07/05/2017 03:02 AM
Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big of a Deal?
Dentists are frequently asked questions about chipping a tooth—“Is it that big a deal? Doesn’t it depend on how big the chip is? I mean if it is just a little chip, it can’t be that bad…can it?” The answers to these questions are variations of the same theme. Yes, chipping a tooth means you … Continue reading "Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big of a Deal?"
07/02/2017 09:00 AM
Dry socket: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment
Dry socket is a complication which may occur after having a tooth extracted. Learn how it is diagnosed, how to manage symptoms, and how to prevent it.
06/22/2017 03:00 AM
Study: Blocking yeast-bacteria interaction may prevent severe biofilms that cause childhood tooth decay
Though most tooth decay can be blamed on bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, the fungus Candida albicans may be a joint culprit in an alarmingly common form of severe tooth decay affecting...
06/19/2017 08:00 AM
Mouth ulcers: Causes and symptoms
What are mouth ulcers and what types of mouth ulcer are most common? Learn about the symptoms, causes, prevention, and treatment of mouth ulcers.
06/16/2017 03:00 AM
Visiting virtual beach improves patient experiences during dental procedures
Imagine walking along a South Devon beach on a lovely day. The waves are lapping on the shore, rabbits are scurrying in the undergrowth, and the bells of the local church are mingling with the calls...
06/14/2017 03:00 AM
Study: Use of prefabricated blood vessels may revolutionize root canals
While root canals are effective in saving a tooth that has become infected or decayed, this age-old procedure may cause teeth to become brittle and susceptible to fracture over time.
06/14/2017 03:00 AM
Common periodontal pathogen may interfere with conception in women
According to a study carried out at the University of Helsinki, Finland, a common periodontal pathogen may delay conception in young women.
06/13/2017 09:00 AM
How to clean your retainer: Eight helpful tips
The bacteria that can build up on teeth may also build up on a retainer. When should a retainer be cleaned and what are the myths about retainer cleaning?
06/11/2017 06:00 AM
Jaw exercises for TMJ pain
What is the temporomandibular joint and what may the causes of pain be? Learn about the exercises that can manage TMJ pain and how it may be prevented.
06/09/2017 03:00 AM
Stomatitis: Types, causes, and treatment
Stomatitis is the most common disease affecting the mouth, with up to a quarter of the United States population being affected. Is it preventable?
06/02/2017 12:00 PM
Exposure to heavy metals may increase risk of autism
New research finds higher concentrations of heavy metals in the baby teeth of children with autism spectrum disorder, compared with children without.
07/05/2017 03:00 AM
What you should know about rent and lease renewals

In his previous two-part series on negotiating your office lease, attorney Matthew Odgers took you through the fine print of making sure you were prepared for negotiations. In his latest column, he addresses questions about rent, renewals, and lease assignments.

07/05/2017 03:00 AM
Second Opinion: Is toothpaste necessary?

There are more than 1,400 different types of toothpaste available, according to Dr. Alvin Danenberg. But is toothpaste itself necessary for your patients to properly clean their teeth? He asks this provocative question to discuss the larger topic of what is in toothpaste, what manufacturers claim, and the best way for you to help your patients clean their teeth.

07/03/2017 03:00 AM
Do's and don'ts for financial success: How to collect more

Practices are only collecting 91% of their total fees, according to a recent survey conducted by the Levin Group Data Center. Your target should be 98%. Each percentage point you can raise collections means thousands of dollars in additional revenue, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip..

06/30/2017 03:00 AM
Do whitening toothpastes live up to the hype?

What should you tell your patients when they ask if whitening toothpastes are effective? Are claims that they remove tooth stains or whiten teeth substantiated? To find out if toothpastes live up to the marketing hype, researchers reviewed the existing literature comparing the effects of whitening and regular toothpastes.

06/29/2017 03:00 AM
Calif. raises dental Medicaid reimbursement rates

After years of criticism, California is raising reimbursement rates for the state's dental Medicaid program, Denti-Cal. The 2017-2018 state budget, which was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on June 27, allocates $140 million to increase rates for Denti-Cal providers.

06/29/2017 03:00 AM
Bioengineers develop novel strategy for pulp regeneration

Root canals can rob teeth of their natural biological response when infected tissue is replaced with synthetic biomaterials. To combat this problem, researchers have developed a method -- inspired by 3D printing technology -- for engineering prevascularized dental pulp that could be used in root canals of the future.

06/28/2017 02:00 PM
What makes a successful smile?

What qualities make a smile successful? Researchers of a new study explored how mouth angle, smile extent, timing, and number of teeth shown can change how a smile is perceived. Their answer? The perfect smile can take a number of different forms.

