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06/26/2017 11:51 PM
Window Repair NSW

In need of a window repair? Thinking of DIY or contracting?

 Aluminium Windows And Doors is a Sydney based windows and doors supplier. We have been in the business for over 25 years. Our range of products include bi-fold doors, sliding doors, french doors, stacker doors, sliding windows, bi-fold windows, louvre windows, double hung windows, and window awnings. We are skilled at manufacturing, supplying and installing superior window and door solutions that are modern and will make your interiors look awesome without costing you a bundle.
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06/28/2017 06:31 AM
A Day with Delta Faucet in Chicago!
This post is sponsored by Delta® Faucet. In early May, Delta® invited us and a handful of bloggers to share in a Day of Inspired Design. The best part? It took place in our hometown of Chicago, making it possible for Scott to join in on the fun, too! You might remember seeing the day through our […]
06/26/2017 06:55 AM
To Replace or Reglaze? The Story of the Garden’s Bathtub.
It’s tough to say what has made the biggest difference in the garden’s bathroom progress. The fresh white paint? The scrubbing and re-grouting of the subway tile? The plumbing swap and rearrangement of the toilet and vanity? The door’s new out-swing? Yes, yes, yes and yes, to all of the above. Each upgrade has been playing […]
06/23/2017 09:42 AM
Upping the Garden Apartment’s Curb Appeal (Front and Back!)
This post is in partnership with Schlage. As the dust has been settling around the garden apartment (like, the literal drywall dust – we’re still far from the finish line!), I’ve been obsessing over the cleanliness of our freshly painted doors and new interior hardware. Every time we pop down to cross off another to-do, it’s […]
06/22/2017 06:48 AM
The Garden Bathroom: Before + Progress
We’ve taken you on a virtual garden tour, shared the laundry room and kitchen, and today, we’re officially introducing the bathroom! The room is small, but has the capability to be highly efficient. Unfortunately, the condition in which we received the space had a poor layout, builder grade finishes (of the worst variety) and very poor ventilation. Before […]
06/20/2017 06:31 AM
Planning and Finalizing the Garden Kitchen Plans!
sconce | cabinet | subway tile | drawer pulls | finger pulls This post is in partnership with IKEA. For the last several weeks, we’ve been living, breathing and sleeping all things Garden Apartment, and to say we’re tired would be an understatement. It’s all-consuming for the entirety of our weekends and most weeknights, but […]
06/26/2017 02:39 PM
Lambrequins and Bedskirts, Oh My
What’s old is new again. I’m pretty excited about a couple of traditional/granny details I’m bringing into the guest room. The window in there is decently sized, but it’s low to the ground and beneath a steeply pitched roof. I stuck a bamboo shade in my paint color mockups as a placeholder, but that’s all it was intended to be. We can do something a little more fun, yes? I do like a good lambrequin and I’ve never had occasion to use one. Until now? Something a little like this. (Fun to see two takes on the same style, isn’t it? Both rooms are by Phoebe Howard.) So my pattern would come from fabric, not wallpaper. Then I could do a cute pom-pom bedskirt, or an equally cute one with scallops, but I’m into the idea of repeating the window fabric. Like so. I’ve made a crib skirt before — same basic concept. The lambrequin will be a little trickier to execute, but I’ll figure it out. Also, how clear is it from two of the three above photos that my room needs to be pink? Duh. It’s obviously the prettiest color and exceedingly lovely. I don’t know why I […]
06/23/2017 10:03 AM
Lovely Small Scale Wallpapers
I’m 90% sure that I’m just going to repaint the attic bedroom. Maybe someday when I have less pressing projects and I feel like skimcoating — you know, for funsies — I’ll give it a go and then I can wallpaper. I had only intended to do a quick update of the room right now though, and I should probably stick to that. Paint, refinish a pair of vintage nighstands, swap out the curtains for something a little more special, and call it a day. But *if* I were to wallpaper, these would be the contenders. Small scale patterns that are not precisely geometric, with either some movement or a hand-drawn look. I tend to like this style in general, but they are especially good for rooms with funny angles like ours (and like those in many old houses). Stroheim Edie Wallpaper Farrow & Ball, Polka Square Wallpaper Sister Parish Wallpaper (patterns: Petite Skukusa, Burmese, Tucker, and Desmond) Hygge & West, Knots (design: Emily Henderson) Juju Papers, Sisters of the Sun Cavern Home, I See You Wallpaper Relativity Textiles, Peacock Wallpaper © 2017, published by Making it Lovely as Lovely Small Scale Wallpapers | 2 comments | This post may […]
