World Junior Girls Golf Championship is free. For more information, visit


Golf Ontario is Ontario’s Provincial Sport Organization focused on enhancing participation, elevating performance and supporting the passion of golfers in Ontario. With over 90,000 individual members and 450 member clubs, Golf Ontario is one of the largest golf associations in the world.  From rating courses and keeping the integral rules of the game intact, to growing the game at the grassroots level and getting the game of golf into our school systems, to keeping the Ontario golf community aware of all relevant issues and hosting the best amateur tournaments in Canada, Golf Ontario is a passionate group dedicated to making golf better for everyone in Ontario. We share a love and passion for golf, while preserving its past, fostering its future, and championing golf’s best interests for everyone who enjoys the sport.
Golf Canada is the National Sports Federation and governing body for golf in Canada representing 305,000 golfers and more than 1,400 member clubs across the country. A proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Golf Canada’s mission is to grow participation, excellence and passion in the sport while upholding the integrity and traditions of the game. By investing in the growth of the sport and introducing more participants of all ages to the game, our goal is to be relevant to and respected by all Canadian golf enthusiasts from coast to coast. For more information about what Golf Canada is doing to support golf in your community, visit

06/03/2017 10:59 AM
Links in the desert at The Wolf Course, Paiute Resort, Las Vegas, NV
It took two trips to Las Vegas to finally round out my Paiute Resort triple play, but after playing the Wolf Course, I was perfectly content that I had saved the best for last. Like its Sun Mountain and Snow Mountain brethren, the Wolf is a Pete Dye design that opened for play in 2001,…
05/22/2017 10:35 PM
May Poll Question: What’s your golf sock game like?
The nice thing about a warm, wet winter is that we, here in Central Kentucky. jumped into the spring golf season early. The downside to this joyous turn of events for the public at-large is that my pasty, furry, Scot-Irish mutt legs made an appearance in shorts on the golf course much sooner than anyone…
04/17/2017 10:44 AM
Sun Mountain Course at Paiute Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada – An Oasis of Peace
Las Vegas has a well-known way of presenting everything in and about Las Vegas to its out-of-town visitors.  The City, and more specifically The Strip, is all about bigger, louder, brighter, flashier, better. Another characteristic of the City is that it’s a place that loves to boast and sell the dream of “what if,” though…
02/09/2017 03:21 PM
An accidental audience: Chi Chi Rodriguez can still hold court with anyone
Sometimes, there really is no substitute for being in the right place at the right time, through no good deed of your own.  Random dumb luck is a powerful force within the universe, and exactly how I came to enjoy an impromptu audience with golf legend and Hall of Famer Chi Chi Rodriguez. On Demo…
01/12/2017 03:29 PM
Yeah, go ahead and tend the flag for me, will ya?
Ego and insecurity can be terrible, debilitating handicaps in the game of golf. Just two days and four holes into 2017, I received my first embarrassing dose of involuntary humility. A welcomed weather anomaly resulted in above average temperatures, allowing Bryan and I the thrill of playing golf in Central Kentucky on January 2nd.  The…
12/28/2016 07:53 PM
Heron Point G.C. at Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island, SC – Dye’s Greatest Hits
I understand how golfers that have played the iconic Harbour Town Golf Links could overlook the Heron Point G.C. on the Sea Pines Plantation as just one of the “rest” of the courses on Hilton Head Island. Heron Point lacks the breathtaking views of Calibogue Sound, the PGA tournament pedigree, and the immaculate conditioning that makes…
12/07/2016 12:01 AM
Golf with Dad: Thoughts from a non-golfing child
A few days ago, December 2, 2016, would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday (*as far as the Social Security folks knew), and it occurs to me that he never saw me hit a golf ball. The closest we ever came to sharing a moment on the links was him watching me hit the little…
11/28/2016 01:29 PM
Maderas Golf Club, Poway, CA – Canyon of Golf Paradise
My outing to Maderas Golf Club this summer was far and away my favorite round of golf of 2016. The beautiful desert canyon scenery, the fun but tough course, the fantastic hospitality from the staff, and the company of the best man in my wedding who has all but given up the game added up…
11/24/2016 07:48 PM
Greens With Envy
This is my latest guest column for the #GolfChat Authors project on the topic of great golf course experiences.  Great golf experiences happen every day. Take care of the little things, and the big things take care of themselves.  It is through this simple prism that this author judges golf experiences from one round to…
11/23/2016 09:12 AM
Elusive Glory: How Hitting a Fade helps me consistently Compress the Golf Ball
You can’t be just a little bit pregnant. Forgive the terrible colloquialism, but I find this is the best way to describe the dichotomy that is my golf swing.  Either I’m consistently compressing the ball with a good swing. Or I’m not.  There is not any middle ground, really. When I’m putting good swings on…