06/28/2017 03:00 AM
Top 5 columns from spring 2017

DrBicuspid.com takes a look back at some of the most-read columns and practice management articles from spring, as measured by page views. These columns focus on a wide variety of topics, from legal cases to regional fee differences to popular columns by periodontist Alvin Danenberg, DDS.

06/28/2017 03:00 AM
Top 5 news stories from spring 2017

DrBicuspid.com takes a look back at the most-read news and clinical articles from spring 2017, as measured by page views. The most popular article was our coverage of the ADA creating a new licensing exam, followed by our list of the 10 largest dental service/support organizations in the U.S.

06/28/2017 03:00 AM
3 strategies to prioritize oral health in nursing homes

Many nursing home residents often have poor oral health, which can also negatively affect their overall physical and psychological health. Therefore, a team of researchers searched the scientific literature to find which strategies resulted in healthier teeth and gums for the nursing home population.

06/29/2017 04:57 PM
Your Patient’s Smile Is As Essential As Your Website: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Build a Brilliant Site
An attractive website leaves a lasting impression for your visitors. Even if your dental practice is local and you run by word of mouth, patients are likely looking for you on the web. In this blog post, we will share five cost-effective ways to build a beautiful dental practice website. 1) WordPress – An open...
06/06/2017 10:04 AM
Colgate and Scientific American Launch the Future of Oral Health Website
Colgate and Scientific American have launched a new website dedicated to investigating the leading topics in global oral health: the Future of Oral Health. Their mission is to not only to begin conversation but, to bring together many different people and communities as one and honor the power of new modern inventions of oral health....
03/30/2017 10:03 AM
Innovation on a budget: Three ways to boost your dental practice’s performance without breaking the bank
As in any fast-paced industry, innovation plays a critical role in dentistry. Today’s dental practice owner is both entrepreneur and health practitioner, and adaptability in both roles is crucial to success. While it’s true that innovation can mean playing an endless game of “keeping up with the Joneses,” it doesn’t have to be expensive. There...
02/08/2017 02:55 PM
Wake-up Call: Fixing Your Employee Cell Phone Policy
Many of us are attached to our cell phones and a tap or two away from our social media accounts 24/7 these days—including your employees! This poses unique challenges to dental practices attempting to regulate employee behavior on the job. Unlike so many other businesses, dentists and practice managers have to worry about upholding standards...
12/22/2016 06:43 PM
Dental Professionals: The world has gone mobile- have you?
Researchers have found that in today’s society more than half of all web traffic is on mobile devices. As a result, dental offices have jumped on board by creating and using mobile friendly websites.  A major reason for the growth in mobile internet usage is that we live in a society that has become virtually...
12/15/2016 10:05 AM
Tips to Lower Dental Office Occupancy Costs
It’s increasingly challenging to keep costs low when managing a dental practice; controlling expenses should be a high priority. Reducing overhead by improving efficiency, maximizing revenue, and cutting unnecessary expenses is a good place to start; but what happens if you’ve already addressed these areas? Most dental professionals aren’t aware of the potential cost-drivers and...
12/06/2016 09:03 AM
How to Onboard Your New Employee: Five Tips for Success
So you think you may have found “the one” at last: the perfect new employee for your dental practice. Congratulations! After the exhaustion of writing and posting job ads, endlessly reviewing resumes, and interviewing applicants, you probably feel it’s time for a sigh of relief. After all, this candidate has all the skills and training...
08/31/2016 10:35 AM
Five Actionable Ideas to Improve Customer Experience at Checkout
Customer experience within your dental clinic can be improved by extending patient care through to the checkout. Collaboration of advanced payment technology and the oath to do right by your patients is certain to result in a seamless level of service, and consistency of care, in every element of your customer’s experience. By implementing any...
07/06/2016 01:17 PM
The Rewards and Sacrifices of Becoming an Emergency Dental Practice
Becoming an emergency dental practice can be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally. Emergency dentists become open to new patients and can help people who are suffering on short notice. Of course, there are personal and professional sacrifices that come with operating an emergency practice. If you are considering taking on patients, it’s important to...
06/16/2016 10:46 AM
How Rethinking Your Practice Atmosphere Can Decrease Patient Apprehension and Anxiety
Patient anxiety is something dentists deal with on a daily basis. It’s true that many patients are soothed by a reassuring dentist or sedation dentistry. However, for those with higher levels of anxiety, the mere sight of a waiting room could cause panic attacks. At its worst, patient anxiety could erupt into belligerence, angry outbursts...