06/20/2017 11:47 AM
Shopping for Our Sleep Number Bed
This post is sponsored by Sleep Number®. I occasionally have restless nights, but for the most part if I’m tired, I can pretty much fall asleep as my head hits the pillow. I can sleep in a hotel bed, I can sleep on a couch instead. I can sleep in my kid’s room, I can sleep while fireworks boom. I can fall asleep in a chair, I can fall asleep anywhere! (That was cheesy. Sorry.) Brandon though? Not so much. He has a bad back, so he tosses and turns and is often awake at various points throughout the night (sometimes waking me up, too). When the opportunity to work with Sleep Number® came up, I immediately thought that this could be great for him. He’s keeping up with our three kids all day, and that’s hard when you haven’t gotten enough sleep. To find your ideal Sleep Number setting in the store, you lie on a mattress and they take it from 100 (most firm) down to a point where it feels most comfortable for you. There was a monitor above the bed showing pressure points on the body, and you could see them change as you either changed […]
06/16/2017 04:40 PM
Honor Roll
I went on a walking tour of the Pullman neighborhood yesterday wearing what I thought were comfortable shoes. Six blisters. A personal record! (I carry bandages in my purse because I’m a mom, but I also carry Band-Aids for Blisters, heels and toes, because women’s shoes are stupid sometimes. Those things make walking bearable today.) So I need some new summer sandals. Low to mid block heel, tan, not too clunky, not a clog. Any suggestions for the magical mix of comfort and style? I stopped in at Nora’s Shoe Shop after the kids’ exams and I think these might be the ones. Or I could make these. Coo. The color-drenched house tour of jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is all kinds of inspiring. If you missed out the first time, the ever so cute Rifle Paper Co. collection for Keds is back in stock! Volunteer location-scouting for Wes Anderson. These are spot-on. The ‘Ferris Beuller’ glass house is being restored! Where it’s so quiet, you can hear the grind of your bones. I asked E if she would be rude to me when she’s a teenager. “Probably.” © 2017, published by Making it Lovely as Honor Roll | 10 comments […]
06/14/2017 11:46 AM
Right Color, Wrong Space
I was going for drama and bold color in the guest room, but it’s just so damn dark in there. I had almost a gallon of paint leftover from the den, and I was eager to do some painting. I knew it was a risk, but I was excited about making a big change and I went for it. I love the color downstairs! I hate the color upstairs! There’s more light coming in from two much larger windows. The ceiling is white. The wall color is broken up by blush pink curtains, art, and a wall of french doors. Upstairs? One small window placed low, walls that close in on you because of the roof pitch, and no delineation with just a single door breaking things up. I wanted cozy, but it’s more like a cave. And not a cute designery chic cave. It doesn’t feel good to be in that room. It’s not cute even walking by and seeing it from the hallway. I still like the mockup and idea, but in reality, the bed is backlit and the white bedding reflects the dark teal surrounding it. It was a big old mistake. But it’s just paint! Time […]
06/07/2017 02:14 PM
Guest Room Color Scheming
I recently worked on the guest room as part of a styling shoot. It’s super cute as it is, but I’d like to make a few changes and to bring it to the next level. It’s so close to completion that I want to continue working on it to see it through! The furniture is all new, and all from the same source. Obviously, that’s great for a shoot, but for real life it’s missing the soul and patina that antiques and vintage pieces bring. The lamps are good and I like the bed and bedding, but the curtains are not great (especially if I’m keeping that antique portrait above the bed — the rod cuts right across it). It’s a funny space, all angles and textured plaster. The entire third floor had been painted bright white before we bought the place, but I think this attic bedroom would be perfect as a cozy space rather than trying to force the light and bright thing that doesn’t come naturally because of the architecture. When our house had been split into apartments, the third floor had a main living room with a large closet, a kitchen with enough room for a […]
