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Connecticut Dog Groomer Darien (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/MEr9I2hjuA Connecticut Dog Groomer Darien https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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CT Breeder Stamford (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/efQzWP4ICC CT Breeder Stamford https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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Connecticut Breeder Stamford (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/zPMu5Yekjj Connecticut Breeder Stamford https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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Connecticut Breeder Darien (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/jKszjZuYt0 Connecticut Breeder Darien https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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CT Breeder Darien (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/XxZubfsDLg CT Breeder Darien https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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Pet Products in CT (203) 636-0128 https://t.co/b1PlyNylDR Pet Products in CT https://t.co/LSxxp5aNYP

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06/20/2017 11:01 PM
June Skies
I’ve been lucky enough to be absorbed by a sheepdog trial and training clinic for 4 of the last 5 days, so forgive me if all I post are some photos of the awesome skies and light we’ve had this past week. (Quick update on the trial: Maggie ran in ProNovice in the Cedar Stone […]
06/12/2017 08:55 AM
Name That Ewe 6-12-17
There are six new members of Redstart Farm: Two momma ewes and their twin lambs. It’s such a joy to have lambs back on the farm–we had to skip lambing season this year because of a bacterial disease that prevented our co-owned ram from coming over in fall and breeding the ewes. But now we […]
06/05/2017 10:00 AM
What Would You Like to Talk About?
I’m back in the office, refreshed and recharged and ready to go. And curious–what would YOU like to talk about? Canine-related book reviews? Other book reviews? (Have you read Leaving Time? Wow!) Case studies? Research? Training Ideas? Dog-Human relationships? Flowers? Recipes? Novels about dogs that incorporate flowers? I’m all ears. Be as specific as you […]
05/29/2017 10:00 AM
Contemplative Photography, 2017 Version
I won’t pretend that being restricted by my bad knee hasn’t put a damper on my activities. Thank heavens then, for the class I took several years ago on Contemplative Photography (see some photos from it here and here). It did so much to help expand my eye and how much I appreciate the visual […]
05/22/2017 10:00 AM
Canine Social Cognition – What Do We Know?
In March I wrote a review of James Serpell’s 2nd edition of  The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People.  In the review I said “This chapter [on social cognition] is the ultimate updated resource on social cognition in dogs, and is practically worth the price of the book.” I’ve been reading through […]
05/19/2017 10:00 AM
A Special Opportunity to Help Shelters (Time Limited!)
Do you take the time to write down what you are grateful for on a regular basis? I’ve been doing it for years, and I can attest that it’s one of the most constructive things I’ve ever done. Far beyond a superficial exercise, it can help to repair a broken psyche, or, in some cases, […]
05/15/2017 10:00 AM
Wisconsin’s Prairies in Spring
I am so lucky to live in “fly over country”. (To the hordes from the coasts: Please keep flying over and not stopping. We’re just fine here, really.) I live in an area of southwestern Wisconsin called “The Driftless Area,“ so called because the last glaciers avoided us and left lots of beautiful hills, valleys […]
05/08/2017 10:00 AM
Off to Recharge My Batteries
I hope you are enjoying spring (or fall?) right now. Hopefully, when you read this, I’ll be in the garden, the woods, the pasture or the kitchen. I’m taking the rest of May off to recharge my batteries. The book tour for The Education of Will was a time I will never forget, full of […]
05/01/2017 06:53 PM
HAI. The Window of Tolerance. And Life.
I’m sitting at La Guardia airport, surrounded by rows of passengers-to-be, their stolid baggage waiting by their sides like silent beasts of burden, their agile mobile phones hard at work. I’m on my way home from the Green Chimneys 2017  Conference on Human Animal Interactions and here’s my challenge: What part of the conference do […]
04/25/2017 11:06 AM
Sorry to Say (Dogs and Guilt, Revisited)
There was quite the dust up on Twitter last week about a blog in Psychology Today by Nathan Lents, titled Dogs Apologize Better Than Some Humans. Skipping the observation that humans have a lot more to apologize for than dogs do, (clown horror movies come to mind), Lents addresses the “guilty look” of dogs and […]
06/25/2017 04:00 PM
Fact: Pizzatoru Is the Cutest Thing on the Internet
We'd like to apologise in advance to puppy and cheetah BFFs Kumbali and Kago, a few baby otters, and a certain singing pooch.
06/22/2017 11:40 AM
Tinkerbelle the Dog Visits Colorado and Makes Mountain Life Look Fashionable
Tinkerbelle is a five-pound Papitese (Papillon/Maltese) from New York and an award-winning trained model, actor, travel blogger, and fashionista with over 100K followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined as well as two viral music videos on YouTube!
06/08/2017 12:45 PM
How to Avoid a Scary Dog Food Recall
As a pet parent, there's probably not much that's scarier than a food recall: you feel guilty because you fed your dog something that could have made him sick, and yet what could you have done to possibly prevent it?
06/07/2017 11:40 AM
Does Your Dog Really Need to Eat Organic Food?
As health-conscious humans, we're constantly sifting through the research about whether organic food is better.
05/10/2017 08:25 PM
Tinkerbelle the Dog Continues Her Streak of Crazy-Amazing Vacations
Tinkerbelle is a five-pound Papitese (Papillon/Maltese) from New York and an award-winning trained model, actor, travel blogger, and fashionista with over 100K followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined as well as two viral music videos on YouTube!
05/09/2017 09:05 PM
1 Wounded Veteran's Story About His Service Dog Will Bring You to Tears
After losing his leg in a grisly ambush during a 2004 deployment to Afghanistan, former Marine Dan Lasko returned to the United States carrying quite a bit of extra baggage — most notably, a severe and life-altering case of PTSD.
05/05/2017 08:05 PM
Bone Broth Is Just as Good For Your Dog as It Is For You
We've often sung the praises of bone broth in our regular diets, but did you know that it has just as much nutritional value for your dog?
04/27/2017 08:40 PM
Rescue Dogs Like This One Are the Best Companions You Could Ever Find
The following post was originally featured on Finding Silver Pennies and written by Danielle Driscoll, who is part of POPSUGAR Collective Living.
04/27/2017 08:30 PM
15 Ridiculously Awesome Animal Cafes That You Can Visit
Animal cafes combine two of the purest joys in life: adorable pets and good food.
04/26/2017 10:35 AM
6 Best Dog Breeds For Families With Small Kids
It's not unusual for families to adopt a dog around the same time as having their own children.
06/27/2017 12:00 PM
Puppy Seeks Zoning Variance for Oddly Sited Box Fort

