06/15/2017 08:35 PM
What to Consider When Buying New Windows
  Windows should be a focal point of your home – so when you’re investing in new panes, you should give the process the time it deserves! Before you kick off a window installation project, it’s always a good idea to walk yourself through a few basic questions: What’s your budget? There is a window replacement solution...
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Choosing Exterior Trim for Your Property
Exterior trim is a simple way to dress up your property and make curb appeal count. Deciding you want trim is simple; deciding which kind of trim you want is a whole other ballgame.If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, take a deep breath, keep reading, and remember to get excited – your home is...
05/06/2017 04:43 PM
Popular Exterior Siding Options
Popular Exterior Siding OptionsYour home exterior is the core of your property’s first impression. But it’s also an important investment. Finding the perfect fit for your home and your budget can feel like a big undertaking – but there’s good news! There are many great options to choose from. It just takes a little bit...
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What Does An Energy Efficiency Report Do?
When we hear the word “house,” a few images likely come to mind: A roof, siding, windows, and a door.But your home is so much more than that. It’s a consumer of energy. And the way that your home is built – and the way it’s maintained – can determine just how much it uses.Smart...
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Air Sealing & An Energy Efficient Home
Imagine that you’re driving in your car on a cold winter day. It’s freezing outside – and you’re ready to warm up. Now, consider two options:You blast the heat… and open all of your windowsYou blast the heat with all of the windows safely closedWe have a sneaking suspicion that you can guess which option...
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How Much Could New Insulation Save Me?
Your home should be comfortable and inviting on the inside – no matter what the weather is like on the outside. A well-insulated home is key to this relationship. But it can also save you money.Energy Savings Meets Cost SavingsLet’s take a second to think about the role of insulation. It acts as a buffer...
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5 Benefits of Vinyl Windows
A window replacement is more than a home improvement project – it’s an investment. With some research and planning, your new windows can last you for years into the future. They’re a purchase that bring curb appeal, energy efficiency, and a great interior environment to your property.One strong option? Vinyl windows.Are vinyl windows for you?Vinyl...
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When You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Windows
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3 Siding Options for Your Home
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When is it time to replace my siding?
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Top 4 Roofing Tips

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The 4 Benefits of Installing a Deck

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Get Your Home in Top Shape with These Amazing Tips

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Does Landscaping Truly Increase Your Home Value?

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Read This Before You Add On to Your Home

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What You Need to Know Before You Remodel Your Basement

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How to Deal With Stress Levels During a Remodel

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3 Home Renovations That Are Worth Your Money and Your Time

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Window Replacement Grants-Free Grants and Support For Home Improvement
Every house requires well-equipped windows for increased energy efficiency and comfortable dwelling experience. Windows can save a minimum of 10-20 percent of heating costs and needs to be replaced if it’s broken or does not serve the purpose. Conduction of air through panes, infiltrating cold air through the window edges and chilly windowpanes curtail the heat so it needs to be replaced. 

Paying for the window replacement expenses can be unaffordable for many low-income families having the dearth of funds. To assist them grants are disbursed by the federal government, nonprofits, state governments and local agencies. Applicants can now apply for window replacement types like inert gas-filled windows, double- and triple-pane windows and coated windows.
  • Free Housing Grants & Financial Assistance For Home Buyer
Government Assistance Programs

Weatherization Assistance Program
The WAP offers window replacement and home up gradation grants for energy efficiency. Low income earning families struggling to replace their windows can receive financial assistance through WAP, a federal program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Grants are distributed to state governments, community agencies, local governments and nonprofits and later given to eligible applicants for window replacement and home weatherization. Contact the state weatherization agency for funds to replace windows.

Energy Star Incentive Program
The federal government gives tax credits to homeowners who replace their doors, skylight or windows with those that are Energy Start qualified. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) together have initiated a program-Energy Star under which homeowners may avail up to $1,500 in tax credits. The initiative promotes more energy efficient homes by providing incentives in the form of tax savings for the homeowners who replace windows either through a contractor or DIY.
Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program
The Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsors the SHOP, granting amount worth $15,000. Monetarily deprived families who are engaged in constructing their own homes are eligible for the program to replace their windows. The grant amount is awarded to national and regional nonprofits engaged in house building work for low-income families and later granted to eligible applicants.
High Energy Cost Grant Program
Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the High Energy Cost Grant Program encourages renewable energy development work and energy efficiency services in rural sectors. Grants are disbursed to residential units, local and state government, community agencies and nonprofits. Elected applicants need to demonstrate the utility of the grant program for the community. Contact the state or local government for window replacement.
State Grants
Almost every state offers grants for home energy efficiency and home repair work like window replacement. Funding opportunities and free services are also available from local utility companies. Assistance programs like subsidized rates for replacing of windows, discounts, rebates for installing energy efficient windows are available from utility companies.
You may seek assistance from nonprofits like Salvation Family Emergency Services, Habitat for Humanity, Community Action Agencies or look for forgivable home repair loans in your state. If your home was damaged due to natural disaster, contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency for grants. Apply soon for your window replacement grants for comfy and safe dwelling experience.
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