06/06/2017 03:37 PM
How Our Garden Blooms in June
First, may I point out that we have a new 9×12 area of grass? Because I finally found sod for sale, and I bought it, tilled the soil (by hand with a long-handled murder weapon, basically), and laid it all out on Saturday. Not my favorite way to spend the day, but if it takes, it will have been worth it. These are the ‘after’ shots I wanted to show you a couple of weeks ago! Look at that somewhat boring expanse of lawn. Glorious. Let us bask in the additional glory of the other yard work that has happened! I’ve already… Weeded the perennial border. I’ll have to do continual maintenance as always, but the spring cleanup is done. Continued pruning and rejuvenating the boxwoods. They’re shrinking down in size, I swear. Replaced the climbing rose’s trellis. I was very proud of my handiwork! Until I broke the oldest, most profusely flowering cane. (I may have uttered a few choice words.) Cleaned out and replanted the smaller side of the yard. Weeks of work sound so easy in a simple sentence. Laid that sod! It took me about six hours to till the soil, level it, and lay the […]
06/01/2017 03:29 PM
Ladies to Grace Your Walls
Architectural Digest recently featured Maison C’s Coven wallpaper in Karen Elson’s home, and I was smitten. (Also, do watch the video tour calling out some of the details of Elson’s home! You’ll love the kitchen.) Maison C is a new wallpaper line, founded by two women: artist Costanza Theodoli-Braschi, and interior designer Chiara de Rege. There are five patterns in the collection, each available in several colorways, and the line is available through four showrooms. Coven is by far my favorite. It’s ideal for a bathroom, dressing room, or closet. Fun in a bedroom, too. I’m sometimes worried that my design choices may scandalize my kids, but I love this so much (and the nudity is pretty tame, not overtly sexual). That single sock! The pattern repetition and scale! Oh, it’s wonderful. Images: Architectural Digest • Maison C • Liz Goldwyn (@goldilocksg) • Maison C (@maison_c_wallpaper) © 2017, published by Making it Lovely as Ladies to Grace Your Walls | 5 comments | This post may contains affiliate links; I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
05/26/2017 01:47 PM
Honor Roll
Take a tour of Jennifer Perkins’ parents’ pink Victorian home: ‘The Birthday Cake House.’ “The house was white and the carpet was soaked with cat urine when my parents decided to take a leap of faith and buy their very own never-ending DIY project.” The restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple here in Oak Park is nearly complete, just in time for what would have been his 150th birthday. We had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding there, but I haven’t been inside in ages. I’m eager to see it again! It may be that you like your IKEA furniture more because you put it together yourself. Scientists sometimes have wonderfully bizarre carry-on items. “My strategy was to pretend that everything I was doing was perfectly normal.” Not super excited about clothes on the racks right now tbh. In honor of the latest GOT teaser trailer that has been flooding my Facebook feed…   I’ve had some near-accordion-purchases lately, but I have yet to acquire one. We had one in the house when I was a kid, but I would be pretty much starting from scratch to learn it (and Brandon’s not so super excited about that prospect). I […]
05/25/2017 03:47 PM
The Front Garden’s New Layout
This is the second of two posts sponsored by RISE’s AND not OR home and garden program. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve been out in the garden each sunny day since I last told you about my plans for the front! Before we talk about the rest, let’s pretend that bare dirt has nice green grass in it, yeah? I’ve never purchased sod before, and I’ve had the hardest time finding any for sale this year! I remember seeing a ton of it at garden centers before, but no luck so far. We may spread seed instead. (Here’s link with a handy list of grass types for the midwest at the end.) There’s an antique iron fence around the front yard (which I like and want to keep), but if we planted grass up to the sidewalk, cleaning up the edges with a string trimmer would cause damage. We could either place pavers or bricks against the sidewalk and then grow grass up to the new edge, or we could soften the perimeter with a planting area. I chose to go with plants, which was a driving factor in adding another hedge row to mimic the others […]
06/15/2017 11:01 AM
Designing Olivebridge Cottage 2.0: Part 2!
