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06/22/2017 07:34 PM
The Smell Of Marijuana Should Not Be A Death Sentence
Too often we hear of violence being perpetrated by officers of the state against our fellow citizens on the basis of similarly irrational claims. Philando Castile is the name we must speak today, but sadly there are countless others, particularly people of color, who have fallen victims to or as a result of this senseless marijuana prohibition.
06/22/2017 04:10 PM
Study: Adult Use Marijuana Laws Do Not Adversely Impact Traffic Fatality Rates
The enactment of statewide laws regulating the adult use and sale of cannabis is not associated with subsequent changes in traffic fatality rates, according to an analysis of traffic safety data published today in the American Journal of Public Health.
06/22/2017 02:50 PM
Vermont: House Blocks Marijuana Depenalization Bill From Further Consideration
Members of the Vermont House of Representatives decided late last night to block a marijuana depenalization measure, H. 511, from further consideration this legislative session.
06/20/2017 02:57 PM
Study: CBD Administration Reduces Blood Pressure
Oral CBD administration is associated with reduced blood pressure in healthy volunteers, according to clinical trial data published online in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
06/20/2017 01:01 PM
Two Major Victories For Student Rights In Federal Courts
Federal courts have recently rejected the actions of university and college administrators who sought to inflict suspicionless drug tests on students at a public college and to restrict the First Amendment rights of marijuana law reformers at a public university. Both decisions have important national implications.
06/17/2017 09:51 AM
Weekly Legislative Update 6/17/17
Here are the bills from around the country that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check for legislation pending in your state. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list and we will keep you posted as these bills and more move through your home state legislature and at the federal level.
06/16/2017 01:47 PM
First Meeting Of Trump’s Opioid Commission: Will It Be Effective?
Today, the Office of National Drug Control Policy convened its first meeting of President Trump’s “Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.” The Commission is tasked with making recommendations for improving the Federal response to opioid misuse and abuse.
06/15/2017 12:40 PM
Empire State NORML in Albany with the Start SMART Campaign
Dozens of activists from all around the state took buses, drove cars and rode trains to Albany to join the campaign in launching and lobbying for the substantially amended bill. After the excellent citizen lobby day training provided by the Drug Policy Alliance, the group split up to divide and conquer before the press conference hitting as many offices as they could as well as attending scheduled meetings.
06/27/2017 04:18 AM
Dopamine and its effect on the brain
The key player in addiction By Shelly Tichelaar, CEO & Executive Director, Ranch Creek Recovery Yes, there really can be too much of a good thing. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that relays feelings of pleasure to the brain when we engage in an enjoyable behavior or activity. While human beings inherently […]
06/20/2017 04:13 AM
Recovery Advocacy is Not a Recovery Program
Words of wisdom for those in the New Recovery Advocacy Movement Guest Blogger: William L. White Of all the experiences I have had as a recovery advocate, none have been more heart-rending than receiving news that a person prominently involved in recovery advocacy efforts has died of a drug overdose. It reminds me once again […]
06/13/2017 04:24 AM
Addiction and the Brain: A Focus on Opiates Webinar
Summer Special Event Webinar Addiction and the Brain: A Focus on Opiates Dr. Christopher J. Tuell, Presenter Saturday, June 24, 5:00 PM EDT Register Today! This promises to be a fascinating and far-reaching discussion, beginning with a look at today’s opiate epidemic. From there, Dr. Tuell will highlight the relationship between mental health and addiction […]
06/06/2017 04:54 AM
How To Dispute Difficult Thoughts
by Kimberly Winters, SMART Recovery Volunteer Meeting Facilitator Do you sometimes experience difficult thoughts and emotions…the kind that lead to unwanted behaviors? Emotional upsets can wreak havoc with addiction recovery. SMART Recovery offers tools for disputing difficult thoughts, by examining those thoughts to see if they are true, helpful, hopeful, flexible and nurturing! Did you […]
05/30/2017 04:28 AM
Celebrate Your Victories, No Matter How Small
The Value of Celebrating Victories ~Green-In-MI, SMART Recovery Volunteer In my experience, progress toward a lifestyle of abstinence at times seems insurmountable; like you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain craning your neck to see a peak that looks impossibly high up and far away. Any given day may be a struggle against urges, […]
05/23/2017 05:53 AM
5 Things You Need To Know About SMART Recovery
Addiction  Recovery 101, with Tom Horvath, Ph.D. “Set your own goals for your life — and for your recovery.” ~ Dr. Tom Horvath Click to watch: The 5 Things Series contains footage of Recovery Research Institute interviews with international experts in addiction treatment and recovery. A. Tom Horvath, Ph.D., is a California licensed clinical psychologist […]
05/16/2017 05:46 AM
Navigating The Road To Recovery