Caroline the dog finds herself in the midst of a heated zoning dispute with roommates who argue the pup’s new box fort violates several city ordinances.

According to representatives for the dog, Caroline will seek a variance from schedule of intensity requirements that mandate a two foot buffer for all units built near a stove. Roommates argue that’s not the only issue facing the dog’s oddly sited construction.

“I mean, leaving aside the fact that she doesn’t actually own the property in the kitchen that she built on – she’s a renter,” said Stella Feingold, lawyer for the roommates, “and that she didn’t pull any of the required building permits, she’s also in violation of accessory dwelling unit codes.”

According to the city’s zoning ordinance, accessory dwelling units must include a stove and bathroom inside the unit, not adjacent. 

“Also,” continued Feingold, “it’s a cardboard box. That’s not a proper building material for this sort of structure. The whole thing is a safety hazard.”

The city’s zoning board meets on Tuesday and Caroline’s case is a docketed item.

Via objectiveankles.

06/20/2017 12:52 PM
Kitten Regrets Ignoring Order Not to Climb on Couch

A case of instant regret has hit Otto, a kitten from Grand Forks, ND, who defied his mom’s order not to climb on the couch. Sources close to the situation tell The Fluffington Post that Otto was repeatedly told not to climb on the furniture, including the couch.

“He’s been in this sort of situation before, though not so dire,” said neighbor Tobias Thrush. “One time he got stuck in a fruit bowl on the dining room table, and another time he climbed up to the third level of a bookshelf and couldn’t figure out how to get down.”

Otto was discovered in the couch by his roommate at 8:21AM local time and the fire department was called. He was freed shortly after nine o’clock, and is resting comfortably (not on the couch).

Via RespectMyAuthoriteh.

04/23/2017 08:20 PM
Day 17: Mittens Finally Makes It to Basecamp

According to a post to her Instagram page, intrepid explorer cat Mittens has apparently made it to basecamp alpha at the foot of the couch. She embarked on the climb from the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and has been documenting the journey on social media. 

Her post read:

“Finally made it. The view is incredible. Air is thin. #basecamp #climbing #adventure #catlife #aventurecat #kittyklimb #explore #neverstopexploring #lifeisgood #views #goals #elevation #exploreclub #catswhoclimb #goforit #keepclimbing #tentlife #lovelife #inspiration #intothinair #meow #catsofinstagram #climbersofinstagram #adventuresociety #hiking #hike #getout #getlost #goexploring #amazing #keepgoing #sportoflife #tabbytime #wilderness #intothewild #livefortheweekend #awesome”

She hopes to summit the couch later this week.