So, you may recall that last time we discussed Olivebridge Cottage, we had a plan to kinda-sorta rebuild the house and it looked more or less like this: This period was the closest this job probably ever came to feeling manageable: we had the town and the engineers on our side, the homeowners were happy with […]
06/05/2017 03:49 PM
Spring Garden, 2017!
Last spring/summer, I was working so much on other projects that I TOTALLY slacked on my garden. I don’t recall doing much in the way of planting, pruning, weeding, or watering. I didn’t even mulch! When fall rolled around, I didn’t split or move anything as I had planned to, and decided to deal with it all this […]
06/01/2017 08:00 AM
The Den: The Big Reveal!
Exactly four years ago today, I became a homeowner. That decision could be characterized in a lot of ways: crazy, stupid, optimistic, deluded, exciting, terrifying, and maybe a bit ambitious. I loved this house from the second I saw it, and if I was going to buy a house (something I was not particularly equipped or intending to […]
05/11/2017 06:00 PM
A Night In…the New Den!
This post is in partnership with Article! Oh hello. Funny seeing you here at this time of night. Looks like you had a hard day? It’s almost the freakin’ weekend, so let’s get started early and chill: opium den style. Here’s a Manhattan. I’m on my second. If you’ve been following along recently, you know […]
05/08/2017 02:45 PM
Den-ovation: Moldings and Paint!
There are several different molding treatments in my house, and—like many old houses—they follow a formal hierarchy between rooms. Basically the fancy rooms have the most ornate moldings, and the less fancy places have more modest ones. When renovating, I try to be very careful about this stuff, because even if everything is new and looks great it should […]
05/04/2017 01:23 PM
How to Skim Coat Walls with the Best of Them.
Here’s how to skim coat walls with the best of them: hire the best of them? OMG YOU GUYS I FIGURED IT OUT! Are you inspired yet? I’m the worst. But here’s the deal: renovating a house involved a LOT of different technical skills, and you don’t have to walk into it with any of […]
05/02/2017 12:48 PM
Den Renovation: Plaster Repair, Insulation, Drywall!
I think people assume I like demo, but I honestly kind of hate demo. Demo in an old house renovation, specifically. Partially because it’s often tinged with some sadness and guilt if it means disturbing or destroying original parts of the house (like plaster walls and ceilings that are beyond the point of saving, for instance). Partially because […]
04/25/2017 12:51 PM
Introducing: The Den!
I’ve been working on another room! In my house! Capturing some of the momentum from finishing the renovation work on my bedroom (well, mostly), I started working on one of the other most torn-apart rooms in the house a couple months ago, and have just been chipping away at it when I have time. (No, […]
04/19/2017 03:40 PM
The Bedroom is…a Bedroom!
For the past couple of months, my bedroom has been in that “almost done” state, which is where that last 5-10% of finishing work often goes to die. Once the walls were painted and a bed was assembled, I was honestly kind of sick of working on it…and so…I didn’t. I got distracted with something else. […]
04/14/2017 08:00 AM
Lowe’s Spring Makeover: Dream Team in Baltimore Edition!
Here’s a crazy proposition for you: take five house-bloggers who’ve never worked together, plop them in a city far away from any of their homes, and give them a kitchen to renovate top to bottom in three days. Sit back, relax, and see if they all survive? That’s pretty much what our friends at Lowe’s asked […]