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Staining a Deck



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Black Oak kitchen Cabinets with brown Island

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BC42/45 L/R

Base Blind Corner - 42"W x 24"D x 34-1/2"H 1 Door 1 Drawer

Material Finish: * Please selectMocha ShakerChestnut Pillow

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Mary Hunt: Make your kitchen look like new - Herald & Review
Recently I walked into Amy and Justin's kitchen and my jaw dropped. It was like I'd stumbled into the wrong house. The gorgeous new cabinets and countertops made it look brand new. You could have knocked me over with a feather when these friends told ...

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Base Drawer Box 9"W x 24"D x 34-1/2"H 4 Vertical Drawers

Material Finish: * Please selectChestnut PillowSavannahCarolina OakClassic White Shaker

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Unfinished Cabinet Doors Hinges and Boring Information

There are hundreds of hinges on the market and the quality level of hinges ranges from very good to very poor. The price range is almost as wide.

To help our door users avoid the disappointment of installing a superior quality cabinet door on a poor hinge, we decided to offer a top-quality, American-made hinge.

These Blum hinges are not usually carried by the Big-Box Stores because they simply can’t get the same profit margin as with cheap imports.
These Hinges are top quality, self closing, American made, Blum Inserta Clip-Top, 120

The Blum part number is 71T5590B. The hinges do not require screws and are simply placed in the hinge pockets bored into the doors, and they lock into place when the locking clip is closed.

These hinges are now used by most high-end cabinet makers across the country.

The Face-frame adapter plate is Blum part number 175L6030.21, zinc die-cast, nickel plated, and does require two #7 x 3/4″ wood screws (not supplied).

The Adapter plate is for Face-frame cabinets with 1/2″ overlay.

If you order Hinge Boring, your doors will have 35mm holes bored 3 inches from the bottom and top of the door. Doors under 14 inches will have the pockets bored 1 1/2 inches from the top and bottom of the door.

If you wish, doors over 48″ tall may have three hinge cups bored, with the third hinge in the door center point (3 hinges are recommended for doors over 48″ in height).

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Things to Take into account Before Planning a New KITCHEN
Here are ten important tips for your kitchen design

 1. For efficiency, the work triangle (the area between the sink,
refrigerator, and stove) should measure twenty six’ or less with no single
aspect longer than 9’, or but 4’.

a pair of. In kitchens smaller than 150 sq. ft., choose at least thirteen’ of
base cupboards, twelve’ of wall cupboards, and eleven’ of countertop. In
kitchens that are larger, associate with a minimum of sixteen’ of base
cupboards, fifteen one/a pair of’ of wall cupboards, and sixteen one/a pair of’
of countertop.

3. For convenience, arrange work aisles to be at least forty two” wide for
one cook, and at least forty eight” wide in multi-cook kitchens.

4. Specify at least twenty four” of counter area on one facet of the sink and
a minimum of eighteen” on the opposite.

five. To create the most accessible landing for unloading groceries, enable
at least fifteen” of counter area on the handle side of a normal refrigerator;
on both sides if it’s a aspect-by-aspect model. Or embrace a landing area
directly across from the refrigerator, however not more than 48” away.

six. For cleanup ease, install the dishwasher among thirty six” of one edge
of the sink and allow for a minimum of 21” of standing room next to it.

seven. For microwaves and ovens, provide a minimum of fifteen “ of counter
house nearby, a minimum of 16” deep.

8. For optimum clearance, no entry, appliance, or cabinet doors ought to
interfere with another. 

9. For comfort and to help avoid repetitive-motion injury, set up for work
counters of various heights; between 28 and 36” off the floor (easier for
chopping and seated-use access), and between 36 and 46” for general tasks
(higher counters accommodate taller cooks).

10. To install a cabinet unit on top of the cook top, make positive the
clearance is a minimum of twenty four” for a fireproof surface, thirty” for an
unprotected surface.

Designing a kitchen is as much a science as it is an art. Knowing the
counseled measurements to use when coming up with the project will create all
the difference in the final outcome.


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This Kitchen Makeover's Classic and Trendy Mix Is "Just Right" - House Beautiful (blog)
When Melissa DiRenzo, the blogger behind The Sweet Escape, decided to make over the kitchen in her loft apartment, it wasn't because she hated the original design. Sure, she wasn't fond of the beach wood cupboards and cheap countertops, but she ...

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Vinyl Folding Closet Door from Lowes
If you're looking for something practical and affordable when setting up your closet, then perhaps
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Base - 42"W x 24"D x 34-1/2"H 2 Doors 2 Drawers

Material Finish: * Please selectMocha Shaker, $272.44Chestnut Pillow, $272.44Spice Maple, $224.92Savannah, $272.44Carolina Oak, $272.44Classic White Shaker, $272.44