Yoga Philosophy

12/21/2015 05:12 PM
Leah Cullis: The Lineage of Baptise Yoga
Leah Cullis shares the lineage of Baptise Yoga.
12/21/2015 04:58 PM
Leah Cullis: Find Focus with Drishti
Leah Cullis teaches how to use Drishti.
12/11/2015 02:16 PM
Cashew Butter with Matcha
This quick and easy recipe combines raw cashews with a fantastic, health-supportive ingredient known as matcha.
12/09/2015 01:15 PM
Yoga for Water
“Yoga For Water” was held in participating yoga studios throughout California and beyond on August 29th 2015. Our goal was to raise awareness and funds to help transform the lives of 1500 families, by giving them access to clean drinking water.
12/04/2015 01:24 PM
A Kundalini Breathing Exercise to Balance Stressed Energy
Take a couple minutes to try this Kundalini Yoga breathing exercise, called the Aerobic Capacity Kriya, with senior teacher Guru Jagat to quickly and effectively balance your energy in the midst of stress and chaos during the holiday season—or any ot
12/04/2015 01:24 PM
A Kundalini Breathing Trick for Maintaining Vital Energy
Practice Breath of Fire with senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat during the busiest times of your life to maintain your vital energy.
12/04/2015 01:23 PM
A Kundalini Yoga Exercise to Release Negativity
Use this Kundalini Yoga practice from senior teacher Guru Jagat to help release from any negativity and refocus on positive intentions.
12/03/2015 12:08 PM
victory guru jagat
Guided Kundalini Meditation for staying grounded with Guru Jagat
11/09/2015 07:02 PM
Coconut-Pear No-Cook Porridge
Best eaten for breakfast or as a pre-yoga snack, this dish will fill you up and satisfy your sweet cravings without spiking blood sugar levels.
10/13/2015 05:22 PM
Yoga Journal's October 2015 Issue
This issue is dedicated to helping you develop your ideal home practice and create a space you love to practice in. Learn more about the October 2015 issue on stands today.