Via ieatcottagecheese.

03/27/2017 08:50 PM
Move Over, GPS: This Sheep Is a Professional Backseat Driver

In the gig economy, Uber, Lyft and TaskRabbit are ubiquitous brands. But Flock is trotting up on their heels. And a few enterprising sheep have been able to make a living as freelance backseat drivers.

“Let’s say you forgot your car GPS,” says Henry Erstwhile, a spokesperson for the up-and-coming app. “Just open Flock and find a sheep near you who can hop into the back seat. Tell her where you’re headed and she’ll bleat the way.” One “baa” for a right turn, two “baas” for a left.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first. If you have your smartphone in hand, why not use a navigation app rather than go to the trouble of loading a sheep into your car?

“Admittedly there are still a few kinks to work out,” says Erstwhile. “We’re hiring more engineers.”

Industry analysts estimate Flock is already worth $12 billion.

via Jamie Baldanza.

03/09/2017 05:22 PM
Patrick Stewart Goes Full Method for Latest Role as Puppy

Sir Patrick Stewart, one of the greatest actors of his (or any) generation, has done it again. The beloved actor’s latest film, Bark, which premieres at SXSW in Austin, TX next week, might be he toughest role yet. And it also may be his greatest performance.

Stewart stars as Rex, a down-on-his-luck puppy from the rough London neighborhood of Brixton who develops super powers. The film is already generating a lot of industry buzz.

“The man is a chameleon,” said producer Alison Jordan at a press junket ahead of the film’s premiere. “There were times he’d be sitting next to me, and I’d literally reach to scratch his belly. That’s how convincing he is.” 

According to a report in Variety, Stewart fully committed to the role of Rex. He lost 50 pounds, ate nothing but kibble and Snausages, and slept at the foot of the bed for three months during principle photography.

The film will be distributed by Universal Pictures and goes wide on May 19.

Via Findthe.

03/08/2017 08:35 PM
Wikileaks Document Dump Reveals Secret CIA Raccoon Spy Program

Wikileaks has released a trove of documents containing details of CIA hacking tools and surveillance initiatives, among them, a top secret domestic spy program code named RocketEars, that enlists raccoons as listeners.

Security experts and journalists have been poring over the cache of leaked documents, collectively known as “Vault 7,” since Tuesday. Many explain security exploits used in consumer electronics like iPhones and Samsung TVs, which can be used to spy on targets. But the raccoon program is particularly strange.

“No one would ever suspect the raccoon rummaging through your backyard trash is working for the CIA,” says Dennis O’Conner, a security analyst and former consultant to the U.S. intelligence services. “It’s a perfect secret program. But what we don’t understand yet is how the raccoons communicate their surveillance back to base. They’re not the most reliable reporters.”

The Fluffington Post will update this story as it develops.

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01/13/2017 12:00 AM
PHOTO OP: Nap Time

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01/12/2017 04:47 PM
CEO Caught Tweeting, Napping During Earnings Call

During the company’s earnings call on Thursday, WoofCo, Inc. CEO Rocky was observed paying little attention to the public conglomerate’s financials, and instead laughing at videos in his Twitter feed.

Two WoofCo interns, who declined to be identified for fear of retribution, photographed Rocky browsing Twitter and snoozing while shareholders and media listened eagerly to the Q4 report, led by the company’s CFO, Paddington.

“These photographs have no bearing on Rocky’s unwavering commitment to WoofCo, its financial health, and corporate transparency,” said Randall Cogsworth, a PR representative for WoofCo, in a statement. “Everyone gets tired and everyone needs to blow off steam every now and then, and our leadership team is no different.”

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01/05/2017 12:00 PM
PHOTO OP: Hangin’ In There

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01/04/2017 03:37 PM
New HGTV Home Makeover Show Out-Foxes the Competition

HGTV debuted its new lineup of home renovation shows this week, and one offering is already standing out from the pack.

“Out-Foxed is where two couples switch apartments for three days and remodel one room to surprise the other,” John Arrman, an executive producer at the lifestyle network tells The Fluffington Post. “Oh, and it’s hosted by a crafty fox.”

That host is Juniper, a long-time veteran of the reality TV space, who was snatched up by HGTV when her contract at The Food Network was not renewed.

“It’s already showing strong ratings right out of the gate. I think a lot of that has to do with Juniper,” says Arrman. “Her fans are very loyal, and we’re excited to have her in the HGTV family.”

via @juniperfoxx