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06/15/2017 10:30 PM
Spent some quality time with your moms today 💕⚓️ #nauticalnails...

Spent some quality time with your moms today 💕⚓️ #nauticalnails for Georgia 💙🆘❤️#nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/15/2017 10:07 PM
Negative space with color blocking for Kim 💅🏼 Thanks for...

Negative space with color blocking for Kim 💅🏼 Thanks for visiting, it was great meeting youuu 💕 #naturalnails #negativespace #nailart #heynicenails (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/14/2017 09:13 PM
Joshua Tree fun for Mel! Swipe to see thumbsies and all the...

Joshua Tree fun for Mel! Swipe to see thumbsies and all the products I used ➡️ #nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/13/2017 10:36 PM
Libra’s in Space 🚀 #holytoledonails #heynicenails...

Libra’s in Space 🚀 #holytoledonails #heynicenails #nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/13/2017 06:12 PM
Earthy Marble for @_linduh_ 🌍 #heynicenails #gelnails #niceveins...

Earthy Marble for @_linduh_ 🌍 #heynicenails #gelnails #niceveins #inthematrix #nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/10/2017 10:35 PM
Cool toned floral spring mani for Marina! Swipe to see her last...

Cool toned floral spring mani for Marina! Swipe to see her last mani with over 6 weeks of grow out 😱 #quality #heynicenails #nailart #gelnails #nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/10/2017 07:31 PM
Nude with Neon for Rayana ⭐️ using @vetro_usa no.366 in Sango...

Nude with Neon for Rayana ⭐️ using @vetro_usa no.366 in Sango Stone and Stars from @daily_charme #gelnails #nailart #heynicenails (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/09/2017 08:13 PM
Khara brought in the most amazing book of patterns today. We...

Khara brought in the most amazing book of patterns today. We immediately fell in love with this modernist textile print by Atelier Claude Vergély 🎨💅🏼 #nailart #handpainted #gelnails #heynicenails (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/08/2017 08:37 PM
Crushed pearl effect for birthday angel babe Frances! 😇✨💅🏼...

Crushed pearl effect for birthday angel babe Frances! 😇✨💅🏼 #nicenailsfornicepeople (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/08/2017 04:29 PM
Opalescent #birthdaynails for Cindy ✨ #cindazenails #gemini...

Opalescent #birthdaynails for Cindy ✨ #cindazenails #gemini #opalnails #heynicenails (at Hey, Nice Nails)

06/08/2017 10:59 PM
15th Annual Face and Body Art International Convention: FABAIC
Check out these makeup artists!!! 
Face and body artists from across the globe recently gathered in Orlando, Florida for the 15th annual Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC). Each year the event brings together those passionate about the art form so they can share their talents and grow even further artistically by connecting with the best teachers and artists. The convention oozes energy from the minute you walk through the door to the final gala banquet. We were excited to play a part in FABAIC 2017 with artists Jinny and Mark Reid.

Jinny taught a number of classes. Her intensive six-hour Creative Artistry workshop focused on what many face and body artists struggle with - creativity. The workshop challenge was to transform a model's features using mother nature's colors and textures for inspiration.
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06/08/2017 01:08 AM
Leave Beauty Routine 6 Bad habits
All of us have a beauty routine, according to which we take care of the skin. Over time, some things in that routine change, and some things are left unchanged. But occasionally, some bad habits go unnoticed and some good habits are dropped from this routine, whose results are not good at all. As you can know today, it is best to give up about 7 bad habits as fast as possible.

1. Extra additional:
We all know the importance of using expelled or scrub. Scrub skin helps eliminate the dead cells and makes the skin soft and healthy. But if you use additional scraps again in the hope of a good skin, then it can be reversed. As a result of excess scrubbing, the skin becomes reddish, and those with a skin-sensitive tend to experience more bad experiences. There is also a possibility that there will be small white head on the skin if the excessive scraping of the skin is not easily removed from the skin. Refrain from using more than 2 times a week of scraps.

2. Not using sunscreen:
Sunscreen is a cosmetic essential cosmetic Sunburn, bolero and even skin cancer can be avoided using sun screen when going out every day. But there are many people who do not take too much importance in using sunscreen, so that the spots and ages of the faces appear quickly in the face. Another thing to keep in mind is the use of sunscreen. Nowadays, there are many good cosmetics available to buy with SPF which is certainly good but it does not seem to be used that they will not have to use sunscreen. Before applying make-up to the sunscreen, and if you have a SPF on other decorations then see it as a bonus.

3. Do not clean the makeup brush:
If the makeup brushes are not cleaned regularly, then you can get a makeup finish as soon as possible, but there is a chance that there will be acne and infection in the skin. So take a little time to clean the makeup brushes at least once a week.

4. Going to sleep with makeup:
Do not want to take any other day due to laziness by returning home from office or by night? Never do this mistake even if you do not want to. Going to sleep and not to makeup is a bad practice. If there is a skin on the skin during sleep, it enters the skin in the pillow pressure, which results in acne and rough and lean skin. So get back to the house as soon as possible to remove the makeup.