How can you prevent relapse? Henry Steinberger, Ph.D. Relapse prevention is essential in recovery from chemical and behavioral addictions. Why? Because addiction has been found to reoccur more often when steps are not taken to cope with the cravings, urges, peer pressures, situational cues, bodily discomforts, neuro-biological changes, and other factors which pave the way […]
05/09/2017 04:37 AM
7 Safe Alternatives to Opiates for Those in Recovery
By Gordon Dickler- CAC, ICADC Opiate painkillers are by far the most prescribed medications in the United States today. According to the recent U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, over 289 million prescriptions are written each year for analgesic pain relievers. And this is just the beginning. Recent studies show that despite making up only five percent […]
05/02/2017 05:09 AM
5 Warning Signs that Your Child is Abusing Drugs
…and some resources that can help By Trevor McDonald Red flags aren’t always glaring, especially when it comes to drug abuse. Are you concerned that your child is using or abusing drugs but aren’t sure what to watch out for? Guidelines such as falling grades or mood swings aren’t necessarily indicative of drug abuse, especially in […]
04/25/2017 05:07 AM
The importance of “choice” in recovery
New video from Choice in Recovery, showcasing the many options now available Click to watch: From Choice in Recovery’s new website: Choice in Recovery is an organization that unites the many pathways to recovery in order to educate professionals in the field, and the public, about the existing options; empowering people to CHOOSE the recovery pathway that works […]
06/23/2017 01:00 AM
5 Habits Every Family Needs to Adopt to Start Saving Some Extra Money
Note: This post is written by Gabriel Fishbein Having a family is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments; it’s a whole new chapter of life. Whether you have one child or more, you probably know that as rewarding as being a parent is, it can also be tough sometimes. Saving for holidays, a new house, or even a car can be a challenge when you’re no longer just thinking about yourself. That’s where some money-saving advice could help you to reach your financial goals, so you can enjoy your next family trip to the Bahamas, or tucking your kids into their new bed. Here are five money-saving habits every family needs to adopt. 1. Cut Down on Junk Food and Processed Food People usually have the assumption that to cut down on your food bill you need to buy less food. This isn’t really the case. Instead of cutting down on everything, simply learn to say no. Instead of buying a packet of cookies and a bottle of soda, stick to fruit and veg. By cutting out processed foods that have no nutrients, you’ll notice how your grocery bill decreases. Cut down, or eliminate fast food and takeouts altogether and […]
06/15/2017 01:00 AM
The 3 Undeniable Laws Of Success
Note: This post is written by Zak Khan It is an unfortunate reality that most schools don’t teach learners how to succeed at life in a realistic and practical manner. Sure, an elaborate understanding of Mathematics and Science can open many doors but when challenged with real life problems, most of us crumble and fall into stagnancy. Over the last 7 years since finishing school, I’ve been through quite a few ordeals. Overcoming a life-changing disease was just one of the battles I won and you can read about that in a previous post I wrote for Life Optimizer (3 Ways to Overcome Adversity). What I care to share with you today are the laws of success that often go overlooked. These are the laws that celebrities and entrepreneurs obsess over on a daily basis which brings about ridiculous success and rewards. If you’re sick and tired of being stuck in a loop of failure and mediocrity, this post is for you! Without further ado, here are the 3 undeniable laws of success. 1. You Have to Show Up Daily Part of why some people achieve the impossible whilst others look on in disbelief is because they show up every […]
06/09/2017 05:25 AM
The Role of Spirituality in Optimizing Life
If you want to live your life to the fullest, there are five aspects of life that you need to balance: work, health, learning, social, and spiritual. Out of the five, here I’d like to take a closer look at the role of spirituality in optimizing life. Spirituality plays an important role in our lives. In fact, I believe that it’s the most important aspect of the five. It’s the foundation upon which all the other aspects are built. There are at least four reasons why spirituality is important: 1. It Gives You Meaning You can only live a full life if you find meaning in what you do. Spirituality helps you find that meaning. Why? Because spirituality helps you see the big picture. It helps you see things beyond yourself. Instead of just living for yourself, now you live for something bigger. You find your place in the world and do things with a sense of purpose. 2. It Gives You Hope Like it or not, there are times when we have to go through difficult times. Spirituality gives you hope in such a time. That’s because spirituality builds your faith. You know that you are not alone. You […]
06/01/2017 01:00 AM
Ask the Readers: What Are the Best Books That You Have Read Recently?
As you might know, I’m a big believer in self-education. I believe that everyone should embrace lifelong learning and that it’s important to have a knowledge advantage. A big part of self-education is reading books. For that reason, I’m always eager to know what good books are out there. So here is my question for you: What are the best nonfiction books that you have read recently and why? Please share your answer in the comments so that everyone can read it. Thanks!