5. Excluding Moisturizer:
Many of us have an idea that oily skin does not require any moisturizer. This is a complete misconception. Use of moisturizers on all skin, dry, sensitive or oily skin is essential. But of course, I want to use it to understand the type of skin. Use the light and water-based moisturizer if the skin is more widespread. Use dry and also moisturizer for a sensitive skin.

6. Not like washing the face

We are many who are sure to wash the face with only cleanings wipes or normal face wash in the mouth to get rid of dirt or makeup. Whereas they are only part of the dirt and the makeup, the residue that is not seen, but the result will be visible only. If the dirt of the skin is not cleaned well from inside, then the lymph node becomes closed, resulting in increased acne and rash infections. So, from the outside, definitely wash the face like this.

06/16/2017 01:32 PM
Alexander Semenov Photographs Astonishing Creatures from the Depths of the World’s Oceans
If you’re like me, the only possible reaction to these recent photographs by marine biologist Alexander Semenov is “What is that? What is that?! WHAT IS THAT!?” Semenov is the head of the diving at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station where he brings nearly a decade of underwater photography experience to a wide […]
06/15/2017 01:23 PM
WoodSwimmer: A New Stop-Motion Short Made Entirely by Tediously Cutting Through Wood
WoodSwimmer is a new short film by engineer and stop-motion animator Brett Foxwell, who has built armatures for films such as Boxtrolls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Created in collaboration with musician and animator bedtimes, the work follows a piece of raw wood through a milling machine, capturing its unique growth rings, knots, and […]
06/15/2017 11:59 AM
Playful Watercolors Illustrate the Many Classifications of the Animal Kingdom
Illustrator and amateur naturalist Kelsey Oseid is focused on detailing the natural world, illustrating the animal kingdom’s many classes and orders on posters created with watercolor and gouache. The posters highlight more known orders such as Carnivora and Rodentia, while also showcasing the diversity of animals in lesser known orders like the Chondrichthyes and Artiodactyla. Oseid […]
06/14/2017 07:02 PM
Download More than 2,500 Images of Vibrant Japanese Woodblock Prints and Drawings From the Library of Congress
Thanks to the Library of Congress, you can browse and download high-resolution copies of more than 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings from the library’s online collection. The prints, most of which are dated before the 20th-century, were amassed from a large group of collectors, including notable donors such as President William Howard Taft and Supreme […]
06/14/2017 02:13 PM
Bird by Bird: Miniature Bird Paintings by Dina Brodsky
“Bird by bird I’ve come to know the earth,” said Pablo Neruda in his book Art of Birds, a quote that has since inspired artist Dina Brodsky to begin her own exploration of birds in an ongoing miniature painting project by the same name: Bird by Bird. The artist first began the project last year […]
06/14/2017 11:33 AM
Mysterious Wooden Characters Adorned with Leaves and Nails by Jaime Molina
Heads facing downward, eyes closed, the figures inhabiting the world of painter and sculptor Jaime Molina (previously) seem to be in a state of deep contemplation or sorrow. Or maybe they’re just hungover and taking a nap. The mystery is part of Molina’s intention as he assembles these strange characters from found wood to inhabit […]
06/13/2017 01:44 PM
Glow: A Dancer Filmed in Front of a Glow-In-The-Dark Backdrop
Toronto-based filmmaker Jonah Haber recently premiered a new experimental short film titled Glow featuring dancer Niamh Wilson shot against a giant glow-in-the-dark backdrop. As Wilson moves through the piece a strobe illuminates her silhouette leaving a trail of shadowy figures against the background. What a fun idea. The film serves as the official video for […]
06/13/2017 11:43 AM
New Rolled Paper Tapestry Sculptures by Gunjan Aylawadi
Twisting long strips of paper into thin string-like rolls, artist Gunjan Aylawadi (previously) begins a long process of weaving and layering to create designs inspired in part by the geometry, architecture and arabesque patterns found in her native India. Now based in Sydney, the computer science engineer turned self-taught artist has produced a new body […]
06/12/2017 04:44 PM
The Roman Empire’s 250,000 Miles of Roadways Imagined as a Subway Transit Map
University of Chicago sophomore Sasha Trubetskoy spent a few weeks designing this amazing subway-style transit map of all the roads in the Roman Empire circa 125 AD. As Kottke notes, Rome constructed 250,000 miles of roads starting in 300 BC—over 50,000 miles of which were paved with stone—linking a total of 113 provinces from Spain […]
06/12/2017 01:30 PM
Fragmented Ink Paintings on Arrays of Vintage Books by Ekaterina Panikanova
Spread across the opened pages of books pinned against the wall like insect specimens, artist Ekaterina Panikanova (previously) creates ink paintings that appear like fragments of memory. As with the content of old books, the subjects of each work appear from a different era, engaged in mysterious activities or moments while accompanied by recurring images […]