05/26/2017 06:57 AM
The Unmistakable Sign of Having the Right Career
Do you want to know whether you are in the right career? Do you want to know whether you are at a place where you can be your best? I have been following many successful people over the years. These are people who have overcome great challenges to thrive in their fields. These are people who have made an impact on the world. They come from different backgrounds, but somehow they give similar advice when it comes to career. It’s as if there is a key to success that these people have found. In essence, this is what they say is the unmistakable sign of having the right career: You are having fun doing it. Yes, you are having fun doing it. And the fun doesn’t come from the money or the reputation you get but from the work itself. This is the way Warren Buffett puts it: “I had fun when I was in my twenties, my thirties, and now I am 86 and I am having fun.” That’s a great way to live, isn’t it? That’s how our career should be! Now, how can we find such a career? Here is Buffett’s advice: “I advise students, as much […]
05/17/2017 09:00 AM
Introducing Deed Counter: An App for Tracking Your Life Stats
There is an important principle you need to remember in managing your life: “What get measured, get managed.” It means that to get something managed, first you need to measure it. Only by measuring it can you get the facts to make informed decisions. Deed Counter is an iOS app that helps you track your life stats. You can use it to count things in your life and store the stats for your future reference. For instance, you can use it to track how many glasses of water you drink, how many push-ups you do, how many books you read, and so on. If you want to manage a certain area of your life and it can be counted, then you can use Deed Counter to do it. Try it for free. If you like it, you can then upgrade the app to the full version.
05/11/2017 02:00 AM
3 Ways to Break Free From Your Shell and Make the Most Out of Life
Note: This post is written by Nicah Caramba Oh no. They’re inviting you to a group outing again. Gulp. “Uh…” You’re about to break a sweat from nervousness trying to come up with an excuse. “My parents are coming over this weekend. I’ll go next time.” But you never do. You scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed while you don’t realize your eyes are turning green with envy. Oh man, everybody looks so happy. You regret your decision, but not really. You wouldn’t know what to do or say with all those people anyway. But you know you’re missing out. This isn’t the first time this has happened. But you’re so sick of it. It isn’t easy breaking away from something you’re used to. As multiple opportunities for a better life reveal themselves, you know you have to take them. You have to decide that right now, you will start breaking free from your shell and make the most out of the one life we are blessed to have. Here are three ways to do so: 1. Stop Saying No Unless you already had plans for that day, don’t hesitate to join the social activities your group is inviting […]
05/04/2017 02:53 AM
Why Curiosity Is Important and How to Develop It
Are you curious about the world? Do you follow your curiosity? A while back, there was a talk featuring Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Interestingly, when asked about an important trait they have, they both had the same answer. Their answer was curiosity. They both said that curiosity plays an important role in their success. Why Curiosity Is Important Why is that the case? Why is curiosity important? They said that curiosity pushes them to keep exploring the world and updating their model of the world. The model then helps them make the right decisions that lead them to success. To a much lesser extent, I can also attest to the power of curiosity. In my case, it usually leads me to new opportunities. I know that has been the case with many other people as well. For instance, I was curious about computer programming when I was in high school. This led me to develop simple games and eventually have my own app business. A few years after graduating from college, I was curious about blogging. This led me to start this website which eventually allowed me to leave my day job. I often don’t know where my curiosity […]
04/28/2017 05:49 AM
The Power of Having a Consistent Routine
Note: This post is written by Daniel Carnett The concept of a routine implies doing the same old thing over and over again. So, for many people, this may sound like something that drains the spontaneity out of life. However, these people are seriously underestimating just how important a consistent routine is. By working a routine into your life, you’ll actually discover that you have more time and energy to be spontaneous. Securing this consistency can deliver you everything you need in life and a little extra. A consistent routine gives you the power to control your own destiny, so it’s an area of life which is well worth investing your time and effort into. To demonstrate the power of having a consistent routine, we’re going to take a look at the benefits that this approach to life can bring. Increases Your Efficiency The old saying of “practice makes perfect” is never truer than when it’s applied to daily routines. After all, by constantly revisiting the same patterns and processes over and over again, you’re going to find that not only do you improve your ability to complete them, but they soon become second nature and you don’t even have […]
04/21/2017 03:45 AM
4 Essential Ways to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World
I always like to see the big picture of something to understand it. Seeing the big picture helps me know the relationship between the elements. It also helps me see where I fit in. At the end, it helps me make informed decision or opinion. That’s why I like books such as Guns, Germs, and Steel that gives me the big picture of history. Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman is a book that fits that category. It gives me the big picture of how the world works today. It explains how different forces shape the way we live. It’s also a bit nostalgic for me. One of Friedman’s previous books, The World Is Flat, is what inspired me to start this website. It talks about the power of individuals in the 21st century and how those from the third-world can compete with those from the first-world. I was very excited when I learned that and decided to start this website! In The World Is Flat, the key word is flat: people from different parts of the world are now on a level playing field. In Thank You for Being Late, the key word is fast: we now […]